What is local SEO

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On the one hand it is easier for local businesses to promote themselves both offline and online. A narrower target audience, which is also in a limited territory, is almost an ideal prey for marketers. The main thing is that the product or service offered corresponds to the needs and desires of this target audience.

Therefore, quite often the local promotion of the store is given to the business very easily. Using the right keywords can already achieve excellent results and high positions in search engine rankings. But there are a few tricks with which you can achieve simply phenomenal success.

Local link building

Link building - literally "link building" - is the process of building link mass. Its essence is that links to the site to be promoted were placed on other websites. With them will go traffic to the target resource, which will increase its value for search robots.

But for many specialists, setting up SEO and link building turns into a routine process, during which they just buy as many links as possible, without paying attention to their quality. And this is a huge mistake, because poor quality links will not give the desired result, taking away a lot of time and a big chunk of the budget.

Local website promotion, like any other, requires a quality link mass to achieve the desired results. Therefore, a link must match as many of these factors as possible:

  • Be from a website in the area where your target audience is located;
  • Be from a site whose topic is relevant to your business industry;
  • Bring you relevant traffic (i.e. visitors who can become customers);
  • Build reputation for your brand (drive visitors from well-known stores, professional websites and so on).

There are several link-building strategies you can use to accelerate local promotion of website services.

What is local SEO

Social media activity

How can social networks help SEO? Of course, local promotion on facebook will have a positive impact on business in one way or another. But it will also help to get a stream of quality traffic to your website. Leave links in publications on your brand page, run contextual advertising campaigns and write about your business in relevant topics or local groups.

Local instagram promotion is also easy to give. You can often see businesses tagging their location in publications. It's not always the exact location where the photo was taken. More often it is some location where the target audience is located. Thus, too, you can get a boost of the right traffic.

A separate story - the local promotion youtube. This social network often recommends videos to users based on their location. Also, based on location, the social network makes a list of trends - the most popular videos in the area. But it's not easy to get into trends. So if you decide to run your channel on YouTube, you will have to invest a budget in contextual advertising campaigns.

One way or another, users who come to the resource through a link from social media are already interested in your product and potentially want to buy it. They will not increase your rejection rate, on the contrary, they will show search engine crawlers that this resource is interesting and needed.

What is local SEO - 1

Regularly look for opportunities to post links

First, you need to make a list of possibilities so that you can start building link mass. This can be done manually by spelling out queries like:

  • IndustryName + "magazine";
  • IndustryName + "write for us";
  • IndustryName + "forum";
  • "your city + services".

And so on. Naturally, there are a variety of tools to simplify and automate this process. When choosing a link, remember that they should not only be of high quality, but also have a variety of sources.

Use backlinks from your local competitors

Are your competitors getting ahead of the curve? A little research on what they're doing will give you an idea of what you should be doing. See what sources they use for link building and apply them to your business.

Remember the quality of the content

You can put a lot of effort into building link mass. But if you put poor quality content on the site you want to link to, it will negate all the effort. Local seo in google is very demanding on the nuances. So make sure that the content:

  • was appropriate to the particular locale;
  • was relevant;
  • provided discounts or special offers to visitors;
  • was informative;
  • offered competition.

In general, the content should be useful and interesting to your target audience. Of course, it all depends on the terms of content placement, your relationship with the site owner, and other little things. But the basic rule - content must be useful to your target audience - holds true in any case.

Building a quality link mass takes time and effort. But there is one trick that will make the process more enjoyable and easier. Before you ask for a link, have a conversation with the owners. Start a conversation, tell them about yourself, thank them for the work they are doing developing their resource, offer your help.

Often businesses, especially newbies, start literally begging for a link or sending a template message. Take a few minutes to personalize the text. This can have a very positive impact on the site owner's decision.

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Link building is a major part of search engine promotion for local businesses. Selecting keywords is easy, as is using them correctly. But it is quality links that will allow you to achieve high and stable positions in search results.

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