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How to Sell an App Idea

A stroke of genius has happened to you - you have an app idea that is going to wow smartphone users. But because you lack of knowledge in application development, the best way not to make the idea slip into obscurity is to sell it. Read this article to figure out how to sell an app idea successfully and make millions as well. Read some practical steps to be well-organized.

Step 1. Create a Plan

Be ready to think through all the details to have your idea honed to perfection. You'll see – everyone sells an idea for an app!

1 Write down or sketch your idea.

It doesn't matter what is in your hands – a notebook, a NoteMaker app, or a laptop with a word editor – you should start writing down all the features and functions your idea may contain. Then, these write ups will help you describe in the best way how the app should work and what it can do for a user. Can you sell app ideas? Time will show.

2 Draw a Mock-up

This will help you to show a customer the app functionality, as you imagine it. Make it simple and easy-to-grasp to make a buyer or developer understand your Napoleonic plan . You can use any simple wire-framing software, or (if you are artistic enough) pencil and paper drawing.

How to sell an app idea

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3 Prepare the Pitch

These are short messages that are to be used when promoting and selling the app idea. Be ahead of the game when you want to sell your app ideas. You should have several different pitches for different scenarios, such as:

  • Phone Call Pitch. 2-3 already prepared sentences about the app's qualities that won't make you sound like a robot reading unknown definitions from a dictionary. Also, reading the pitch off paper will help you sound more confident when talking to strangers on the phone.
  • Email Pitch. A little more detailed 2-3 paragraphed letter should be catchy enough not to be deleted in a seconds. When preparing to sell app ideas, don't forget to send this email to yourself from another account to be sure it doesn't sent as a spam.
  • Forum Pitch. 1-2 to-the-point paragraphs should sound casual so that it is not detected as a spam again. Don't forget about “send me a personal message” offer.
  • Blog Comment Pitch. This may be about 1 paragraph information that matches with the context of the blog.

Let your pitch be just a note to raise buyer's or developer's interest. But don't be a copycat; speak in your own voice – truth and openheartedness definitely will help sell your idea of an app.

Step 2. Make the App Idea Work

You already have a basic plan, so it is high time you learned how to sell your app idea in practice.

1 Get a Feedback

Consider this step to be a real filter. Life is not rainbows and unicorns, so is your app idea. Ask your family and friends for constructive criticism. The worst thing that may happen to you is discovering that your app idea is not so cool as you considered it too late. So listen to opinions and make sure that it won't happen.

2 Make General Market Research

Discovering how to sell an idea for an app, you should be confident in the existence and non-saturation of the market you are going to push your idea. You should be aware if other people have the same ideas as yours, and what advantages they have in comparison with you. Don't worry if your idea already exists; you always can innovate and make it better.

an App Idea

Step 3. Get Ready to Sell Your App Idea

For a start, you need to create a marketing plan that proves that this app is really able to make money. The greatest problem you are going to face is copyrighting your idea. If it is known to work, you can't avoid the “followers”. To protect yourself, use an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

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There are 2 variants of searching for companies that buy app ideas:

1 Reaching out

Because there are no special market for selling ideas for apps on the Internet, you are to search around on blogs and forums on your own. It is necessary to remind you that you should never put the full idea out there. You need only just some pieces to get people interested. Here, you will need pitches we have already talked about.

2 Crowdfunding

Also, you can sell your idea via a crowdfunding platform. This makes available trying to provide app development by yourself, or be involved in this process. Building an app is not as hard as you may think, but only in case you have some capital to have it developed. But if the others believe in your idea and what you are going to do, you will have enough capital to implement your idea. If you decide to build the application first and then sell already finished product, there are a lot of app markets specialized in this way of promotion.

As you can see, selling app ideas doesn't seem to be common, but it is possible, though. You will never know if you could become a Millionaire if don't try.

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