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If you are just taking your first steps in e-commerce or want a small and profitable online store, the Shopify eCommerce platform is the right solution. It is considered a beautiful and convenient CMS (content management system), with which it is easy both to start an online business and to improve an already successful offline project. Below you can see examples of great Shopify online stores.

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Steps to Create a Shopify Store

Register on Shopify.

Creating a custom Shopify store is not hard. First, when you sign up, you automatically activate the free 14-day plan that Shopify offers sellers before they deploy their full-fledged business - a preparation period of sorts. This should be enough time to Shopify store website development that's ready to launch and start selling.

Add a product.

After registration you will get into the admin panel of the store and you can start filling it with goods. All ecommerce Shopify websites need a lot of products.

Create a store website

Shopify offers a large number of templates and solutions for your website storefront design - more than 100 paid and free themes that are adapted to mobile devices. To choose, click Online Store, then Themes on the left side of the admin panel. You can easily create shops on Shopify.

Select additional applications

Shopify has a store of apps that are needed to supplement the functionality of users' online stores, make it easier for merchants to perform daily tasks, and help them grow and scale their businesses. They can be used, for example, to create loyalty programs, integrate accounting software, optimize the site, get analytics, set up promotions, and more. Shopify has more than 4,200 free and paid apps.

Set up delivery

To set up shipping, go to Settings and click Shipping and delivery. In this section you will be able to create zones and define the shipping cost to each of them. Shopify makes it very easy to set up shipping options based on the price of your order and its weight. You can also add free shipping and zones for international shipping. Our Shopify ecommerce development agency will easily set up delivery for your site.

Set up payment methods

Create an online store with Shopify and set up payments. If you need development ecommerce stores on Shopify in USA, experts from our agency is ready to assist you. Shopify allows merchants to connect different payment methods - credit card, cryptocurrency or manual payments. To set them up, go to Settings and select Payments.

Set up your sales channels

Shopify allows you to add additional online distribution channels to your site - you can sell products through Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Google Shopping, as well as place products on marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress. To select the right ones for you, click Sales channels on the left side of the administrative panel. Our Shopify ecommerce websites development company is ready to help you with setting up.

Benefits of Shopify Store Development

Gift coupons, promo codes and discounts

Build a Shopify ecommerce store, send out promo codes, hold a "discount party", encourage loyal customers with gift coupons, it won't go unnoticed and will have a positive effect on sales.


Any business needs to be in control. Shopify will provide a comprehensive report on sales, taxation, visitor and customer behavior on the site and even help with inventory. All business information in a few clicks!


Be an individual - don't miss out on the opportunity to start a blog that will help build communication with your customers and customize it. Remember, a good content strategy works wonders with conversions, so think more about your brand and products when you are doing ecommerce software development. And, of course, don't forget about the usefulness!


An additional advantage in choosing this platform is the ability to create a mobile app. Customers will be able to make a purchase faster, and you'll be able to attract mobile traffic to your resource. Remember, this is a trend with great potential, which can increase your profits in the first month after launch.

Unlimited hosting
Wide range of free add-ons, modern builder service
Interaction with 70 payment systems
Support for an active developer community

Shopify Ecommerce Features

  • You can get more information about your customers, their purchase and browsing history. This will help you to anticipate their interests. Also, buyers love discounts, promo codes and coupons. Our company will help you to create a new simple store in Shopify.
  • It's convenient to build an ecommerce website with Shopify in this system, and it has a positive effect on sales. It's convenient to keep your business under control - Shopify will provide a comprehensive report on sales, taxation, visitor and customer behavior on the site. You can even take inventory with it. There's also the option to create a blog! Good content works wonders. A blog will help reveal your brand personality and help increase customer loyalty.
  • An additional advantage is the ability to create a mobile app. This will help attract more traffic to your resource.

Why to Choose ARTJOKER Shopify Development Company?

  • If you need Shopify ecommerce website development services, the ARTJOKER team is ready to create a new Shopify store for a client.

  • We provide you with a complete online store on time, which will meet all the requirements of modern web design, as well as solve the problems of your business.

  • Fill in the brief, and we will name a price, and in 45 days will make a Shopify online store website.

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