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How to Hire the Best Laravel Developers?


How to Hire the Best Laravel Developers?

Once you have a perfect idea, you start looking for those who can make it a reality. Depending on your project size, it can be one developer or a whole team. And, of course, you want them to fit perfectly into your work plan. It’s important that you understand each other, trust each other. The quality of your end product depends on the quality of your communication with the team. If you are looking for a PHP Laravel developer for hire, we have a few tips for you.

We will share some useful points on how to find a team to work with within a short time. In the end, you can combine our experience with your own preferences and use it to get a perfect fit. Laravel Development Services became quite popular as well as the framework itself. This gives great opportunities for finding the team for your project. But before we go into the selection tips, let’s talk about Laravel itself. And you will see why you should hire Laravel Developers.

What is Laravel? How does it work?

Laravel is a PHP-based framework for developing web applications. It was released back in 2011 and is constantly updated. In fact, a new stable version has been released just at the beginning on May. Laravel follows MVC (model-view-controller) pattern and is one of the most used PHP frameworks. As well, as many other frameworks, it’s open-sourced. The software is able to reuse components from other frameworks, which makes development faster and easier.

Some other advantages of Laravel include a wide choice of functionalities and an advanced security available. The framework is quite easy to understand. But, nevertheless, you will need a dedicated Laravel developer or even a team to work with it. This is due to the fact that it requires a prior knowledge of Core PHP, Advanced PHP, and HTML. So, let’s see how and where you can find Laravel developers.

laravel framework popularity

How to Hire Laravel developers?

First of all, you need to decide whether you want to build your own team within the company or get temporary partners. This decision will outline your further strategy in hiring Laravel developers. If you decide to go with an in-house team, the process will definitely take longer and you might face a few issues:

  • Your team might not go very well together. It’s not easy to find people who are not only good professionals but also can be nice to everyone around. Even the best teams have conflicts.

  • The best Laravel developers might not be available. You may face a situation when someone you would like on your team is geographically undesirable. Or, simply not affordable to you.

  • It takes a lot of time to build your own team. It can take you about six months to build the dream-team. And this is six months of not working on your project and, probably, losing money on that. So, even when you hire Laravel programmers for your web app, you will have to participate deeply.

If you are on a tight schedule or don’t need a team available to you at all times, it’s probably a good idea to outsource Laravel programmers. You can have a team in any part of the world, for an affordable price.

What to consider before making a choice?

The more possibilities are available, the bigger is the probability of making mistakes. So, here are few things you should pay attention to before you find Laravel developers for hire.

  • Don’t rush into it. Finding an outsourced team is definitely faster than building your own, but don’t take the next best thing. Take your time to find the team that fits your needs on all levels. This might include your vision of the project or mentality. You don’t have to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation for no reason.

top php frameworks for work

  • Unless you have an extremely low budget and a super small task to perform, try to avoid hiring just one person. This may blow up in your face since one man doing all the work gives a lot of space for mistakes. So, if you need Laravel for your project, better go with a team.

  • Experienced and skilled is not always the best. No doubt you would like to hire senior Laravel developers for an affordable price. But you should be careful. The more time a developer works with a specific software, the more preferences, and patterns they develop. And those patterns don’t always go in line with what you want to do.

  • Consider your budget. Hiring developers is not that cheap. And average salary for a Laravel developer varies from about $20, 000 in Eastern Europe to $70, 000 in the U.S. So, you can always find a fit for your business. Besides, if you hire a dedicated team, you are most likely paying for the project. So, developers salaries will not be your call.

job trends from indeed.com

What’s the Best Place to Hire Laravel Developers?

Thanks to the internet there are plenty of places where you can go headhunting. There are specialized freelancer websites, professional sites, and dedicated communities.

  • LinkedIn. Probably one of the most popular and obvious places. A huge database of companies is available at hand. You can find organizations or individuals.

  • Toptal. An exclusive network with a strict screening process. They provide contacts of highly-skilled developers, designers, and financial specialists.

  • Stack Exchange. It’s not a recruiting website, but it still gives you an opportunity to find what you seek for. A network for programmers gives you a chance to see your candidates in action.

  • Simply Google. Many development companies are putting a lot of effort into promoting themselves. Thus, with a simple search, you may find a bunch of options to look through.

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As you can see, there are plenty reasons why you should hire Laravel developers. The ability to work with a professional team will give you advantages. This includes spending less money on a consistent support of an in-house team, freeing time for other important tasks, and professional service. You can have an amazing product built by skilled developers in the arranged time frame. The cost to hire a Laravel developer might not be very low, but it’s definitely worth it. And, best of all, they will take care of your web application from the very beginning to the very end.

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