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Conseasy is a revolutionary web platform designed to inject transparency into the consulting market. This innovative marketplace empowers buyers to make informed decisions by providing a comprehensive ecosystem where consulting firms are evaluated based on real client reviews. Additionally, the platform integrates a robust Request for Proposal (RFP) management tool, streamlining the sourcing process and guiding users through the complexities of selecting the right consulting partner.

Business challenges

  • Building Trust in the Platform:

One of the primary challenges for Conseasy is to establish and maintain trust among both consulting firms and buyers. Overcoming skepticism and ensuring the authenticity of reviews is crucial for the platform's credibility.

  • User Adoption and Engagement:

Encouraging users, both consulting firms and buyers, to actively engage with the platform can be a significant challenge.

  • Data Security and Privacy Concerns:

Given the sensitive nature of the information shared on the platform, ensuring robust data security and privacy measures is a critical challenge. Addressing concerns related to data breaches, unauthorized access, and protecting the confidentiality of RFPs and client information was a priority. 

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Our solutions

Building Trust in the Platform:

Artjoker implemented several features to address the challenge of building trust in the Conseasy platform:

  • Admin-Initiated Company Import: To allow companies to gauge interest without committing immediately, Artjoker enabled a feature where the admin could import companies via the admin panel. This allows potential buyers to express interest without creating an account, providing an initial level of transparency.
  • Email Requests for Providers: Providers receive requests via email, initiated by potential buyers expressing interest in their services. Providers can review these requests and decide whether to create an account and claim their profile based on the level of interest received.
  • Email Verification for Reviews: To maintain the authenticity of reviews and prevent unauthorized users from leaving reviews, Artjoker implemented an email verification process. If an unauthorized user attempts to leave a review, they must verify their email address. This additional step adds a layer of security, ensuring that reviews are submitted by legitimate users.

User Adoption and Engagement:

Artjoker took strategic steps to enhance user adoption and engagement on the Conseasy platform:

  • User-Centric Design: Starting with the UX wireframing process, Artjoker prioritized creating a user-friendly experience. The platform's design is intuitive, making it easy for both consulting firms and buyers to navigate. A user-centric approach from the early stages helps to encourage user adoption by ensuring a positive and seamless experience.
  • Future Feature Plans: Artjoker demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement by strategically planning and communicating significant enhancements for Conseasy, for instance integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into description fields and the partner selection process. This forward-looking approach not only maintains user interest but also positions Conseasy at the forefront of innovation. The incorporation of AI aims to revolutionize the user experience, offering more intelligent and personalized interactions.

Data Security and Privacy Concerns:

Artjoker implemented robust measures to address data security and privacy concerns on Conseasy:

  • SonarQube Integration: To ensure the security and code quality of the platform, Artjoker integrated SonarQube into the development process. This tool allows for quick analysis of vulnerabilities and code quality. Regular scans help identify and address potential security issues promptly, ensuring that the platform maintains a high level of security.
  • Consistent Security Standards: DevOps does regular scanning for vulnerabilities as well, as changing the credentials and controlling the backup feature.
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Client Reviews
  • Real-Time Feedback: Users have access to authentic, real-time reviews from past clients, providing valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of various consulting firms.
  • Rating System: A user-friendly rating system empowers clients to rate their consulting experience, fostering accountability and transparency within the industry.
  • Review Requests and Submissions: Users have the ability to both leave reviews and request reviews. This dual functionality ensures a dynamic and balanced feedback system, allowing users to actively participate in sharing their experiences and seeking feedback from other clients.
Consulting Firm Profiles
  • Comprehensive Profiles: Dedicated profiles for consulting firms showcase their expertise, highlight previous projects, and feature client testimonials, offering buyers a detailed overview of each firm.
  • Flexible Subscription Models: Providers can opt for free or paid subscriptions, allowing flexibility in their usage of the platform.
  • Customized Service Purchases: Providers also have the option to buy specific services separately, tailoring their subscription to meet their unique business needs.
RFP Management Tool:
  • Streamlined Process: The platform integrates a user-friendly RFP management tool that simplifies and accelerates the sourcing process for buyers.
  • Customization: Users can create, customize, and manage their Request for Proposals (RFPs), tailoring them to their specific needs and preferences.
Search and Match Algorithm
  • Smart Matching: The platform employs an intelligent algorithm for matching buyers with consulting firms based on specific requirements, ensuring a more targeted and efficient selection process.
  • Advanced Filters: Users can apply filters such as industry expertise, project size, and geographical location to find the most suitable consulting partners.
Communication Hub:
  • Seamless Communication: Acting as a central communication hub, the platform facilitates direct communication between buyers and consulting firms.
  • Messaging System: A secure messaging system allows users to discuss project details, negotiate terms, and establish a strong foundation for collaboration.
Conseasy's feature set is designed to empower both clients and consulting firms, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly environment that enhances transparency, efficiency, and collaboration in the consulting market.
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