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What to Remember and How to Think to Create an Emoji App?


What to Remember and How to Think to Create an Emoji App?

Nowadays it is getting more and more obvious, that the whole idea of the existence of such a thing as emoji is one of the most popular topic to discuss among those, who are interested in the creation of something new, what will be able to make a pretty valuable contribution to the whole industry of cyber development. Due to these the idea to make a custom emoji app is getting more and more popular, what consequently leads to the erection of a huge bunch of specific questions aimed on the usage of special techniques to make your own emoji app.

To be honest, it is quite obvious the thought to make an emoji keyboard is not new at all. It is even needless to say, that the first emotional sign, which was used by the users was created in 1982 by Scott Fahlman. Due to these, we can make a conclusion that the developers and the common users found out, that one of the most vital problems of the cyber conversations is the absence of emotions, what sometimes makes it really difficult to understand a person with which you are talking to.

Because of the fact, that the whole idea of the creation of the own emoji app is getting more and more popular in that particular article I am willing to give you certain guidelines on how to build an app for emojis on iOS or Android. Moreover, I will also provide you with a piece of history on the arrangement of a thought on how to create emoji app, while describing the weak points of the modern emoji industry.

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Why Emojis and Stickers Are a Huge Industry

As I have already highlighted earlier one of the main problems of the usage of messengers and the internet as the main source if the conversation between people is the absence of the real emotions, which you can show. However, such problem was eliminated by the japanese. The very first smile key board, which allowed to make your own emoji was created with the release of the Japanese Romaji Keyboard. However, that was the very first step in the process of how to make an emoji keyboard app, which later gave life to another more developed and stronger resources.

This resource was iOS 4, what is actually not really strange. Because of the fact, that the developmental team of Apple was receiving mounts of the letters from the Japanese users, who were asking for the introduction of a special emoji keyboard, the new version of iOS was released with that familiar for all of use function of the usage of these funny smiling faces in your messages. Due to the fact, that such an innovation was gaining popularity in a highly rapid way, nowadays, almost 70% of the users all over the globe tend to show their complicated emotion with the usage of emojis rather than actual words.

Maybe, after that moderate introduction to the history of the whole industry of emoji, you are curios on build an emoji keyboard app on your own and already have several questions linked to that topic. Thus, let me know describe the most essential features and elements, which act as a set of must-have s for any of the developer, who is interested in the idea to create your own emoji app.

stickers for app

What to remember to build an emoji keyboard app

Frankly speaking, the development of emojis or custom stickers for your app is not the easiest task, which could lead to several time losses. It is so due to the fact, that the majority of the process is dedicated to the drawing of these particular faces and thoughts on those ideas, which could be really interesting for the users. For instance, a good example of the fact, that you have to be inventive to create something good linked to the emotions of people could be the operations of Telegram to develop stickers. For example, they have various stickers of the historical characters with various grimaces, what I think may act as an avoidance of the fact, that in order to create something really new you do not have to underestimate any field of knowledge and try to operate with any possible branches of our everyday life, from cooking to quantum physics. Moreover, while enlightening the topic of custom stickers development it is important to mention, that the usage of them is pretty nice idea, because of the fact, that usually stickers are much bigger than classical emojis, what makes it a perfect target for those, who are willing to make all the elements of their keyboard more fance. Besides, the usage of stickers gives you a great opportunity of experiments, because as bigger is the canvas as vast are the opportunities of an artist. So, never underestimate stickers and even try to be focused more on them, rather than on the emojis. I hope, that in such a spontaneous passage it was possible to tell why use stickers and what are the particular benefits of them.

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Three rules to create an emoji keyboard app

While having and idea to make successful stickers or emoticons it is really important to keep in mind the possibility of the implementation of three golden rules, which definitely will make your product unique in case if you are going to follow them during the whole process of the development of your keyboard. These rules are:

  • Functionality;

  • Simplicity;

  • Usefulness;

In order to describe all of them in all the details you can write several books, however here we are going to observe them in general and see all of the elements in a pretty basic and elementary level. Furthermore, when we are aimed on the idea to create emoji for iPhone or Android is seems more suitable to rely on your imagination rather than strict rules.

emoji keyboard for mobile app

Anyway, the first thing we will talk on is, for sure, functionality. You may think, that emojis are those things, that usually do not match with such a term. However, it is not true. In case if you turn on your iOS or Android device and take a look at the keyboard of emojis, while surfing through the images you may see, that there are dozens of the useless images, like police cars, pills, shower, lipstick, digits and many many other things, which you have never used. That is why, functionality is pretty important. So, you have to create the emojis, which are going to become useful for people and which will be suitable to implement in any situation. From that point we can transit to another one, linked with the usefulness. As it was already mentioned, there are lots of useless emojis, however, we have also to mention, that there are even those, among the faces of people, which despite of the fact of showing an emotion stay highly unclear for the users. So, as a result, people do not really know when and where to use these stickers or emoticons.

Then, we do not have to forget about the simplicity. Yes, it may be a pity, that now people willing to have everything really simple, from books they read to the ways of showing the emotions they use. But, in case if you are aimed on the solving of an issue on how to make an emoji app, such truth of life should be taken for granted. So, let us say, that the usage of your emoji keyboard has to be as simple as only possible. Moreover, it should open in less than 5 seconds, because according to statistics we can see, that the users tend to leave an app in case if does not open in more than 5 seconds.

What are the good examples?

While talking on the creation of a good cyber product we have to take a look of the more successful product all the time to see, which technologies and strategies were used by the developers of them. One of the best examples of such applications in case of the development of an emoji app are Animated Emoji Pro and Stick Texting. Both of these application have shown a huge interest in the real needs of the users. Moreover, we can even say, that they have been following all of those three golden rules in the process of the creation of their own emoji applications.

Furthermore, let us also mention, that they offer to a user a wide range of special images and faces, which he or she is able to use. Besides, we have to mention, that the shape of these images is pretty schematic and not really complicated, what automatically mens, that in case of the creation of an emoji it is not so important to draw all the details. However, in case of the creation of stickers, that statement is still valid. Anyway, in order to understand the main technologies and the flows of thought, which became the foundation iof the creation of other popular applications and keyboards I strongly advise you to download several paid/freemium emoji apps and take a look at not only the interface and the emojis themselves but also at User Experience technologies and other nuances.

In the very end of the passage I would like to mention, that the usage of the animated emojis is also really nice. You have to remember, that just after switching the type of a file from PNG to GIF you become able to change the structure of an application. Thus in case if you are willing to develop an Android emoji app or develop an ios emoji app, one of the wisest decisions may be the idea of the implementation of the animated stickers and emoticons, which will make the process of the transition of the emotions more interesting and interactive. However, you have to remember, that using branded emojis is pretty complicated and you have to know some tricks to overcome the machines of App Store and Google Play.

create emoji app

Which technologies to use?

When you are curious on how to develop an emoji app, one of the main point is of course the usage of special technologies, which may allow you to achieve your dream. It may sounds surprising but here everything is pretty simple. The only thing you really need are the proper programming skills, which will help you to deal with the upcoming complications, while other points are just nuances, which we are going to enlightened briefly.

First of all, apart from your knowledges of a programmer you need a good programming platform. Personally, I believe, that for the achievement of such a goal you have to use a Bluecloud programming environment, which will allow you to operate upon absolutely different and unusual functions, use them as the foundations for all the options and build your key icons and images upon them.

Another good point is the usage of a proper ASO, which will make it possible to promote your product. It is so because of the fact, that there are too many pretty strong competitors on the sme filed within the systems of App Store and Google Play. Because of such a complexity it seems really important to have several tricks in your toolkit, which may allow you to become a top-notch leader of the rate.

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Conclusion on how to make emojis

All in all, as you can see the idea of the creation of your own application for the usage of stickers or emoticons is pretty good and have a great potential. Moreover, the field of experiments is giant, while the technological part of the issue is not really complicated. The only really problematic questions are linked with the creation of these particular images, their idea and aim, what could become a pretty nice challenge for your imagination. Finally, let me say, that you have almost all the opportunities in that pretty complicated field, while I hope, that I was able to give you a brief description of the majority of the problematic moments and gave you an opportunity to seek for further information about that project.

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