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TEN is a platform that connects cybersport companies and gamers.

Platform is designed to consolidate the industry, facilitate professional networking, and create new business opportunities for its users.

Business challenges

  • Сreate a combination of marketplace and job search platform with various monetization opportunities
  • Enable cybersport companies to search and select personnel
  • Inform subscribers about events in cybersport
  • Allow gamers to apply for open positions in the industry
  • High load expectations: provide for possibility to scale easily and to spread development of separate functionality between independent teams.
  • Simplify Deployment Processes: Automate and streamline the deployment pipeline to reduce manual efforts and errors.
  • Improve Scalability and Reliability: Enhance the infrastructure's ability to scale efficiently in response to demand while maintaining high availability.
  • Optimize Infrastructure Costs: Achieve a cost-effective infrastructure setup that aligns with usage patterns and reduces waste.
  • Enhance Development Productivity: Enable developers to focus on building features by reducing the complexity of deployment and infrastructure management.

Key results

  • Business catalog: categorized business catalog, business profiles, on-platform chat function
  • Services: service marketplace, custom services/projects, on-platform service execution flow, tenders
  • Jobs: jobs catalog, jobs and candidates matchmaking, jobs promotions
  • Microservice architecture, in which the main function is a separate service;
  • Development of separate services is allocated between independent teams.
  • Deployment Efficiency: Deployment times were reduced from hours to minutes, significantly accelerating the release cycles.
  • Scalability and Reliability: The application could now automatically scale to meet demand, ensuring consistent performance and reducing costs during off-peak times.
  • Developer Productivity: The automated CI/CD pipeline and simplified deployment processes freed developers to focus more on feature development and less on operational concerns.
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Our solution

  • All 8 separate microservices that communicate with each other within the docker network by container names.
  • API RPC for communication with services
  • Integrations: Socketi, TalkJS, Stripe, Sendinblue, Social network authorisation (google, linkedin, facebook), Google Places API, Min.io, Dozzle
  • Kubernetes for Orchestration: Kubernetes was chosen for its ease of use, seamless integration, and cost-efficiency. It provided a managed Kubernetes environment, cutting manual cluster management overhead. Configured to auto-scale applications, ensuring high availability and performance.
  • GitLab CI/CD Integration: GitLab CI/CD pipelines automated testing, building, and deploying applications to the Kubernetes cluster. They support blue-green deployments for seamless updates and rollbacks with zero downtime.
  • Monitoring and Logging: The team deployed NewRelic for monitoring and logging within the Kubernetes cluster, offering insights into application performance and system health through comprehensive metrics and logs.
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Our achievements

We have built client-server application with 8 microservices and introduced intelligent and very fast search in vacancies base through Elasticsearch. The chat service is layered separately so it starts only when both sides accept which on one hand provides for additional privacy and saves on billing for the chat use.

We have added BA for AJ side to the project team to help the customer product owner work on new features and ideas. We kept accurate documentation describing the main functionality and architecture of the project, which allowed the customer to involve new developers fast and efficiently

Moreover, we have described all the technical information from the infrastructure side, which will serve as a foundation for the deployment of new services in the future.

We used a turnkey solution for the admin panel because we decided not to spend a lot of time on building separate interfaces but directed the necessary resources to the creation of the frontend part, which also allowed us to save part of the budget for the client.

Migrating to Kubernetes and implementing GitLab CI/CD transformed the startup's deployment processes and infrastructure management. This strategic move not only streamlined project operations but also provided the scalability and flexibility required to support their growth ambitions. The company now enjoys a robust, scalable, and cost-efficient infrastructure, enabling them to focus on innovation and customer satisfaction.

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