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Stripe vs Braintree: Which One Is the Best Solution for Your Business?


Stripe vs Braintree: Which One Is the Best Solution for Your Business?

Application development is a challenging task. Each project requires special features and functionality, as well as has its own complications and issues. This is why it is highly important to conduct a detailed research about the application development in your sphere of business to have more knowledge about the technologies and approaches used in the process.

In this article, we would like to pay special attention to a question that regards online payments for retailers. As the number of services for online payments grows, it is really important to understand their sense and to find out about pros and cons of the most popular ones. This article provides you with the brief reviews on Braintree vs Stripe services for online payments. Take a look at the main differences between Braintree and Stripe before you start using them in your project.

Stripe vs Braintree: a Short Introduction

Both of these popular online payment solutions serve software developers and online businesses perfectly. That makes the Stripe vs Braintree payments comparison even more difficult. It is impossible to say which tool is better for a certain web store before the detailed analysis of Stripe vs Braintree is conducted.

stripe vs braintree

So what to start with? According to Stack Overflow, the number of questions about Stripe and its features is higher than that of questions concerning Braintree. It demonstrates us that the first tool is more popular among the software developers. On the other hand, that can be caused by another reason. Braintree is a tool acquired by PayPal. So there is an opinion that the number of requests is lower only because the name of Braintree is often associated with PayPal.

Speaking of Braintree payment solutions, they simplified the PayPal submission accepting process greatly. So if one uses Braintree, no additional actions need to be performed to start working with PayPal. In fact, it gets as easy as accepting Visa and MasterCard. Meanwhile, Stripe does not integrate with PayPal. So, here we come to one of the very first advantages of Braintree: if the accepting of PayPal payments is necessary for your project or your own business, give the preference to Braintree.

But it is definitely not the end of Braintree comparison with Stripe. According to Forbes, Stripe is the world’s leader in cloud computing. This is a great achievement and characterizes the company in the most positive way possible. No doubts, there are tons of reasons why Stripe has reached such a level. Let’s take a closer look at a Braintree or Stripe choice by paying attention to specifics of integration, application, and use.

Stripe and Braintree Payment Gateways: the Important Points of Difference

When choosing the best option for payments for eCommerce businesses, there are three most important aspects:

  1. How does the user feel when paying via certain gateway?

  2. How challenging is it for the software engineer to integrate?

  3. How does it improve your business?

The answers depend on the needs of your project, as well as on the capabilities of a certain payment gateway. Here, we present the most considerable differences between Braintree and Stripe based on those aspects. We believe it would be of great help to you finding the best improvement opportunities.

  • The User Experience

The experience starts with getting acquainted with the interface. Both Stripe and Braintree suggest their own forms for checkout, as well as allow you to design your customized form. Stripe’s checkout is shown to a customer as a small popup, and Braintree payment form is embedded directly into the web store page.

Braintree form demonstrates perfect harmony with the web store UI. Also, it allows PayPal login. At the same time, Stripe saves user’s time: its load time takes 1-2 seconds less than Braintree’s one.

the best payments experience for you

  • Technical Features and Documentation

Braintree and Stripe are open source solutions, so the software specialists have the full access to their libraries. Both tools demonstrate smooth and seamless integration with most of the programming tools.

Well-structured, nicely organized documentation can be found for both Stripe and Braintree. Although, Stripe created the more accurate guide for users. Concurrently, some of Braintree’s phrases are uncertain and vague, for example, failure_count issues, etc.

  • Opportunities for Business

The best way to understand advantages of Stripe or Braintree is to use it during the trial period. Take a note that Stripe provides the possibility to enjoy trial days with no credit card or payment method required. It simplifies the processes and makes a solution more attractive for businesses.

What is crucial, both tools provide automated testing environments for you to understand if the service is able to handle all of the business specifics. Useful testing API can be easily added to your application, so you get the opportunity to click around and make sure all works well. Banking information is not required for the testing mode.

Stripe, as well as Braintree, provides the account holder with an easy-to-use dashboard. From here, one can easily manage the gateway, refund costs, and change the settings.

Braintree payments

Another considerable analysis factor is webhooks. They pass the information about a certain event or operation that has taken place in the app. Both payment gateways have the quite alike webhooks. Stripe webhooks are visible and available to the user. Talking about Braintree, webhook logs are accessible for support team only.

Stripe shows convenient cancellation logic. It enables the cancellation after the end of the billing period, and if one wants to add this feature to the Braintree’s functionality, a few additional lines of code need to be written.

  • Customer Support

Both payment gateways claim to support their customers. But as feedback shows, Braintree specialists answer via email much faster than Stripe employees do.

They both have Twitter accounts, and according to the newsfeed, they provide fast response to users.

If you need to contact Braintree or Stripe on StackOverflow, be ready for the direct answers from Braintree. Stripe does not provide the official answers at this forum. Additionally, one of the considerable disadvantages of Stripe is the fact they do not provide support via phone calls.

Final Thoughts on the Best Payment Solution for Your Online Business

So, which tool is better for business? Well, we can safely say that the most popular payment for a startup cannot be picked randomly. One needs to dive into the ocean of pros and cons of Braintree, or any other payment gateway to understand what would cater to the project’s needs in the most effective way.

Merchant`s Business Location US, Europe, Canada, Australia US, Canada, Australia and Europe
Currencies 117-138 currencies (depending on the merchant`s business location) 40 countries and 130 currencies
Payment Types Visa, MasterCard,American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club; Bitcoin support is in beta. PayPal and most credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diner`s Club; Apple Pay.

Braintree is the best choice if there is a need  for PayPal integration, or if you cannot go on without a reliable support team. Cons of the Braintree consist mainly of the demonstrated by documentation inaccuracies.

Pros and cons of Stripe are obvious, too. It has flawless documentation and provides the great functionality connected to webhooks. It loads faster but shows poor customer support. So it is a better choice for experienced professional that does not need any help when integrating a payment gateway to a web store.

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The choice completely depends on your own opinion and project details. But you can be sure, that both tools are able to provide you with high-quality service.

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