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Points to Check Your Ecommerce Website Responsiveness


Points to Check Your Ecommerce Website Responsiveness

With the development of the cyber field of business and the emergence of more and more new and much more advanced ways of making money, people try to find another ways of making their products more interesting and attractive. In case if we are talking about the web-resources, especially those, which are focused on the creation of e-commerce shops, one of the main aspects of building a good and interesting website, which would be easy to use for your potential clients, we must mention RWD, which stands for the Responsive Web Design. Despite of the fact, that this term is pretty popular and used all over the world, not all of the businessmen really understand, what does it mean and how to work with such a kind of thing in order to get a proper result, and moreover, people even do not know how to provide the responsive web design testing. So, here today I am willing to describe you in a few words, what is RWD and which the most important features should you check in your website in order to have a proper level of RWD.

What to use in the e-commerce site to advance RWD?

There are several things, that I should say earlier, than start the description on a highlighted topic. The whole concept of RWD plays the most important role, firstly, in the field of mobile development, while the usage of the web-page on a common computer usually does not require so many operations in order to increase its usability. Moreover, there are also several other issues, that have to be noticed. For instance, sometimes people call RWD “the technology for lazybones”. However, that is not right, because of the fact, that usually it focused not on the desire to make the process of the usage of the web-page highly easy and prevent as more presses and slides as possible, but on the aim of creation of a proper resource, where all the elements will be in the equal unity, readable and clear for all of the visitors, despite of what devices do they use. However, let us get back to those techniques, which will allow us to increase the level of the website usability.

First of all, let me say, that there is a great necessity in the usage щf the special categories of images in order to make your website more convenient to use and operate with. For example, such special types of the images as fluid grids and flexible images have a highly important special feature. These modes call the page elements, including photos and others to be size in percents, not in pixels or points. Because of it we have a highly beneficial outcome. As well as in Adobe Illustrator, on your web page all of the photos, images and animated elements will be presented in a style of the vector graphics. It means, that even in case of the maximum zoom, the quality will not be lost. It is highly suitable in case if your audience frequently use your web pages on their portable devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Secondly, another pretty useful feature is the implementation of the media queries. This highly useful feature may allow you to rapidly increase the level of the web page’s responsiveness and usability, because of the fact, that it allows us to use different CSS rules, depending on the fact, which device is used by the client. For instance, in case if your users operates with the older versions of their mobile devices, but still are willing to become a customer of your shop, they will not be just able to do it, because of the fact, that their devices can not afford to maintain and understand those version of the latest CSS, which have been used for the creation of your website or even an e-commerce shop.

However, that is not all and there are several other things you have to be concerned about in order to have a site with perfect responsiveness and usability.

Check Your Ecommerce Website Responsiveness

Top 4 functions to use

These four key of a good responsive website I will present briefly without the description of all the details, due to the fact, that you can wrote a book on the each of these point, but to understand the very fundamental things on the level of responsiveness, it would be enough to have a basic knowledges on these points.

1 SEO Promotion

Google ranking is an important thing on the web, and it is good to occupy the TOP position to cover more audience. That is why SEO promotion, with the usage of the most popular and widely used words is one of the most suitable and convenient ways of achieving the top positions in Google. Moreover, you also have to remember, that mobile unfriendly pages are ranked lower in mobile search results. Do not miss mobile users because of low rates.

2 Social Media campaigns

The majority of the mobile users operate in the world web through the social media. So, the creation of proper advertising campaign within these resources is one of the best possible ideas for the promotion of your ecommerce shop. Furthermore, you can ask for advertisement from the youtube bloggers and special media groups in different social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook. Besides, it would be also a highly good idea to promote your services within Instagram.

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3 High bounce rates

While creating a landing page it is important to remember, that it should be as top-quality as only possible. Within it, you have to avoid any possibility of texts, photos and headings zooming. Because if these highly vital drawbacks, your website and then, the whole business could lose lots of those potential users, which it was able to attract. Furthermore, you have also to remember,  that a landing page is a “face” of your business, so you have to pay ant effort in order to make it readable and clear. People will never stay long at a poorly designed page.

4 Falling speed

There is a great risk of falling engagement and, as a result, you web page’s popularity in case of a rapidly falling speed. Usually, it happens because of the fact, that there is too much animation within a website or the whole designing concept is too complicated, or even an engine on which the website was built is not able to upload everything quickly enough. So, in order to get the best results and outcomes, it will be really nice to follow and control all of the nuances, linked to the speed of your web page. Furthermore, according to statistics, people usually leave the page in case if it is downloading more, than 3 seconds.

Two main field to improve your web page responsiveness

To be honest, there are two main fields through which we can improve the level of the website responsiveness and make it much more easier and comfortable for any visitor to use it. These fields are designing one and technological one. And, in that particular passage I would like to give a brief explanation for both of them.

Designing optimization

That field could be called one of the most important ones. It is so because of the fact, that design is the very first thing, which your customer sees, while entering the website. So, you have to pay all the efforts and make it as beautiful and useful as only possible. Thus, here I am willing to present you those the most essential and important points, which play the most important role in the creation of a proper responsive design within the graphic elements of the website.

First of all, avoid the implementation of too many useless things to the website, It is really easy to get lost in case if you have too many tabs, menus and sections within only a page. If you want to see a web page with really low quality of orientation, you can visit any university website, due to the fact, that the majority of such mistakes are usually done directly by them. So, remember to include only those elements, which will be the most useful and up to date for your customers and users. Try to avoid their search through the whole site in order to find a contact email for example. Besides, it would be also pretty nice for you to avoid such things as fonts, especially those, which are too complicated and serifs, what will make the site faster loading.

Then, in order to have a good responsive site, it will be really good to have it matchable with different platforms, from Apple to Blackberry. For sure, that task may seem pretty complicated for the beginners, but it is very important for those, who are really interested in the increasing level of their web page popularity and their own revenues. So, try to make the resource readable within any possible operation system.

Never make you user to zoom his or her pages, in case if you are using the mobile version of the website, because of the fact, that it makes the level of the website clearness highly low and absolutely unacceptable. Usually that mistake is done by those companies, which do not have a mobile version of their website. Moreover, in such cases we can even see the horizontal scrolling, and it is needless to say, that it is one of the most annoying things in the internet.

Website Responsiveness

Technical optimization

Technological optimization is the background foundation, which also plays a highly important role in the field of site optimization. First of all, the very basic thing you have to remember is to forget about flash forever. Today, not all the devices already use such a technology, especially those, which are the latest ones. Moreover, especially portable devices, such as tablets and smartphones occasionally can not recognize it. So, my faithful advise would be to use the iframe technology, which is a 100% universal tool for the creation of animation.

Secondly, my great offer would be to optimize all the images to avoid the problems with rendering and loading of them. As you may know, usually all the devices, from PC to a smartphone can be different in several technological details. However, in case if we are talking on the website, these details may play a crucial role, because of the fact, that because of them not all the site elements could be readable. So, photo optimization is one of the first steps to form a multi platforms and properly working ecommerce site.

Then, it would be pretty useful to us the Browser caching functions. They give an opportunity to save images and animation in order to avoid a long waiting in order to download all the elements, especially it is important, when we are considering the issue of the internet shop. And, lastly, I would like to recommend not to use GIFs. It is much better to use short videos, while GIFs sometimes may be too big to be fastly downloaded and require a proper internet connection, while in case if they can not be downloaded, that brings you nothing but annoyance. Even these methods of the site manufacturing and later analysing can act as one of the best responsive testing tools. However, it will not be excess to give a small list of them:

  1. Concept Feedback - landing page feedbacks;

  2. Google Analytics Content Experiments -  experiments, which could be provided to see the behaviour of the web page in the achievement of different goals;

  3. Crazy Egg - measures the users’ clicks;

  4. Silverback -  iMac usability tests;

  5. Optimizely - traffic engagement test;

  6. Monitor.u -  entire monitoring and analysis;

  7. Google PageSpeed Insights - loading speed analyzing;

  8. Browsera - analysis of the cross-border errors;

  9. BrowserStack - real browser testing;

  10. SEOmoz - SEO health testing;

Bottom line

As you can see, RWD is one of the most crucial elements of any web designing process. And, I believe, that I have done enough to explain you all the basics and answer all the essential questions you were interested in that broad and pretty complicated field. However, I consider, that you got even more of them.

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