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Kate Sipkina
Kate Sipkina
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Despite of the fact of a huge and rapidly growing popularity of selling digital ideas, you might be still wondering on how to sell an app idea or how to sell a website idea.

App development is one of the most important and influential branches of the cyber business today. Thousands of programmers and dozens of companies are making real money on that products. However, not every developer or programmer have enough money to develop an application or a special extension on his own. That is why today selling app ideas becomes more and more popular and lots of primary inventors with pretty good ideas and minds are looking for investors or for those corporations, which are ready to sponsor their project or even buy their ideas and develop the product on their own in the future. But, despite of the fact of a huge and rapidly growing popularity of such practice, still lots of interested people are still wondering on how to sell an app idea or how to sell a website idea? Moreover, some of them, while being not enough educated in the field of business or having no experience in selling at all, commit lots of different mistakes, that in the future may cost mounts of money and become the biggest mistakes in the life of their people. For instance, one of the most widespeaded mistakes is the patent mistake, which is frequently made by young developers. They usually forget about that law protection and speak about their inventions too much.

Even history knows such examples. For instance, we all got used to the fact, that Alexander Bell was the inventor of the telephone. However, he only heard about that idea from his own intelligence channels, while the real telephone was invented by an Italian immigrant in New York, named Antonio Meucci, who was so poor, that was not able to find $10 to officially launch a patent for his invention. So, as you can see, security in that issue really matters.

Anyway, let us get back to the main topic. In that article I will try to give you an explanation of the most vital etapes in the process of selling your app or an idea to a company and also what techniques to use to sell your app, while omitting all the gaps and mistakes in that question.


While talking on such an issue as a deal with much more influential corporations you have to remember, that it is not really easy to sell an idea for app development. In that paragraph I would like describe those most popular elements, which you have to take into consideration, while preparing your app. They are important not only due to the fact, that you are willing to achieve a sort of success, but also because of the fact, that your failures will be sometimes much more memorable, than your successes. So, in order to save you reputation and achieve those goals you want to, the best things for now would be just listening to me.

How to sell an app idea

First of all, when when the main aim is to sell an app idea or an application the main thing, that you must keep in mind, that it has to perfect. And here, perfect does not mean good, it means, that the product you are willing to present must be 100% perfect. You may think, that it sounds like a too strict demand. Maybe yes, but in case if you remember, that your future fate and authority in the field of cyber development may depend from several lines of code or several wrong numbers in your business plan, your actual statement may be changed automatically. So, you have all the time keep an eye on the quality of those things, which you are doing and try to examine them as many times as possible in order to exclude even a possibility of minor and even more a big mistake.

Secondly, it is also important to analyse the market and now, what is popular now and what are your potential competitors on the field you are willing to occupy. There are various resources in the Internet, which can absolutely free and in the real-time regime give you all the essential information on those companies you have to know just thanks to the usage of the keywords you are typing in the search window. Moreover, another pretty important things to do would be to look for critique among your colleagues and much more experienced specialists. Do not be afraid of it and try to take all the words they say into consideration and improve your project more and more.

Then, try to develop your application according to the demands of your time. In case if it something old fashioned as for instance Mario, nobody will buy it from you, even in case if you are trying to sell your app idea and not an already manufactured application. So, the development of any cyber product has to be based on certain demands of an epoch and people, who live in it. In case if your invention does not seem to be suitable for the current fashion and popular trends, it may not be able to bring you profit in soon days or even years.

Lastly, you have to remember one vital thing. Do not be afraid of working as hard as possible and investing new amounts of money. If you are fairly making an effort, improving your ideas or apps, evolve them all the time, you can be sure, that in the future, all those sumes and efforts will get back to you, while being doubled.


While trying to respond on the question on how to sell an idea for an app, first of all you do not achieve to think about money themselves. There are even more pretty vital advices on the highlighted, than I have just depicted in the first two paragraphs. If those were primarily focused on the background development of your application or even an idea of it, those tips, which I am going to give in that and the net paragraph will steadily transfer you to the main aim of the conversation and become the final touches for that pretty basic review of such a complicated issue.

First of all, one of the most important things to remember in order to sell an idea or an extension is security. It does not matter, are you going to sell sell iOS app or sell android app, it even relates to any other field of the cyber development field. Security plays one of the most important and highly outstanding roles in each etape of the development of a project. You can not even imagine how many young and highly promising inventors were losing their ideas, money and even lives just because of the fact that once upon a time they hesitated to protect their inventions with a patent.The best example is again a short story from the very beginning. So, as you may have already noticed it will be pretty useful to go to your patent lawyer and deal with all the issues related to the law protection of the intellectual property in order to be absolutely calm, while thinking about the meeting with your potential investors and telling them the information about your project. For sure such a plan will take some time and money, but it maybe will save your future capitals.

However, in order to successfully sell the ideas for apps or the already done projects, the existence of a patent is not enough. While dealing with such an issue you need promotion and connections. There are three basic ways of getting all of them.

1. Through your patent lawyer. It may sounds strange, but in case if you are having a good lawyer it will not be a problem for you to know more about not only your future partners, but also about those people, who already have an experience in the development of the similar things and stuffs and still remember or already know how to sell their ideas right. Remember, that if you found someone do not write him or her letters, call directly and let the person feel that you are trustful enough.

2. Then, use LinkedIN for the same purpose. The only thing is that now your mediator is the internet, but not a patent lawyer or attorney.

3. For promotion use bloggers and social media, buy as much advertisement as your budget allows you to. I would like to make a highly strong emphasis, that while getting prepared for the negotiations with the investors or partners you have to make your idea or invention famous through any possible channels and strategies, use any available approach and tell the whole Internet who you are and what ideas do you have.


Now we are getting closer and closer to the question on how to sell an app idea to a company. And in that paragraph I will give you several negotiation advices as well as the advices on how to attract the attention of a really influential company. As it was said earlier your product has to be really really good in order to be compatible and attract different pretty wealthy people, who are ready to buy it. However, that is not all. Again, as I have already highlighted you need connections and safety of your information in order to be able to go to a company, for example Microsoft or even some people are interested in how to sell an app idea to google and other giants of cyber business. So, in order to make the life easier for you I decided to make a small equation or even a formula, which includes the majority of the most vital things to take into consideration. It has to look something like that:

Safety + Popularity * Connections * (Quality)2 = Deal

You may wonder, why did I decided to multiply the squared quality on connections and then on the sume of safety and popularity. I did it in order to show the priority of all the elements of an equation. However, it does not mean, that you can hesitate with any of it, due to the fact that in case if even one element disappear, the whole system may collapse. So, keep in mind how fragile and essential it actually is.

How to sell an app idea - 1

Now I will give a brief explanation on how to present and sell your idea. Firstly, remember, that the investors are willing to save their money and double them with paying as less as possible. It happens even in case if you are the best genius in the world, so, accept it just as a fact. Young and pretty inexperienced developers make a mistake, while wondering first of all how much is an app idea worth. That strategy is wrong. For sure, you have to keep in mind a hypothetical price, but while negotiating with people try to concentrate on other things, especially, on their attention. In order to make it you have a achieve two core goals. First one - have a proper business plan. Second - speak according to the situation and people who are sitting in front of you.

Having a good business plan equals approximately 40% of your success, while other things depend on your confidence and oratorical skills. A good business plan have to include several key features:

  • Be simple;
  • Be short;
  • Be exhaustive;
  • Do not include too many technical terms, but on the other hand be able to explain all the complicated processes in a clear way;
  • Be precise and exact;

Another important point is to be confident and ready to protect your idea. For example, usually investors tend to give examples of former similar, but unsuccessful projects. However, you have to be able to protect your invention with a bunch of counterarguments, while all the time making an emphasis on the fact, that your product is different. But do not be too pushy. Just let them understand, that you know what you are talking about. Moreover, try to change your speech according to those who are sitting in front of you. If you understand, that they are not technicians, try to avoid the usage of complicated terms, if they are marketers, speak more about advertising campaigns, while if they are predominantly financials, use more information about future profit and monetization. Finally, in the very end, try to attract their attention with such questions as ?Did it make you interested?? ?Does it sound promising?? or something like that.


All in all, let me say, that in order to response on the question on how to sell ideas for apps we may spend much more time. But i decided to give you a brief explanation of all the essentials you have to remember, while starting to develop a future massive project. You have to keep in mind, that such plans are not a joke at all, that is a fully planned and complicated campaign during the each etape of which you must be ready for any unusual turn and know all the information about your project better that even about yourself.

By the way, I have to notice that today such strategy of buying and selling between amateurs and corporations is growing. Nowadays you are able to visit special auctions and even sell your apps online. So, develop your own ideas and apps, while the heydays of cyber business are still on.

The very basic notion of technology has its roots in the ancient Greek language and refers to the sphere of production. In a closer look we can see, that the term technology is a bunch of other related sentiments. Among them we can identify those key approaches and means, which could be implemented on any type of production. Almost the same situation could be seen in the understanding of a term of education technologies. For instance, according to a State Standard of Ukraine, education technology is a mix of such techniques as: teaching. informational, intelligence and others. Moreover, informational and educational technologies are those ones, which are being operated with the wide usage of developed technologies, calculating machines and advanced software. Nowadays we can also notice a wide usage of electronic books and multimedia systems.

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