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Is Laravel The Best Php Framework?

Computing and programming technologies are developing  in leaps and bounds. This has resulted in the emergence of more different approaches aimed at the simplification and increasing the speed of various vital aspects that are important in the field of web  and app development. One of those key approaches is the evolution of different frameworks for programming languages and strategies such as JavaScript or PHP. In this article, I would like to  talk about  PHP and briefly describe several popular frameworks used for that language, while focusing on the most popular and useful one, which is called Laravel. The question “Why is Laravel framework  the most reliable  for web  development?” will also be answered.

Laravel The Best Php Framework

Why is laravel the Best and what is it actually?

First of all, while attempting to answer  the question above, let me talk about the PHP framework in a  broader sense. Frameworks, regardless of their type and name,  focus on the simplification and speed of the programming process using  different approaches. For instance, sometimes,  a programmer is given an opportunity to avoid repeating different boring and sometimes useless operations, while making the implementation process automatic and so on. As you can see on the chart, presented in the paragraph, Laravel is the most popular framework used by programmers for  PHP development, with the percentage of popularity close to 29%. The second most popular framework is Symfony with  20% popularity. Others like Codelgniter and Cake PHP are also widely used with their percentage rate  14% and 10% respectively.

TOP PHP frameworks

As I stated earlier, we will discuss only Laravel here and find out why Laravel is  considered the best PHP framework. So, let me briefly outline the history of the evolution of the framework. Laravel was developed by a programmer, Taylor Otwell, who was interested in creating  something that will allow not only  beginners but also  experienced programmers to easily work with PHP , which is an alternative to Codelgniter, and  be able to deal with all the drawbacks of previous similar projects. So, thanks to his efforts and ideas, on June 2011, we got the Beta version of Laravel. Later on the same month and same year,  Laravel 1 version was already released. On August 2016, Laravel 5 was presented to a wide audience. So, what actually made it so popular? We will throw more light on this below.

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1. Improved Authorisation

Within the laravel php framework, a lot of attention was paid to  improving  the authorization process. This is because Taylor, in the very beginning of his project, considered this issue  the main problem of other frameworks, such as Cake PHP or the already mentioned Codelgniter. So that area was radically improved. For instance, Laravel now  uses the most simple and fast techniques to control  access to resources and logins of  users within the web pages of your project.

laravel5 php

2. Caching

Another effort made  to increase the speed of working with PHP was  improving the caching process, which was pretty underdeveloped in the earlier versions of the different already available frameworks. The main advantage of this is that the advanced Laravel caching allows the creation of temporary storages for saving information, which could be retrieved quickly. It is done to, first of all,  reduce the time spent on  accessing the  database of the programme you are building and reduce the pressure on your hardware.

3. Object Oriented Libraries

Among the variety of PHP frameworks, Laravel is one of those that can operate with the object-oriented libraries. Laravel has the biggest archive of the OO and pre-installed libraries (e.g Authentication). This feature has several positive outcomes, such as:

  • Checking active users;

  • Bcrypt hosting;

  • Password resets;

  • CSRF operations;

  • Protection;

  • Encryption.

4. Artisan

Any programmer may agree that sometimes the building process may include lots of different boring and useless operations, whose implementation  sometimes takes a lot of  valuable time. This is why a lot of effort and time was spent by Laravel to create a special tool called Artisan, which automatically deals with such problems and, again, automatically implements all the repeating commands on its own without  involving the  programmer.

5. Database Migration

One of the most important points for any developer is  the creation of a database that acts as the core foundation for the website. However, such an important aspect is also faced with several problems.  One of them is the problematic information migration between the development machines. This is why Laravel uses Enter Migrations that makes it possible to transfer all the data using special seeds, which allows  transfer  without losses and difficulties. So the mentioned PHP framework is the best among its competitors when it comes to information transition.

6. Multiple file system

Laravel 5, since its release, provides a strong support for  multiple file systems. The use of a 3rd-party package called Flysystem allows you to use any cloud or local storage  to hold any simple configurations vital to your project. Moreover, configuration of the storage options is now possible within the config.php or filesystem.Php. Also, you can now  work with the disk face directly.

7. MVC Support

We can say that Laravel is the best PHP framework  because it has one of the most distinguished features, which is the support for different MVC architectures. For instance, Laravel is compatible with  a famous framework such as Symfony and retains its own advantages and special features that are important for programming. The MVC support has several important outcomes. For instance:

  • Improved performance;

  • Better documentation;

  • Built-in functionalities and toolkits;

8. Security

One of the most important features of any software or framework or any other cyber product has always been security. Security is important because while you are using the Internet and, especially,  logging in on different websites, you  leave a bunch of information about you, your money resources and even family. And it is not  strange that in this world  someone would not want to steal your information and use it for their personal gain. So, the developers of Laravel paid a lot of attention to  improving  the security aspect. For example, the framework  operates with salted and hashed passwords. This means that these passwords are not saved as a common text in a database, but are fully enscripted, thanks to the use of the Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm. As a result, the level of the security of your information and developmental data has improved. In addition, there are more key security features of Laravel, such as:

  • Configuration;

  • Storing passwords;

  • Authentication of users;

  • Manually logging users;

  • Protection Routes;

  • HTTP Basic Authentication;

  • Encryption;

  • Authentication Drivers.

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Final touches on laravel php framework review

In conclusion, I can say that laravel is a framework for beginners  as well as for  experienced programmers. Thanks to the improved set of different functions and operations, which is presented  in the framework, we are able to not only learn how to develop  resources on PHP with it but we can also  see the key differences in other frameworks and similar systems. However, it is important to mention that Laravel has a pretty big community of supporters, which is  pretty beneficial and should not be taken for granted. Besides, more than 4,000 topnotch popular webnresources are developed using the  described framework. So finally, I will end by saying that Laravel has proven that it is an extremely successful and well-developed structure for creating web resources of varying degrees of complexity and importance. And choosing Laravel as a start-up platform will never be a mistake.

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