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Todas is a startup focused on the betting industry, offering the ability to compare various betting platforms on its website. Thanks to a substantial amount of traffic, customers can choose the best platform to suit their needs. It's similar to a catalog of bookmakers, with a focus on generating income through a referral program. 

The company aims to expand its operations beyond the Czech Republic and plans to launch in at least three other countries. Additionally, there are plans to introduce a similar product for casinos and to facilitate bet comparisons for them.

Business challenges

The need to create a unique platform that would allow for the quick deployment of betting websites with customization options for content creation:

  • The requirement for a platform that could be used for deploying future business units of the company.
  • Team flexibility - the ability to quickly add developers to meet deadlines.
  • The location of part of the team on the client's side, requiring effective communication setup and a unified delivery process for all.
  • The need for an administrative panel to manage all text blocks.
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Our solutions

  • Support for project launch and management for the client's in-house team.
  • Setting up the CI/CD process and defining team interaction rules.
  • An administrative panel for reuse on other projects.
  • Designing the project's architecture for cloning and rapid deployment under a new brand.
  • Formation of a dedicated team with a Delivery Manager to build the delivery process.


  • Implementation of intelligent search through Elasticsearch integration.
  • Development of an administrative panel.
  • Creation of a frontend with a unique design tailored to a single brand.
  • CI/CD process implementation.
  • Ensuring configured security and backups.
  • Providing support and guarantees for the project's launch.
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We are extremely pleased with the results of our collaboration with the IT company Artjoker within the scope of our latest project. From the beginning of the project, the Artjoker team demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and was ready to offer creative and innovative solutions.

Thanks to their skillful communication, we were able to efficiently coordinate all stages of work and agree on the expected results. Their enthusiasm and passion for technology were evident at every stage of the project, allowing us to achieve better results.

Upon completing the project, we received a high-quality and stable product that fully meets our needs and complies with modern market standards. Our experience working with Artjoker enabled us to launch a new business and ensure reliable support in the future. Additionally, Artjoker imparts knowledge to our employees, allowing us to prepare our in-house team and integrate them more quickly into real tasks.

Mykhailo Nesterenko

Product Owner, Finmedia s.r.o.


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