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Our Laravel Web Development company in USA knows how to build multifunctional and reliable websites. Laravel is a popular and extremely convenient php-framework for creating web resources. It helps create projects of different levels of complexity with expressive and structured code and logical architecture. Laravel is maintained and dynamically developed. Despite its young age (its first launch was in 2011) it has managed to form an impressive ecosystem and is considered one of the best frameworks. ARTJOKER is ready to provide you with outsource Laravel development services in USA.

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Laravel Development Services ARTJOKER offers are:

Steps to Create a Laravel Website


The main task when creating a site - setting goals and objectives of the resource, based on this is set terms of reference. Our Laravel web development agency will set all the necessary goals and objectives.


Development of the environment for the needs of a particular project. On Laravel resource architecture is developed on the logic of "from the primary to the secondary", that is a hierarchy.


Then comes software development, writing code, setting up and filling databases (Laravel sites use Eloquent object-relational mapping system to work with databases). At this stage, all the necessary work is done to create a resource management system. Next step, to build a website with Laravel, is creating a design and its combination with functionality. Then we fill the resource with content and place the site on a hosting site, the output in the world.


After creating an online store using Laravel, we advise the client on further promotion. We connect our Internet marketers, set up SEO, contextual advertising solutions and social networks. We also provide ongoing technical site support with specialists of Laravel service.


Extensive functionality

This framework helps create projects of any level of complexity: both simple sites and multi-level resources.


Simplicity of the admin panel

Websites built with Laravel have a wide range of options for changing the admin panel, you can choose the most comfortable option for managing the site.


Support for different versions of the resource

Extremely convenient for developers because it is possible to test changes, updates to the site on an additional version, without prejudice to the main.


Database protection

You can be safe for your site's database when you choose to create a website with Laravel, because Laravel has strong protection against XSS, CSRF and SQL injection.


Regular updates

Innovations in PHP and general website trends are taken into account in every new version and update of the Laravel source code.



If you want to build a website with Laravel, you should know that this is not a formal opportunity to follow the latest trends, but an active communication within the community to address issues and share experiences and opinions.


Ability to scale the site

A mobile database, comfortable administration of different versions allows you to roll back new ones without damage to the resource and without fear of critical errors. This is a serious advantage, especially if you run your own business on the Internet. Then the Laravel online store will be a very good solution for you.

Features List of Laravel Website


One important service, out of all outsource Laravel web application development services, is authentication. Users can be authenticated through forms as well as through social networks thanks to OAuth mechanisms.

Increased productivity. Caching

By default, file system level caching is enabled. But you can change this behavior and use non-SQL databases: REDIS, Memcache or APC. They store data in the form of pairs of "key-value" and do it in RAM server.

Database migrations

Our Laravel website development company can easily change the database structure and roll back changes in case of an error. This is especially useful in group development, when all participants in the process can update the local database with the new structure. Also, databases can be populated with test data.

Unit Tests

When developing projects of medium and high complexity, manual testing takes a lot of time. Each new feature is potentially fraught with bugs in the most unexpected places.

Why to Choose ARTJOKER Laravel Development Company?

  • Our Laravel development team knows that Laravel logic is as natural as possible, using it to build a high-level architecture and write clear, structured code. For example, an online store on Laravel 5 will be convenient for both the owner and the visitors, whom a good site often turns into customers. Check examples of Laravel websites in our portfolio to make sure we do everything properly.
  • Our Laravel web application development company creates high-quality projects in this framework, from which they extract maximum benefit and approach technical issues without unnecessary formalities and delays, thanks to their extensive experience with Laravel and knowledge of its structure and functionality.

  • The experienced and professional specialists at ARTJOKER agency can provide you with custom Laravel website development services.

  • The advantages of Laravel for website development are simplicity, this framework allows you not to complicate the structure of the site.

  • Order a small website, blog, application or online store on Laravel in ARTJOKER company and our Laravel developers will create a highly effective business tool for you, that will be useful and easy to manage!

  • It is also worth noting that all websites made with Laravel by our company are renowned for their high quality and protection.

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