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Best Blockchain Developer Courses for Beginners

Alexander Prokopiev
Alexander Prokopiev CEO of ARTJOKER
6 min read

Today's world of uncertainty and growing inflation leaves a narrowing chance to invest time and money reliably. What is worth your effort? Hardly anybody dares to define it confidently. However, a domain investing in which is always beneficial exists: education. New skills never let you down. Fortunately, the present age of digital communication provides remote access to learning. Hence, the question is about possessing knowledge that will be around for a while. Blockchain application development is one among others.

Blockchain remains pretty young compared to other software development techs. And that's great since its bright future is still ahead. At the same time, finding the best blockchain developer courses online is a challenging task due to the relative infancy of the industry. We have collected the Top 5 blockchain courses for developers in the present article. Thus, everyone who is going to become a blockchain developer can individually choose the best course of blockchain development.

Udacity Nanodegree Program

Almost all major online educational platforms offer blockchain courses for developers. Udacity is no exception. Its 4-month blockchain development training program costs $1436 if paid upfront. It sounds expensive unless you expect no ROI for such an investment. But both Udacity and numerous existing students consider the program affordable and worth paying for. The program is run by a pool of professional instructors who look persuasive with their bachelor's degrees in computer science, entrepreneurial experience in crypto projects, and expertise in building various Dapps.

What makes Udacity Nanodegree one of the best blockchain development courses is its focus on continuous individual mentorship for every student. About 1400 technical experts are available to respond to any question you may have. Besides, personalized feedback promises tips on the best industry practices shared by blockchain professionals. Udacity emphasizes customized services making your learning journey successful at every step. Another motivating factor in getting into the program is its career support service with GitHub reviews and Linkedin profile optimization.

Best Blockchain Developer Courses for Beginners

What does this blockchain development course deliver to students? The 4-month curriculum implies learning blockchain fundamentals to build your own decentralized apps. It includes:

  • Learning how the blockchain model works to architect your private blockchain with Node.js and Leveldb.
  • Learning how to create smart contracts with the Ethereum network for building decentralized apps with your own tokens, including NFTs.
  • Learning advanced blockchain concepts to provide secure product ownership, transferring, and supply chain management.
  • Learning how to create complex Dapps with multiple smart contracts triggered by external events on delayed scenarios.

Does the program correspond to the best blockchain development courses for beginners? It seemingly does, despite a list of recommended skills you should have before enrollment. They include basic knowledge of object-oriented programming, experience in developing web apps with Javascript, and the ability to build a server to consume data from a remote API. The program expects beginners in blockchain, not in computer science, therefore. However, for those who need better preparation, Udacity offers various courses on programming, Javascript, and full-stack development.

Blockchain Specialization by Coursera Plus

This candidate for the best blockchain development course belongs to another world-famous educational platform Coursera. At the moment of writing this article, more than 92 thousand students were enrolled in the program. Since the program implies a flexible schedule, you need from 4 to 6 months on average to complete. A 7-day free trial period is available. The University of Buffalo and the State University of New York represent this Specialization.

Best Blockchain Developer Courses for Beginners - 1

The program consists of the following four courses:

  • Blockchain Basics. The essential concepts of blockchain, including Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols, form the basis for developing Dapps. The course provides knowledge on creating nodes on the Ethereum blockchain, mining, making accounts, transferring Ethers, checking balances, etc. Students learn hashing and cryptography algorithms along with validation and consensus models by working on a specially created virtual machine to build and operate an Ethereum test chain.
  • Smart Contracts. The second blockchain course for developers implies learning to design, code, deploy, and execute smart contracts as computational elements of user-defined operations of arbitrary complexity. The course offers the best practices for developing smart contracts in Solidity in the Remix IDE.
  • Decentralized Applications. The course prepares students to develop P2P Dapps using Truffle IDE, smart contracts, and the MetaMask client. It covers the basic design of Dapps, Truffle process and commands, test-driven development, application models, and emerging standards.
  • Blockchain Platforms. Learning the blockchain ecosystem with its privacy and scalability challenges. Comparing permissioned blockchains like Hyperledger and Microsoft Azure with decentralized platforms such as Augur and Grid+. Familiarization with alternative models such as Hashgraph and IPFS.

The Specialization rightfully belongs to the best blockchain development courses due to its flexibility: you may choose any single course from the four ones randomly. All courses are delivered through videos, demos, and hands-on exercises. A shareable completion certificate is available but not compulsory. Students may apply for financial aid if the enrollment fee is not affordable. However, the entire content of the program is available for free to view and audit.

Can we call the program the best free blockchain developer course for beginners? It depends since the program requires particular background knowledge. Students should understand object-oriented programming and know how to operate the command line interface of Linux-based systems. Basic skills in web applications, HTML, and javascript are necessary as well.

Blockchain Fundamentals by Pluralsight

Yet another global learning platform that offers free online blockchain app development courses is Pluralsight. Its Blockchain Fundamentals, provided by Jan-Erik Sandberg (the famous programming coach and CTO at Blue Robot), is one of the most concise online courses to learn blockchain development. It consists of several videos with a total playtime of about 137 minutes. Unlike the previous two programs, this course requires no specific background knowledge from students. A general understanding of IT and information security is enough to attend.

Best Blockchain Developer Courses for Beginners - 2

What can such a brief program deliver to students? As it comes from its title, the program covers blockchain fundamentals: basic concepts along with introductions to Ethereum, Dapps, and smart contracts. Besides, the course helps set up the development environment to create a sample decentralized application. Completing the sample Dapp, students step on the path to their own smart contracts and distributed applications.

Blockchain A-Z by Udemy

We continue observing the best online blockchain app development courses with another global platform Udemy. What the course offers is clear from its long title: Blockchain A-Z: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain. It costs $109.99 with full lifetime access. Udemy ranks the course as a bestseller with more than 108 thousand students. The content includes 14.5 hours of video and 14 articles. The certificate of completion is available. Udemy states that big-business companies such as Nasdaq, Volkswagen, and some others suggest the course to their employees.

Best Blockchain Developer Courses for Beginners - 3

Almost anyone can become a blockchain developer with the course since the required background knowledge implies high-school math and Python basics only. The course consists of three quite expectable "how-to" modules:

  • How to build a blockchain,
  • How to create a cryptocurrency,
  • How to create a smart contract.

But unlike other courses from our review, the present one emphasizes its learning methodologies and approaches. Such a feature helps it stand out as deserving to be the best online course to learn blockchain development. Some of the approaches sound really persuasive:

  • Focusing on doing, not just listening, when the logical flow stays behind every single line of code;
  • Driving to intuitive understanding when students develop the right tech instinct to feel the way of applying blockchain to real-world applications;
  • Delivering real-world impact when students become capable of utilizing the acquired skills for anything blockchain-related.

Another distinctive feature of the course is that Udemy offers a package of three interrelated courses: the present one plus "Build a Blockchain and a Cryptocurrency From Scratch" ($84.99) and "Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer's Guide" ($84.99). Such a commercial gumption of Udemy allows students to face no limit in choosing the blockchain development courses available on the platform. At least six other best courses for blockchain developers are advertised along the way for $84.99 each..

BerkeleyX's Blockchain Fundamentals

Berkeley University of California hardly needs any introduction. The Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate Program is developed by Berkeley's department of computer science. This is one of the best blockchain developer courses online available on the edX platform. Its price of $178.20 for three months (3-5 hours per week) seems average compared to the competing courses available in our list.

Best Blockchain Developer Courses for Beginners - 4

The program's authors consider the entry barrier is high in the blockchain industry. The program aims at overcoming such a barrier, therefore. At the same time, the program is accessible to anyone with any background, as is stated. A person planning to become a blockchain developer, crypto trader, data analyst, researcher, or consultant can get to the next career move with the program. Thinking of blockchain systems requires a specific intuition, and the program promises to deliver the one to students.

The program is divided into two 6-week courses:

  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. It covers both technical aspects of blockchain (cryptographic hash functions, Bitcoin Script, privacy, etc.) and non-technical ones (roots of the Cryptopunk movement and Libertarian ideals). Practical applications of Bitcoin, including wallets, mining, network attacks, and malicious mining software, are available, along with a brief look at Ethereum development.
  • Blockchain Technology. This blockchain course for developers provides a deep dive into alternative consensus mechanisms such as proof-of-stake. Students learn fundamental applications of Bitcoin and explore enterprise blockchains such as JP Morgan's Quorum, Ripple, Tendermint, and HyperLedger. Governmental regulations of blockchain and various blockchain ventures take place in the course as well.

The program goes under the guidance of three prominent blockchain instructors from the University of California, Berkeley.


TechCrunch claims that the second fastest-growing demand on the labor market belongs to blockchain-related jobs: 14 open positions for every blockchain developer. Forbes indicates $158 000 as the average salary of blockchain specialists in Silicon Valley. Hence, blockchain application development corresponds to highly profitable occupations as little else does nowadays.

Besides reading the best blockchain developer books, a few ways exist to approach the blockchain software development sector. Completing blockchain developer courses online is one of them. We provide the best blockchain developer courses for beginners in the present article to facilitate the choice for everyone interested. At the same time, we realize that such a format can hardly cover the subject completely. The best option is to get in touch with blockchain professionals directly for advice and support. Artjoker is always at your disposal for whatever you may wonder about blockchain.

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