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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

10 Startup Advice From Friends

There are probably no such man who hasn’t ever heard about “Friends”. This comedy series has brought TV shows to a new level – now, not only grannies watch soap operas but also well-educated young adults that will rule the world in a few decades.

In this article, I gathered 10 motivating pieces of advice for startup beginners as well as for the experienced ones, which were given to us by Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler.

Spoilers alert!

1 Follow your dream

In general, this phrase could be made the slogan of the whole series, because each of "Friends" somehow personifies it. Let us recall, for example, how diligently all of the guys climbed the career ladder. Yes, they do not always get it - it may happen because of an affair with the client (Phoebe and the incident in the massage parlor), or of almost bribery (the first in the series at Monica’s job), or one can also be politely asked to go on a vacation in order to "calm the nerves" (Ross and his sandwich).

To succeed in startups, as in any other business, you need an incredible amount of motivation and willpower. Before you start your business you should understand that many obstacles and failures are waiting ahead, but the most important thing is to remain resolute and keep the cherished goal in mind.

2 Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Of course, you want to be the only creator of your product and at the same time get all the glory, but this is not a great decision to make. So do not be afraid to ask for help, just as “Friends” do. If you do not have enough money, contact your relatives. And in case you become more successful, reward them with appreciation, or even better with a percentage of the shares.

A great variant is to start your startup together with a friend who is a professional in his job. Let's recall, for example, Monica and Phoebe, who, in the 4th season, decided to open a small startup for catering services, which, by the way, was pretty successful (until when Monica got a job). Because Monica is a professional chef and she was not afraid to ask Phoebe for help, their business became profitable.

3 Get over your head

You need to try as hard as you can to get what you want. Of course, our characters fail a lot but they work a lot, being obsessed with what they are doing. We all need to learn Joye’s and Rachel’s enthusiasm that allows him to go on hundreds of auditions and her work in the fashion industry and eventually they succeeded due to their too-optimistic goals.

But do not overdo it, because you can suddenly become a perfectionist like Monica, who forgot that there is nothing perfect in our world.

4 Never give up

There is even no reason to explain why you should follow this phrase when you open a startup. Just do not give up. Do not even think about it.

Here, all the "Friends" can be an example. Each of them had moments where they could have naturally given up and leave things as they are, but they did not. Ross - did everything to continue his professorship at the New York University, and even came to pairs on rollers. Monica was also not shy about the rollers (although she hated them) when she worked in a 50's cafe because she knew that if she surrendered, she would not respect herself. Phoebe changed her profession almost as often as her hair, but in everything, she tried to achieve maximum perfection. Joey - generally a record holder because he so many times "did not give up." I had already lost count of instances like that in the first season. Well, Rachel and Chandler, having changed profession did their best to catch up.

5 Burn with enthusiasm and don’t be afraid of changes

Do you remember that crucial 10th episode of the 9th season, where Chandler, going to Tulsa for a hated job, asks rhetorically, "Who does love to work at all?" And all his friends respond that they adore their jobs. In the same episode, he quits from the hardly remembered position of a static analyst, and later finds his happiness in the field of advertising. What is the moral of this story? To do something really good, to succeed in your business, you need to love this, you need to "burn" with enthusiasm about it, giving yourself completely and with pleasure.

6 Hold to your opinion and seek the truth

While developing a startup, it may happen that your project will please investors, but they will ask you to change something...something that you really like and it is dear to your heart. In this case, it is okay, at first, to soberly assess the situation. Ask for help from relatives, as was repeatedly done by the characters of "Friends." For example, when Phoebe did not know whether she should seek real parents, her friends not only advised her to listen to her heart, but also promised to support any decision she makes. And if in the end you decide that you do not like these changes at all, look for other investors, but do not betray yourself. Remember that if Rachel Greene, who was spoiled by her dad, managed to abandon the American dream because it was not what she wanted, you will certainly succeed.

7 Do not copy blindly

The worst thing that can happen to your startup is plagiarism. The very definition of a startup implies something innovative: either something that has not existed before or you skillfully reworked the old one. Maybe it's not stupid to imitate Mark Zuckerberg by trying to create a second Facebook, because Durov succeeded. But remember how ridiculous Chandler and Joey looked when they copied Richard by growing a mustache and began to smoke cigar. That's just how silly you will look, even worse, because there are copyrights and patents that will not allow you to just copy and live a happy life.

8 Be creative

In contrast to the previous point, I want to tell you - stand out! Have you invented something completely new? A glass with auto-cooling, a new generation juicer? Excellent! You have set foot on the path of the creative by Phoebe Buffay. A lot of falls and achievements are waiting ahead, like selling your own song about Smelly cat or criticizing the unique names of chords. But you should look at the 4th point and come up with a bandage for lucid dreams or a flash drive with unlimited memory or something. The main point is, do not stop, but create create and create!

9 Trust but verify

The episode in which Monica instructed Rachel to bake a dessert for Thanksgiving is an excellent example of this point. Rachel tried very hard, but what can you do when the pages were stuck together and instead of a tasty fruit cake with cream, a strange hybrid of the first, second and sweet dishes turned out. Therefore, when you decide to ask for help from a non-professional, it is better to check once again how things are going with him and whether everything is in order.

10 Properly dispose off what you are given

Here, we can talk about everything - about the time that you have, whichyou cannot spend on useless things, except on things that can only help you create a startup, about the opportunities that arise when your startup is launched, which we'll help you gain popularity and about the money you've earned or received from investors.

Appreciate everything you have, work hard, and you will succeed just like it turned out for "Friends", and Artjoker will always help you turn your ideas into excellent results!

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