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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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Blockchain Development Services

Artjoker is well known for using cutting edge technologies in developing services that are handy and up-to-date. The same things happened to a Blockchain technology that is up to revolutionize the digital world. So our in-house capability and huge expertise in realizing custom outstanding products is ready to implementing the revolutionary potential of this new technology.

What is Blockchain apps?This innovative technology is a kind of distributed ledger that keeps together data and verifies its integrity. All the cryptography-based technologies used in Blockchain control if the transactions in a database are immutable. You must be already aware of Bitcoin – the most popular for today application where a user can manage the currency transaction with the help of Blockchain. Actually, implementing the technology is not limited to only currency transaction services. Whether your business niche needs any data to be transacted – Blockchain application solutions are all yours, so you should definitely think thoroughly on using a new-day advance in digital.

Why should you choose Artjoker as your Blockchain Development Company?

  • 1Strong Expertise. Blockchain Development Services are just another niche of services hosted by Artjoker. We have strong expertise in developing products from multi-disciplined domains and we are fully confident in delivering positive customer experience throughout the product development lifecycle. As well as other domains which we work in, in a Blockchain Development we have proven capabilities to implement systems that use cryptographic data, so to simplify transaction and cost-based processes.
  • 2Custom Approach. Being a key player in the European application infrastructure market, Artjoker designs custom software tools as per project requirements.

We develop blockchain solutions:

Cryptographic Blockchain
app for sending security information
Smart contracts, tokenization,
and authentication
Have communications and
distributed content secure
Saving resources and
developer man-hours

To get you deep dive into Blockchain apps development, we offer next services:

  • 1Strategic Consulting

    Artjoker Blockchain consultants will share their expertise to advise you the best-fit use case of Blockchain-based solution for your business.

  • 2Blockchain Application Development

    Blockchain Application Development services include building a proof of concept to launch successfully an MVP if the client has just an app idea, and distributing a full blockchain-based application for web or mobile based on existing product or business. Artjoker is dedicated to bring these revolutionary technologies to make the project data highly secure and safe.

  • 3Custom Blockchain Development

    If you require custom tailored approach to bringing your business up — here at Artjoker you will find professionals in blockchain development who are ready to validate your product idea, design prototype, and implement a blockchain as per your requirements.

Benefits of Developing Blockchain Applications in our Company

  • We are a team of professional blockchain developers for hire
  • Stellar choice if you are looking for a custom blockchain-based software development company, as we offer a long-term partnership and fruitful cooperation with our clients.
  • Artjoker's Blockchain development team has a technical background of how to build an app for online voting, sales deals signing, and crowdsourcing.
  • Do you have an idea needed implementing Blockchain technologies? Send it to us – we would love to hear it from you! Keep dreaming, keep inventing, and create with Artjoker.
Want to take your business to a new level?

Natalya Brinza

Project Manager