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How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet App. What to Remember and Which Techniques to Follow?


How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet App. What to Remember and Which Techniques to Follow?

The usage of cyber currencies becomes more and more popular in the field of technological development in the recent years. That is why, in case if-if we discuss such a topic as an idea to create a bitcoin wallet app we have to understand, that it's pretty complicated to overestimate the entire potential and strength of such ambitions. So, today, we are going to explain you, what are the benefits of the usage of such a technology as Bitcoin and what are the main positive aspects of your idea to create your own electronic wallet. Moreover, I would like to present the essential tools, which can make it possible for you to achieve your goal simply and easily. And, finally, the enlightenment of such a field as prices has no less important role as others.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet

While talking about such things as Bitcoins, we have to remember, that they are not stored anywhere. That is why the entire notion of the Bitcoin wallet is a virtual thing. However, if you would like to receive a pretty technological and more professional answer. The use Bitcoin wallets mean, that you just have an accent to a certain amount of Bitcoins while using a special code, which makes it possible for you to make any changes in your account and move the amounts of money there in any manner you need and want. So, in the end, after the creation of the wallet, you will receive just a special mechanism, which makes it possible for you to regulate the movements of your clients and monitor the key security flows and especially all the questions considering the keys.

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What are the main advantages of Bitcoin cryptocurrency?

Well, we have said enough about Bitcoin itself. However, we have to remember, that there are some really important advantages, which make that idea so unique and really good, compared to others. So, let me enlist all of them here.

First of all, one of the most important benefits is the simplicity of the usage of bitcoins. That is why the concept to integrate Bitcoin payments into apps is becoming more and more popular from a year to a year. The usage of them is similar to the usage of common money. However, you do not have to forget, that Bitcoins make it possible to do all the needed things much faster and in a better way.

develop a Bitcoin wallet

Secondly, another positive aspect, why you would like to create your own Bitcoin application and use that cryptocurrency is the level of its security. The main thing here is an absolute impossibility to hack the system and get the data of the users. It so, due to the fact, that all the materials, and especially the codes, which are used by the customers are fully encrypted and could not be copied and seen by anybody except the user himself.

Then, another aspect, which may act as an additional one to the fact of security is your 100% anonymity, what is also really good on the internet. Your Bitcoin wallet does not store any personal data, that why even such things as blackmailing become fully impossible.

Finally, I am willing to mention two other features, which are also really essential. The first one is a full decentralization. So, there are no big bosses with cigars, who may be able to use your money in any manner they want. And then, it is the easiest way of the financial exchange, because of the technologies, which are integrated directly into the Bitcoin system. Because of it, if you would like to integrate Bitcoin as a payment option in a mobile app, now you know, what are the strongest reasons to do it.

Where to use Bitcoin wallets?

To be honest, the idea of the Bitcoin wallet may be used in different areas. That is actually another essential benefit of that technology, which is namely its flexibility. For example, for now, you may be able to use your application in such fields as:

  • Payment systems in stores;

  • International transfers (e.g payment for something you ordered on eBay);

  • Wages payment;

  • Fraud prevention (e.g usage within the anti-corruption committees).

Furthermore, different really huge companies, such as Amazon and Bloomberg do not hesitate to integrate such technologies into their business and offer the opportunity to use them to their customers.

Main Benefits of the Use of Bitcoin Wallet System Where to Use Bitcoin Wallets?
Simplicity Payment Systems in Stores
Security International Transfer
Anonymity Wages Payment
No centralisation
Fraud prevention
Easiest way of the financial exchange


How to make a bitcoin wallet?

In order to make a Bitcoin wallet application,you have to remember about several the essential features, which have to be in any version of such an extension. To be honest, the list is not so big, while the creation of each of these technologies is not so complicated. However., in case, if we talk about the creation of a serious financial software, we have to remember, that this actual foundation should act like your “Pater Noster” and be similar in every app. This, here is the list:

  • Authorization technology;

  • Profile setup;

  • Exchange mechanism;

  • QR code scanner;

  • Trade services, which allow you to see the seller and act as a seller on your own;

  • Push-notification technology;

  • Security settings.

By the way, there are also some famous technologies, which could be used by the developers in that field. For instance, when you need to develop own Bitcoin wallet for a mobile app, you may probably use Java for the back-end development. However, the creation of a software like Bitcoin wallet app demands the usage of Angular JS for the front-end development and MySQL for the creation of the database. That is actually the list of those pretty important and widespread tools, which may be usually implemented by the developers in case if the main task is to develop a mobile Bitcoin wallet.

make a Bitcoin wallet app

How to make a cryptocurrency wallet using a Bitcoin API?

The creation of the cryptocurrency wallet and the development of the Bitcoin idea itself became a great foundation for the creation of lots of APIs, which may be used by the developers, who are willing to make their dreams real. So, for now, there are lots of different APIs, which may help you to create an online Bitcoin wallet. However, there are two of them, which are the most widespread. And, if we talk about Bitcoin libraries for Android, the best candidate may become BitcoinJ, while for the designing of Bitcoin libraries for iOS, the best idea is Coinbase SDK.

If you would like to make a mobile wallet app for payment with Bitcoin cryptocurrency, the best choice in case of the usage of Android will become BitcoinJ. That API fully supports such platforms as Windows and Android. Furthermore, it is pretty simple and easy to use. Besides, it is also a cross-platform library, what may make the spending on development much lower. Then, it can interact with such languages as C++, JS, Ruby, Python, and Java. Finally, keep in mind, that this API is pretty flexible and relevantly easy to use for the beginners. So, if you have not really good experience, but want to make something on your own, BitcoinJ is what you need.

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Otherwise, in case if you are willing to use an iOS-based strategy, then, the best choice might be Coinbase SDK. To be honest, while talking here about Bitcoin mobile wallet application development for iOS, there are no radical differences with Android. That is why, I am willing to mention, that as well as the previous SDK it is fully cross-platform, and is also able to work with different languages, such as Java, Ruby, Python and many many others. Finally, maybe it is essential to mention, that this API also works with other popular cryptocurrencies.

In the very end, I am willing to mention, how much does an app like Bitcoin Wallet cost. The price may vary, depending on different aspects, such as the size of the wallet, the number of various features and technologies. And, for sure, the number of systems, which it is going to support, what is really essential. There are plenty of places to develop such an app, but we would strongly recommend choosing Eastern Europe and Asia as your key outposts, rather than USA or Canada.

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