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Best Tools for Android Development and Design


Best Tools for Android Development and Design

Considerable advantage of the Android software development kit is a powerful set of tools that helps developers with designing, building, testing, debugging and publishing definitely quality Android applications on marketplaces. Today we are going to discuss 10 best tools for android development, you should use to be sure in excellence of the app you are creating.

What tools do each Android developer need for creating a high-quality client?

1 Eclipse w/ADT

Android developers consider Eclipse more than just Java development environment. It is the best platform for android development and not only because it is free. Strong integration of the Android tools is achieved with Eclipse with the help of ADT plug-in. You can easily download this plug-in from the Android website.

2 The SDK and AVD manager

This tool helps implement a number of important functions. For example, it manages not only the different versions of the Android SDKs, but also third-party add-ons, tools, devices drivers and even documentation. One more important function of this manager is to deal with Android Virtual Device configurations that are used to set up emulator instances.

3 Android Debug Bridge

This, one of the tools for android application development, manager answers the connection of other tools with emulator or device. Besides playing a critical role for the other tools ability to function, it can be used from the command line to upload and download files, install or uninstall packages, access other features on device or emulator.

android debug bridge

4 Dalvig Debug Monitor Server (DDMS)

DDMS is accessed as though it's a standalone application and has the same named Eclipse perspective, is rather handy for inspecting bugs, and is compatible with emulators and devices. One of the frontmost android development platforms, manager is also useful for inspecting running processes, exploring the file system, gathering information and even taking a screenshots. If you interact DDMS with an emulator you can also initiate sending SMS messages and accepting incoming phone calls.

5 The Android Emulator and Real Devices

If you start to develop an application be ready to test it on the devices, it is going to run on. If such devices are not close at hand, use Android Emulator, best android app development software, in conjunction with AVDs to simulate them. Take into consideration that even the most powerful emulator cannot imitate idiosyncrasies of individual devices. That's why create a solid test plan that includes workflow steps both on Emulator and real devices.

6 LogCat

Such an entertaining name has the Android logging system, and it gathers useful diagnostic information about events on the project. Developers think, this best software for android app development is handy to enable applications to log debugging and diagnostic information. It is as easy as a printf()statement.

7 The Hierarchy Viewer

This tool is good for seeing how layouts and screens resolve at runtime. To diagnose possible layout problems you will have graphical representation of your layout and hierarchy view of the application. Use it to analyze both standalone apps and relatively new Eclipse perspectives.

8 Draw 9-Patch

From all android software development tools, this one is handy for graphic designers. Not every traditional PNG graphic file can be used in mobile development, you can convert it into stretchable graphics that the more efficient for apps. The creation of NinePatch files becomes simple in an environment that instantly displays the results.

9 The Monkey Test Tools

These simple android development tools, the Monkey exerciser and the Monkey runner, are necessary for automation of application testing. The first one sends notifications to your application to lay stress on testing purposes. Another is scripting library for automating testing and checking of the results by screenshots using Python scripts.

10 ProGuard

One of the most necessary android mobile application development and design tools, ProGuard helps developers protect their intellectual property after publicating an app on the marketplace. ProGuard tool is about obfuscating binary code to make it difficult to redesign. That's why it has become a part of the typical Android build process. Also use it to optimize the size of the resulting binary, reduce the overall package size and speed delivery to app users.


The Android SDK is handy by its shipping with various development tools. In spite of many tools that are used only in special development cases, top android development tools we have already talked about function on every project. Make sure that versions of tools you have installed are updated to their last versions.

Remember that your best resource in learning how to develop Android apps is The Android Developer website. Follow SDK updates, documentation, tutorials and technical articles about latest Android news – never stop supporting your knowledge!

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