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Why to Engage with Augmented Reality Application Development


Why to Engage with Augmented Reality Application Development

Nowadays the community of the 21st century is facing almost the same changes, as in the beginning of the 20th century. That is absolutely clear, that like those people of 1900s Paris, New York and London were terrified and interested in the development of those machines, described by Jules Verne in his books, such as submarines, airplanes and helicopters, these children of a new millennium are wondering of the emergence of those technologies, which were seen by them in such movies as Star Trek, Star Wars or Avatar. One of them, without a doubt is an augmented reality. Today, we can more and more frequently see the development of games, technica and even medical apps, what leads to the growing need in the augmented reality app developers.

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To make things clear let me first of give a simple definition on what is actually an augmented reality. It is an additional extension, or application for any device, which allows you to implement a digitally manufactured stuffs on real object in the real-time through the usage of web camera. It can work in a pretty simple way. Imagine, that you are pointing your smartphone on an animal, for example zebra. Thanks to the Internet, your webcam and augmented reality app, you are able to see all the essential information about that actual animal on your screen. That is how the simple virtual reality works. Moreover, these kinds of applications become more popular. For example, several natural reserves in South Africa and Mozambique were thinking on the development of something similar for their visitors and just the users in the net. Due to this, lots of entrepreneurs are thinking on how to make an augmented reality app and apply it to their business. Namely, that question we are going to discuss here in the article. We will also examine the key fields, where augmented reality has been already using in a pretty successful manner. However, let me start with several interesting features of that technology.

  • The very first notion of augmented reality was developed by one of Boeing engineers;
  • There are two key types of augmented reality. Mounted reality and another type, when the image is directly shown to a person through the glasses; 
  • The most essential thing, which is used by augmented reality developing programs is compass; 
  • Nowadays augmented reality is successfully used by military pilots. Such a technology allows to transfer all the information about the board to the glasses of their helmets; 
  • The very first science, where augmented reality was successfully adopted is archeology;

AR app

AR app development, top software

When we discuss an issue on how to make an AR app, we have to remember, that as in any case with the development of any extension or application, we have a whole set of special programmes and softwares, which help us in that building process. So, now, I would like to describe you the top 5 one of the most famous and interesting AR building softwares, which will definitely become a good partner for any programmer, who is willing to manufacture his own virtual reality.

top software


Metaio SDK is one of the most popular and widespreaded softwares ever established for the development of augmented reality. It is focused on fast and simple building of various graphical models, applicable to any environment and design. That SDK is fully supported by such platforms as iOS, Android, Flash and Windows Phone. So, it will not be a problem at all to establish a virtual reality app for any popular devices with the usage of Mataio. It is fully available for the development of 2D and 3D models, is strongly linked to LLA Market and operates with such formats as: .obj, .fbx and .md2. Moreover, we have to note, that thanks to the Open GL support, the development of 3D models is much easier, than on any other common similar software.

2. ARmedia

ARmedia is another highly popular and pretty widespreaded SDK software created for augmented reality app development. Unlike Metaio, that SDK is a cross-platform, which supports such systems as: iOS, Android, Windows and Flash. It is suitable both for 2D and 3D images development, while using special markers or without them. Moreover, we have to notice, that thanks to the support of Google Sketchup, it is much easier to create special markers for the implementation of various images. Moreover, marker integration is now much easier with the highlighted Google support. We also have to notice, that that addition makes it much easier to analyse and obtain the information transferred through such devices as GPS, compass and accelerometer and install it to the most powerful 3D trackers, which are available on the market. Finally, ARmedia became the key foundation for the development of Smart Glasses.



It is a set of software libraries, which are designed for the development of open source augmented reality applications. That software supports such platforms as: iOS, Android, Windows, Linux. SGI and MAC OS X, so it presents the strongest technical capabilities among any other similar software. However, for each platform there are different versions of the highlighted SDK. Thanks to the full support of 2D, 3D and marker design the development of various images on different levels of complexity is pretty fast and easy. Moreover, that SDK is fully matching with GLUT and OpenGL libraries. However, I have to notice, that because of the pretty high level of the SDK itself, it is not the best start for the beginners and is manufactured only for the experienced programmers.

4. D’Fusion


D’Fusion is nowadays one of the most popular SDKs on the global market. When we talk about augmented reality trends it would be obvious, that D’Fusion is going to occupy one of the leading positions. D’Fusion’s developers were focused on the development of as many useful features as it is possible. So, they decided, that it will be a good idea to implement such extensions as:

  • Recognition of complex and minor movements (eyes, lips and so on);
  • Cross-platform full support; 
  • Simple and user-friendly interface;
  • D’Fusion fast rendering; 
  • Stack of more, than 500 special markers for easier development;

Moreover, D’Fusion is matchable with such platforms as iOS, Android, WIndows and Flash, while being one of the easiest SDKs for beginners. So, choosing D’Fusion you can be sure, that you are not going to face complicated interface or important errors, while developing your augmented reality.

5. Wikitude

The last, but not least SDK widely used all over the world for the last several years. Today the majority of developers usually operate namely with that SDK. There are several obvious reasons to choose it as the core software for the development of augmented reality. First of all, that SDK supports such platforms as Blackberry, iOS, Windows, Android, Flash and Linux, so, it occupies the core platforms, used in the field of the mobile app development. That SDK is using highly important special features. For example, it operates with geolocation, real-time GPS, compass and accelerometers. Moreover, while using Wikitude, you are getting the full support for 3D modeling with .fdx and .collada formats. Then, fast rendering and animation, thanks to JavaScript and real-time object location tracking. Furthermore, the highlighted SDK has a pretty user-friendly interface.

How much does AR application development cost

Today, with the emergence of more and more new developmental markets, lots of businessmen, interested in programming and virtual reality development are curious on how much does AR application development cost? That is why, now I am going to give a brief explanation on that question. It is important to remember, that the price, first of all, depends on your actual opportunities. So, if you have enough money for the virtual reality programming in such states as USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia or Singapore, thus the prices, fluctuating in a range from $70 per an hour of work and $250 per an hour of work is not a big deal for you.

However, if you are willing to save some money and then invest them somewhere else, the best decision for you would be to choose some other regions and territories to look for a proper programmer. To make long story short, one of the most bargaining places to find a good developer with acceptable augmented reality app development cost are Asia, Eastern Europe and Even Brazil. For instance, in Eastern Europe, in Ukraine, programmers take from $30 to $70 per an hour, while in Asia, especially in India, these prices are situated in a range from $10 to $40 per an hour, while in Philippines it fluctuates between $15 and $30, or, in Brazil, especially in such a developing high-tech city as Manaus, educated programmers are willing to work for the wage from $20 per an hour to $120 per an hour.

Where to use augmented reality?

It could be pretty surprising, that today the technologies of augmented reality are becoming more and more popular in various fields all over the world. As you can see on the chart according to the approximate forecast the high technologies of the augmented reality are going to occupy such vital parts of our everyday life as videogames, healthcare, engineering, retail and live events. Namely about several of those industries, which are now trying to implement more and more augmented reality techniques we are going to talk in that very paragraph, while giving several predictions about those ways in which the highlighted technology can develop in the future.

1. Augmented reality games

We can say without a doubt, that augmented reality is, first of all, pretty funny. That is why, these technologies take their roots directly in the game industry. The very first ideas of the development of the most basic and simple virtual reality is coming directly from game making corporations such as Ubisoft, Rockstar or Valve games. However, other video game industries achieved the goal of virtual reality in a much more successful way. For sure, while talking about a gaming industry and in fact augmented reality games we will not forget about a game, which has already become a legend of the Internet and real life, namely about PokemonGO. That game, developed by Niantic company in 2016 has adopted the technology of augmented reality in the best way. Looking at the gameplay of Pokemon Go you are able to fully understand, what is the virtual reality in action, when with the usage of your smartphone, camera and the sensors already implemented in your device, you are able to catch these fantastic creatures in the real world, while seeing them only on the phone screen.

Moreover, while talking about the game and entertainment industry we can not forget about such a highly popular app as snapchat, which allows you to use different animated shapes of kittens, puppies and other animals and implement them on those videos or photos, that you are making in reality. However, there is more. Several widely known companies as Marvel, Taco Bell or 20th century Fox saw a great perspective of advertisement in that new opportunity of so widespeaded application. While having such an awesome top-notch perspective, they quickly found a good way how to invest in augmented reality. Thanks to their idea, these companies started to buy different special shapes related to their products from snapchat and install them to the users’ accounts. Because of it, one of the most massive and popular advertising campaign was started. So, we can argue, that augmented reality is not only a funny and entertaining thing, but also a great tool of making the mounts of money.

2. Healthcare

It is impossible to forget about such a vital thing for the whole humanity as health itself and numerous healthcare programmes held by the international communities and various people all over the world. Even here augmented reality apps started to play a highly crucial role. First of all virtual reality can be used by student studying medicine in the university. For sure, books are highly good things, but imagine, if you would be see, what is going inside of a human body, without making any particular field research. And, what if I say you, that such an opportunity already exists, thanks to a certainly developed app? That application allows you to examine the key parts of the human body pretty fast and in an interactive mode.

Moreover, thanks to these technologies not only studying is available. There are also several useful extensions, that were developed directly for healing people. One of them is AED4U. That application. based on the virtual reality helps you to see the nearest defibrillator, in case if you see, that someone has a serious heart problems on the street. So, you will spend much less time calling help and will be able to help the person and even save his or her life by youself. That application is today highly popular in Australia, where according to the governmental law there should be a certain number of portable defibrillators on every street in the city for the case of emergency.

Then, there is also another useful application, called Amplified Robot Lab allows you to see the effect of any drug for your body, which you are going to take. So, before taking any medicines it is pretty useful to run that application and see, what is going to happen after. Moreover, another extension developed directly for nurses and special rehabilitation centers for drug addictors, called AccuVein allows you to find a vein in case if it is invisible in the moment, so, you will be able to avoid mistake and the pain of your patient. Furthermore, Medsight tech has developed a special application directly for doctors, which allows to see the location of sickness without making an X-ray. Besides, it can be also used for the search of the right place for inside prosthesis, such as iron bones or pacemaker.

3. Engineering

AR for engineering is maybe the best thing, that has ever been found for that vital field of our life. As you may know, one of the biggest problems for engineers is that sometimes you can not fully understand all the nuances and details of the paper sketches. For instance, you are not able to rotate that 2D paper picture and observe it from all the possible sides. So, such highly useful applications as eDrawing Standard and eDrawing Pro were developed, basing on the AR technologies. They give you an opportunity to see the model with all the essential details and with all the possible tiny pieces, vital for the later construction. For instance, NASA is already using such special applications for their satellites construction programmes, while South Korea has already implemented these technologies for their enormous ship-building industry.  

Moreover, we can argue, that the development of AR helps us to avoid the usage of all the paper manuals, for example, for cars. In case of the existence of special car apps, it is now possible to see all the details of your vehicle on the screen. For example Audi and Hyundai have already made such extensions, calling them eKuzintoapp and CES 2016 respectively.

4. Design and real estate

Just imagine, who any designer would be glad if he or she would be able to see their ideas in the real time with the usage of their smartphone and web camera. And, again, thanks to AR that is now possible. Throughout the last several years such applications as Home AR design and AR DEsign+ were released, that allow the artist to implement his ideas to the application in any possible way. Moreover, even such a furniture and home decor swedish giant as IKEA became highly interested in the developing industry and has released its own extension, called ARIKEA, that gives you an opportunity to see does the selected from the catalogue furniture fit the room or not. You can not imagine, but more, than 1.000.000 people have already installed that extension after its official release on the 20th century 2017. 

5. Navigation

Maybe, every person will agree, that being lost in an unknown city abroad or even at home is not a real pleasure. From my own experience I claim, that it is pretty annoying to look for a street, located around the corneк, in the another part of the city. So, a group of developers from Niantic incorporation already took care of you before your trip and has developed a fully AR application for travelers, called Field Trip, which in case of a strong wi-fi connection is able to show you the road to the most remote part of the city with the usage of virtual 3D models, explain clearly, where to turn and create the shortest way to the place of your destination.

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So, taking everything into consideration and summing up all the information presented in the very article, we can make a conclusion, that AR technologies are one of the most fruitful ways for business development and increasing your revenues. So, remember, that any new technological discoveries can be implemented to any industry and show the most outstanding outcomes.

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