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Corda Blockchain Development

As a leading Corda development company, we successfully leverage the power of blockchain technology to help startups and enterprises solve business problems related to scalability, reliability, and privacy. We effectively use Corda blockchain to fully automate processes, secure data and reduce the cost of data storage. We employ the best blockchain engineers who have been providing customers with reliable, multifunctional and advanced Corda development services. Our Corda blockchain developing company strives to take your business to the next level, for this our blockchain developers use innovative technologies, and work according to well-defined and managed processes.

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When Required

Cross-Platform Banking Apps

Advanced Payment Apps

Multifunctional Mobile Apps

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Corda Blockchain Development Services

Our Corda blockchain consulting experts will answer all your questions related to product development. We will explain to you how Corda blockchain technology can benefit your corporate solution and what problems it will solve.

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As an advanced Corda blockchain development company, we meet the needs of enterprises to develop decentralized, cross-platform applications. Our experts make the best use of advanced Corda technologies and tools to effectively create multifunctional dApps.

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The experts at our studio develop the best smart contracts for businesses of all sizes. Our highly skilled team of Corda blockchain experts are focused on creating outstanding smart contracts that are customizable for any type of industry.

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By taking advantage of our top-notch token Corda blockchain development service, you will increase the efficiency of your business. Our highly skilled token developers with extensive experience in Corda blockchain technology will create your own token using various blockchain standards. Tokenomics development at our company is built on a proven business model that satisfies consistency and profitability.

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ARTJOKER has a team of top Corda blockchain experts who develop superior CorDapps for clients and increase their revenue. Our team of professional developers are focused on taking full advantage of Corda tools and components to outperform competitors in providing comprehensive Corda development services.

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Our Corda Blockchain Solutions


Cross-border Payments

As the undisputed leader in Corda blockchain, we provide businesses with distributed ledger technology to achieve high-speed and secure cross-border payments. Our global cross-border payment solutions support money transfers between users anywhere in the world.


Asset Management

Using our Corda asset management products, users can effectively manage their assets without worrying about their security. We ensure that the transaction history cannot be hacked and that it is securely stored.



The possibilities of using Corda for remittances are impressive and competitive. Our Corda blockchain experts develop transparent, multifunctional and reliable solutions that provide users with fast and secure transactions.


Global Trade

We recognize the power of blockchain technology on global remittances, so we are effectively helping businesses digitize, accelerate and secure international transactions. The financing Corda solutions we develop help customers reduce the risks inherent in global trade and simplify international transactions.


Payment and Money

We develop reliable payment solutions functioning as a peer-to-peer system, thus achieving fast transactions and economic benefits. Using all the advantages of Corda components, we achieve autonomous operation of the product and provide the possibility of micropayments.


Asset-backed Token

As an experienced team of blockchain developers, we offer customers the creation of Asset-Backed Tokens to provide transparent, fast and low-cost asset trading. Our Corda solutions have a global reach and provide businesses with new ways to raise funds.

Our Projects

NFT Fantasy
About the Project

For fantasy fans, we present a new multi-level, expandable NFT-based game.


The goal was to create a landing page that tells the story. The essence of the game is in the sphere of the NFT meta universe. Generative design was performed - drawing unique keys that can change their appearance depending on the parameters set in the key groove, drawing unique NFT illustrations, as well as layout.


Total development of the project took 321 hours. Of these, 69 hours were spent on the layout. The rest of the time was spent on rendering the unique design at various stages of the project.

  • UI
  • Graphic design
  • CSS
  • HTML
Crypto-literacy project
About the Project

A project in the field of blockchain, which is focused on teaching crypto-literacy to the population.


A people-based structure for creating, financing, and distributing global basic income. The main goal is to provide a basic standard of living and reduce wealth inequality by creating a universal basic income (UBI).

  • New protocols and smart contracts to deliver a “trickle-up” value structure;
  • Reverse of the conventional trickle-down approach to capital, credit, and interest-bearing money;
  • Digital asset that operates within the emerging ecosystem of decentralized and open finance;
  • Liquid and convertible to other cryptocurrencies;
  • Supporters who stake cryptocurrencies in decentralized third-party protocols.
  • React
  • TS
  • Redux Toolkit
  • Apollo
  • Web3
About the Project

Mobile app for securities trading.


he process of drawing up all the necessary documents, signing contracts with banks takes a lot of time, the application helps to facilitate this task, that all the documents you submit online and the partner company broker is already engaged in the necessary procedures.

  • Passing the user verification to be able to invest;
  • Displaying the bond catalog, as well as graphical analysis tools;
  • Possibility to study in the application in the University section.
  • ReactJS
  • Laravel
About the Project

Online lending system for maximum comfort in getting loans outside the bank.


The full website creation, testing and release took about 4,900 hours of work by specialists who developed the logo, corporate identity, prototype, UI, Frontend, Backend, designed the site, tested it and released it. The customer scoring system was also implemented and integration with payment gateways was done.

  • Quick registration;
  • Convenient identity verification;
  • Easy management of a loan;
  • Wide range of payment methods.
  • Node.js
  • React
  • MongoDB
  • React Native

Corda Blockchain Tools

Network Builder

Network Bootstrapper

Node Explorer

Checkpoint Tooling

Using Corda Blockchain, We Build


With Corda tools, our professional developers create secure and reliable premium blockchain wallets. Blockchain wallets developed by us provide users with uninterrupted and fast transactions.


Payment Apps

Our leading Corda blockchain company creates payment applications for secure peer-to-peer payments and immediate microtransactions. We help startups and businesses take advantage of blockchain for faster payment processing and reliable data accounting.


Mobile Applications

We have an experienced team of mobile blockchain application developers and designers who create scalable, business-focused solutions. Furthermore, we will develop a customized mobile app for you, with a user-friendly interface that will meet the needs of users.


As a leading Corda blockchain company, we offer a comprehensive NFT marketplace development solution to our clients. When developing marketplaces, our engineers use all the modern development tools to ensure the success of your NFT business.

Why choose ARTJOKER Company for Corda Blockchain Development?


Deep Expertise

With our in-depth experience and understanding of Corda blockchain technology, we develop feature-rich solutions tailored to the customer's corporate culture. We apply modern tools in development and deliver cutting-edge solutions for a wide variety of industries.


Top Talent

Our team consists of the best blockchain talents to help you create a successful multipurpose turnkey project. Our Corda blockchain development team includes analysts, designers, architects, programmers, and QA-engineers, so we can implement a project of any complexity.


Rapid Development

If you need to create a solution in the shortest possible time and ensure its security, our Corda blockchain company is ready to help you. Our experts take an agile approach to solution development and ensure a timely product release.


Complete Support

Given that the blockchain market is constantly being updated, technical support and maintenance is significant. Our team provides clients with constant checks of developed solutions and instantly eliminates any errors.

Customers Reviews

Steven Eichele CEO, 210 Tech LLC

We were looking for a company to develop an iOS & Android app. Our goal was to find the right company to build a relationship with, Artjoker exceeded our expectations.

100% professional and organized. From day 1, we have had weekly meetings, and two week scrums. We have used email and video calls to communicate, and google sheets to share project info. Every step has been documented by the project manager.

Their development knowledge and experience has been really great. I can't say enough about their professionalism, communication, and organization skills.

Malta Malta
Rasim Nadzhafov Chief Product & Technology Officer, TEN.gg

Communication was prompt, and the management and other team members responded quickly and directly to the point, helping us identify and estimate our needs.

When we encountered difficult technical or business moments during development, they quickly connected us with other specialists in the company, including top-level management such as the CEO and CTO, to help us as much as possible within a short time and free of charge. Although there were only a few such cases during different project phases, it worked amazingly!

Norway Norway
Thomas Lund Founder, Digital Learning Company

Management has been quick to respond and prioritize. If something critical happened, then the team immediately began working on a solution. We always knew that if a task had been given, then a task would be completed. Project manager was always accessible and quick to respond.

The breadth and width of skill within the company were impressive. Whether I needed a programmer, a designer, a business analyst, or other, Artjoker always had the needed skill in-house, and always delivered the highest quality.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Allen Gibson Head of Development, Digital Agency

Artjoker has been very adaptive to the job and has accommodated where the brief changed. They are attentive and considerate and deliver to a high standard and on time.

Ukraine Ukraine
Alexander Muradov Head of Ticket Sales Department at FC "Shakhtar",

ARTJOKER is a team of professionals, from the sales department to the development team. Together with the ARTJOKER, we have created a unique mobile application "Shakhtar Tickets", which is designed to sell tickets and enter the stadium using turnstiles.

The dynamics of sales shows that with each match more and more people buy tickets using a mobile application.

On my own behalf, I want to recommend Artjoker to other companies. Once again, this is a team of professionals.

Malta Malta
Elan Ressel CEO, MeetBee Ltd

We contracted ARTJOKER to help us design and develop our new company website.

We were very happy with the way that the project was managed. Their proficiency with English was of a very high level and it was easy to explain our requirements. Logistically, everything worked extremely well.

They were very communicative and proactive in how they worked with us and responded to our requests for changes. Ultimately, they helped us work within our budget, while also laying down a roadmap for future enhancements and development. We appreciated their can-do attitude and willingness to always go the extra mile to ensure we were satisfied. They are extremely responsive, extremely professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Kyrylo Krylov VP of Ukrainian Division, Logistic Company

We had data entry problems because we documented almost everything manually. In order to grow the business and add more people we hired this team to develop a custom solution for our needs.

We were able to launch the project earlier in its first stage than we expected. Artjoker's team performed so well, so there was no doubt that we need to continue our cooperation.

Israel Israel
Alexander S. Founder, Real Estate Platform

Deliverables were always on schedule, and if adjustment was needed the team was pretty fast to fix it. So everything planned was completed on time.

I'm very happy with the results, no complaints.

See case study
Sweden Sweden
Johan Wikström Co-Founder & CEO, Ungdomsappen

They’re very skilled in the technologies they use and excellent with UX.

We needed help with custom software development and mobile app development. We required the platform to be easy and understandable for the food industry because most of our customers were farmers or restaurant owners who weren’t tech-savvy. And now we’re making a profit.

Marcelo Barros Head of Development, SeedHunter

We're impressed with their great communication and sense of partnership, always willing to do better, being transparent and clear about all topics. The team's technical capacity is also a highlight.

Their dedicated project manager is a very valuable asset in the team as she connects both companies together, fills in the gaps and makes sure all agile-based best practices are being followed. Response time is always good, as has been the deliverables.

Prague, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
Mykhailo Nesterenko Product Owner, Finmedia s.r.o.

We are extremely pleased with the results of our collaboration with the IT company Artjoker within the scope of our latest project. From the beginning of the project, the Artjoker team demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and was ready to offer creative and innovative solutions.

Thanks to their skillful communication, we were able to efficiently coordinate all stages of work and agree on the expected results. Their enthusiasm and passion for technology were evident at every stage of the project, allowing us to achieve better results.

Upon completing the project, we received a high-quality and stable product that fully meets our needs and complies with modern market standards. Our experience working with Artjoker enabled us to launch a new business and ensure reliable support in the future. Additionally, Artjoker imparts knowledge to our employees, allowing us to prepare our in-house team and integrate them more quickly into real tasks.

Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
Yulia Evtushenko СОО, Globus

We are working with ARTJOKER to create a new mobile app for the retail chain. The first stage of the project has been completed and the release of the first version of the application for our customers has already been made. I would like to note the professionalism of the team at all stages of development, and the high speed of response to requests. Despite the 4-hour time difference, all the issues were resolved promptly and communications were maintained at a high level.

We are going to develop the application, add new features and continue working with the guys from ARTJOKER. Thank you for the first results, there will be more to come!

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