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What is the Role of UX Design in Mobile and Web Building?


What is the Role of UX Design in Mobile and Web Building?

While talking on the development of the cyber business in the 21st century, one of the most vital things we have to take into consideration is usability. I am pretty sure, that you have heard that term for thousands of times and even had several ideas on what does it actually mean. However, the term of usability means much more, than you can even imagine, while one of the most important and key notions, which identify it is user experience or UX as it is usually called.

To be honest not all the beginning developers and programmers know, how does such a thing as UX works and what are those most important tools and functions of that machine, which is widely used today for web and app design. Frankly speaking, that is not surprising at all. It is so because of the fact, that from the very early years of the development of the Internet the whole notion of User Experience was not even beorn.

It happened because in the 1990s, when those very simple and first web pages emerged, their creators were not really interested in the fact, how to present all the information to people, which colors, shapes and even which location of an object to choose. That is why, we all remember these terrible sites, such as the very early versions of Yahoo, which, of course, were really useful those days, but still were too complicated to understand and even harmful to use because a high level of eye strain. So, in order to avoid such problems and to improve the level of simplicity of a web resource, game or application, developers came up with an idea of UX, which I am willing to examine in that article, while giving you a clear explanation of almost all the important nuances of that process.

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What is actually UX and what is its difference from UI?

So, while talking about the UX design for startup we first of all have to notice, that there are several key purposes on why do we really need that approach. There are several of them, which I would like to list downstream. Firsts of all, as I have already highlighted earlier, the main aim of the development of the UX design is to improve usability of your application or web resource. For instance, in order to clearly understand, what is usability we can ask two simple questions. First one “How much taps does it take to make an order in the e-shop or find a needed function in an app?” and “For how long do you usually look for those functions you need?”. In case, if your answers are: “Three or four” and “Several seconds”, then, you can be deeply convinced, that usability of the webpage is really nice. Second important feature of the mobile app user experience design is system performance.

So, the designer has to arrange it in such a way, which will make it possible to rapidly improve the level of productivity of the whole resource and the amount of data, which it analyses. Then, UX also deals with the issues of ergonomics and utility. So, as you may understand, that it is focused mainly in the increase of the convenience of the usage of an app and also on the level of its usefulness because of the fact, that in case if your app is not useful and understandable enough, people just will not use it, even for free. And, the last, but not least point of the mobile app ux design for startups is the level of its accessibility. Remember, that in case if you are willing to become successful on the field of cyber entrepreneuring all the users has to be able to find your application, game or website as quick as it is possible. Thus, let us conclude, that the only possible thing, that is able to help us to improve all these aspects is, for sure UX design and those, who can do it professionally.

UX Design in Mobile and Web

Now, let me give a word on that particular difference between the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) designs. Despite of the fact, that it may be pretty easy from the very first and slight glance to understand the basic difference between these notions, sometimes people make thousands of mistakes, while comparing two of them or even having the negotiations with an IT company asking for UI services, but thinking directly about the opposite, namely UX. So, in order to explain the difference and create a direct border between these two different disciplines, it would be enough to say, that UI is not aimed all the time on usability and efficiency, it is aimed on beauty and attraction.

Speaking clearly, interface designer are focused on the creation of the main colorful shapes, fonts and elements of an app or web resource, that will attract all the potential users. However, it is really different from those, who are making the user experience design.The main duties of these people are focused on the provision of researches and looking for the answer on such questions as “How to improve the interface to make the search of functions faster?” or “How to implement an element of an interface to allow a person to have all the options in a convenient place?” or “Where to put the contact info for guest publishers?” and many many others. Thus, you have to avoid the confusion of these two notions and understand what you really need.

What makes a good UX?

Before going forward and describe other important nuances of the importance of the usage of UX for your application, I would like to describe, what does actually make a good UX. To be honest, there are several pretty important aspects, which I would like to give in the form of a list, but with brief and clear explanations of all the essential points.

  • Non-stop development. Lots of beginning builders and businessmen, who had not so big experience of the interaction with UX, tend to consider, that it is not so important to go on with the development of the usability of the interface of your application or web resource. However, that is a terrible mistake. In case if you know, what is the cyber-market, you must understand, that this world changes all the time and always come up with more and more new ideas. So, it is obvious, that in order to keep up with trends, you should update your UX interface.

  • Users do not have to notice all the changes. That point is highly vital for the development of any UX. It is so important because of the fact, that any user experience design is fixed on the simplicity and naturalisation of the interface. That is why, in case if your users do not see the changes, it means, that everything is done well and on the professional level.

  • Remember, that UX is not a universal tool. That problem actually is pretty widespread. Some beginning developers believe, that in case if they have a good UX, it automatically becomes not so necessary to manufacture all other elements and improve them. However, it is not true. Of course, UX is important in order to attacks the user with simple and friendly design. However, other elements of your application makes it impossible for the users to leave. So, keep in mind, that UX is important, but not the main point.

Mobile App UX Design

UX design and the modern world

With the development of more and more new technologies, we see the erection of unusual field for the mobile app UX design, which allows us to extend the whole perception of the issue of UX development and see it in action with more advanced technologies, which sometimes are unclear for the developers themselves. Moreover, it would be also suitable, that the whole concept of UX is built on people’s laziness and the absence of the desire among them to do a lot of work. Thus, do not be so surprised, while reading the paragraph below. So, in that passage I would like to present you a small list of those innovative or just new technologies, where UX development has already shown its usefulness and importance for the development of applications and extensions of different companies for different purposes.

1 Big screens

The whole process of the development of full-screen smartphones has started pretty long time ago. However, even nowadays in the age of portable computers, tablets and mobile devices, which are more powerful, than your laptop we face several problems, linked with the adaptation of web resources for such resolutions. However, here, we can ask for a help from the side of UX. For example, UX developers may form a special way to arrange all the elements in such a way, that you would be able to turn on or choose any function using just your thumb. So, you will not have to reach another side of a giant screen to tap a message or make a phone call.

2 Development of the high tech watches

For sure, you have noticed the growing popularity of the usage of various iOS and Android watches, based in their classical software and which spectrum of functions almost equals the same spectrum within a typical smartphone. However, the development of such an industry is a huge area of work for the UX developers. The main issue here is that those screens, which are used within these watches are really small, so there is a great importance to give people an opportunity to see all the needed elements from the first try. Moreover, as I highlighted earlier people are lazy, so it seems possible, that there will be no great desire to look at your watches next time. Thus, UX designer has to make everything as simple as possible.

3 Anymation

As you know, the whole field of web development came through a line of changes and evolution, which gave us an opportunity to develop any possible type of animation for the usage within an app or web resource. For example, today, the majority of websites support HTML5, what means, that we can develop them in any possible way. However, there is a small problem. For instance, lots of sites use too much animation, what leads to:

  • Long loading process;

  • Unclear and complicated interface;

  • Stress;

  • Inefficiency;

However, in case of the proper usage of UX these problems automatically eliminate, what makes it possible to arrange a good functioning web resource even in case of usage of a pretty big bunch of animation.

hire UX designer

How to hire UX designers?

While talking on the user experience design for a mobile app lots of beginning businessmen, who actually have never faced any similar technologies, usually are curious on one particular fact on how to look for the developers, who would be able to do what you need with your product. Here, we have two main approaches: freelancing and hiring an agency. In both these options I advise you to first of all outsource the developmental process. Why so? As you know in the Western states the development of the high tech software, design or options cost a lot.

For example, we can take such states as Canada, USA and Australia. In all of them the average wage for a programmer for an hour of work fluctuates between $70 and $150. For instance, let us imagine, that the whole process of the UX creation takes 60 hours. So, it is not complicated at all and multiply 150 on 60. In the end we get $9.000. Pretty costly, is not it? However, in case if we go to India, where the same service may cost from $15 to $40, we will pay much lower, namely $2.400. You may agree, that it is much lower, than at first.

However, there is also another important thing, such as “who to choose?”. The main choice here is made again between the freelancers and mobile UX design company. The first option is not the best one, and may be suitable only in case if you have a highly limited budget and a small project. In case of a big project, you may face lots of troubles, trying to manage all of them. Furthermore, during the usage of a freelancer as a main developer, you may make a mistake, while choosing a low qualified worker.

For instance, even highly popular resources have such problems. So, it may be clear for now, that I personally recommend to use an experienced and reliable web development agency, which would be able to give you everything you need for a successful development of your project and the evolvement of the whole idea. Especially the  choice of proper specialists is important, while dealing with the elements and principles of the UX design.

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As you may see, I tried to give you an exhaustive information on the issue of UX design, its key features and distinguishing elements, while enlightening several pretty important and unclear aspects. I really hope, that you understood, how important is UX today and why should you be careful, while building that pretty important element of your project. Moreover, I consider that for now you acquired  a more or less reliable and proper informational foundation on the issue of the UX design development.

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