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Did you know that 24% of the sites on the Internet are made with WordPress? This engine has earned such popularity for a simple reason: WordPress sites are easy to understand even for beginners. As a bonus - free installation and active support from the developers - "happy engineers" who are ready to promptly answer any user question. Our studio has been creating WordPress websites for clients for many years and has extensive experience.

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WordPress Development Services ARTJOKER offers are:


Effective website creation

Website creation on WordPress is convenient and effective if you entrust the work to professionals. ARTJOKER is ready to provide you with professional WordPress website development services.


WordPress Migration and Maintenance Service

If you're not satisfied with your current hosting arrangements, or you're not getting the support you need, or for any other reason where you're not satisfied with your hosting, you may want to consider migrating your WordPress site to a new hosting company. By choosing our custom WordPress website development company in USA, the migration of your site to a new hosting company will be easy and seamless. We can perform your WordPress migration efficiently and quickly, without any "downtime" for your site.


WordPress CMS Installation & Configuration

First of all, you need to install the CMS on your system. To do this, you need to have a little technical knowledge. You need to know all the versions of the platform and choose the right one for your needs. We will install the right version of WordPress with all the necessary features to make a simple site. We do all the work for you. We will choose the right theme for your site, or create it from scratch. Once the site is installed and set up, our WordPress software development team will put in a theme, too, to ensure a positive user experience.


WordPress eCommerce Development

Over the years in WordPress eCommerce, there has been a big evolution, many new technologies have been created and added, and the industry is not standing still. Our digital agency with years of WordPress experience can help you select and develop the most effective solutions for your case. After receiving the task, our specialists are ready to set the cost to build a WordPress website for a client.


WordPress Marketplace

To create a WordPress marketplace, you need to have technical knowledge. A novice user will not be able to figure out all the intricacies of a marketplace. The hardest thing in this direction is compliance with regulatory requirements. Web application development without third-party assistance makes sense only to people who are already familiar with the environment of e-commerce and are aware of the regulatory and legal aspects. In all other cases, it is better to entrust this business to a professional team of developers like ours.

Steps to Create a Website on WordPress


To build a professional website with WordPress from scratch on your own, you will need time and a minimum of knowledge of PHP, or you can hire a professional WordPress development service provider. First, register hosting and get a domain, which will be the "name" of your site on the Internet. Then proceed directly to the development and promotion. Need help? Contact us and we will provide you with custom WordPress web development services. Any site is first of all a preliminary discussion and strategy development. At this stage, you list what you want to get from the resource and how you see it in the future. The website is a tool to help you achieve your business goals. You are required to understand the weaknesses of your project, and we will suggest how to make the most effective.

Execution of the ToR

When all the arrangements have passed the stage of approval and are fixed on paper, you can get down to work. Our team will offer a site map, design page layouts, as well as text content. Creating a website with WordPress offers a number of advantages, including a set of free and paid themes with additional effects (animation, flash presentation, active sliders, etc.). If you want to build a website on WordPress, do not forget that even a bright and consistent theme with all current themes can be informative and will not resonate with the user. How can you avoid this? Conduct a regular usability audit in turn, for your resource our outsourcing WordPress website development agency in USA is ready to provide a specialist.


Pre-testing of the site is an important stage, which allows you to quickly detect and correct all the flaws. Only after comprehensive monitoring your resource will be available to visitors and customers. Do not doubt, your customer will love it! 45 days for this period we guarantee a fully functional and adaptive website, and you can count on technical support and consulting for a month.


If the main purpose of your resource is to sell, then use the power of WordPress! Our developers are know how to create a professional website with WordPress, they will set up the necessary additions to improve the functionality of your site (search engine optimization, integration with social networks, easy to navigate on the site, set up an online store, etc.) and create a WordPress website for a client. Additionally, the strategy of promotion in the network will be developed, contextual and media advertising and other necessary resources for your project will be used.

Benefits of WordPress Website Development


WordPress is the most convenient CMS for creating your own website, blog, news portal. WordPress based sites are high quality and reliable. The main advantage of this platform - free version with full, advanced functionality and all the features for full operation. If you want to create a custom website in WordPress, ARTJOKER is ready to help you!


Most of the additional extensions are free. To download and install the desired plugin, the user only needs to use the convenient search that is built into WordPress, in the control panel. If you want to know about WordPress pricing, you should know that it is free to use.


You can add content using a visual editor. For the design of SEO texts, you will need to additionally install free plugins. Our custom WordPress development firm in USA is ready to assist you with this.


Creation and development of websites in WordPress has a number of advantages, which, with few exceptions, can offer alternative CMS. You will be able to fully control the work of your resource anFree integration with the domain or existing site;d embody with it the most ambitious ideas - we will help you in this!


Free integration with the domain or existing site;


Open source;


Possibility of development towards a blog and/or online store;


Regular design updates;


Cost to develop a WordPress website is lower than the average price on other platforms;


Prompt support from the development team.

Features List of WordPress Website

  • WordPress - a completely free platform, it is because of this factor, it has found such great success and popularity in many countries around the world. With this platform, you can easily run a personal blog, news site and even video hosting with open access. If you want to build a website in WordPress, you should know that pros and cons will largely depend on the desired results, which the administrator wants to get from a completely free CMS. ARTJOKER is ready to make a custom WordPress website for clients.

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  • Let's move on to the most interesting part - the reasons why designing and building a site on WordPress is considered the best option for many sites. When building a WordPress website for a client, we are talking, of course, about plugins, which significantly expand the range of features of CMS WP. Do not ignore them and get a selling platform for your business.

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  • SEO optimization;

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  • Integration with the email service Mailchimp;

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  • Multilingual version of the site;

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  • Visual content management;

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  • Creation of an online store based on the site.

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Why to Choose ARTJOKER WordPress Development Company?

By choosing our outsource WordPress web development company, you get:
  • Dedicated team for the project of 5 people;

  • Ready site from 7 to 30 days;

  • Solution of the tasks assigned to the web project;

  • Cost of outsourcing WordPress development service is affordable;

  • Further development of the site and your business.

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