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Points to Check Your Ecommerce Website Responsiveness

Mobile users have captured our world and so to please them for the sake of your business goals you have to follow all the new tendencies and adapt your resources to meet their needs. Besides, this is about all websites, from ecommerce to informational ones. They should be easy to read or surf through and this is not about mobile app development, but making your website adaptable to mobile devices. By the way, statistics shows that 63% of mobile users are expect to be doing more shopping over the next couple of years. So you know what to do; go mobile and be the king of the market.

Some pumpkins you may miss having non-friendly mobile resource

1 SEO issues

Google ranking is an important thing on the web, and it is good to occupy the TOP position to cover more audience. Mobile unfriendly pages are ranked lower in mobile search results. Do not miss mobile users because of low rates. Go on TOP and go great guns.

2 Social Media campaigns

About 80% of the whole time, mobile devices are used to access social media accounts. Reach your target audience here, there….EVERYWHERE.

3 High bounce rates

No matter how intelligently crafted your landing pages are, they turn out to be inefficient when a user must zoom when reading texts or it becomes difficult to see target zones without adjusting a viewpoint and scrolling. People do not stay long on poorly designed pages. Take this into account.

4 Reduced engagement

There is a risk of low engagement rate as a result of low speed. What you should always keep in mind is that a mobile-friendly website is not only trendy but impacts your conversion rates and subsequently, revenue. To make sure you deliver the right experience to mobile users, you should consider technical and design aspects that would tailor your website to the needs of mobile users.

Check Your Ecommerce Website Responsiveness

There are three categories of measures to be taken to ensure that your website delivers good mobile experience. They are design, tech and some advanced techniques.

Design optimization

Readable texts. Make sure all of them are readable across numerous platforms. Be aware of spacing and fonts, and try to avoid serifs. Please do not make your users zoom the screen.

Horizontal scrolling should be avoided. It is very annoying to bother your users with horizontal swipes in order to see a content section or to see a full image, unless it is a carousel image.

Hide sections. On mobile screens, a number of elements and section become absolutely useless. Add only the most important ones and do not fill your site with odd information.

Category search. Category search is an absolute must-have for mobile users. It reduces the time it takes to look for some products and makes their user experience more pleasant.

Say YES to reasonable pop-ups:

  • Those that worn about cookie usage
  • Age verification pop-ups
  • Login dialogs
  • Tiny banners

Avoid annoying banners that prevent users from reading content, covers the screen, etc.

Technical measures

Forget about Flash. All software engineers are known to have switched to an up-to-date and acknowledged standard method of embedding videos - to the iframe. Google guidelines do not recommend sticking with Flash because of mobile compatibility and performance.

Optimized images. Imagine a situation where a user clicks through to a website and sees that all the images are of different sizes and some do not fit the screen. This makes it difficult for the user to see the full size of the image. It’s like a nightmare, isn’t it? Make sure they are optimized and ready to be looked at and liked by mobile users.

Browser caching. Using browsing caching may work if a user visits a page more than once. Instead of repetitively loading the same images, JS or CSS, a phone or tablet will retrieve these elements from its memory and increase performance. This approach comes in handy only if you have unchanging and large libraries that must be loaded on users’ devices.

GIFs. It is better to look for something faster than GIFs. For example, for small animated videos, HTML5 video can be utilized. This will considerably reduce size by more than 10%.

Website Responsiveness

Advanced measures

Omni-channel shopping adoption. Remember that not all customers use their mobile phones for immediate purchase. Sometimes they use it to find, choose and compare prices, and then complete the purchase at home via their computer. That’s why it’s time to use such a modern e-Commerce trend like omni-channel shopping. Or, you can consider ecommerce app development to make the lives of your users easier.

Above-the-fold content prioritization. Provide a smooth initial experience, thinking of the things your users see first once they access your site before even scrolling a page deeper. Make sure you fit into the 3-second deadline and you can reduce the bounce rate by 50%.

Server requests deliver. Review those requests and ask yourself whether all of them are valuable, because every request adds to the loading lag.

Embrace accessibility. Here are some best practices to make your resource accessible:

    • Texts adopted for people with color blindness or low vision
    • Use texts and icons to convey the information but not only color
    • Reduce the number of required lines in the form
    • Create simple and easy-to-read texts

Users first

Great user experience can lead to high conversion rates and consequently increase sales and profit growth. So, do not neglect all these points and be mobile friendly.

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