How much does it cost to create a taxi app like Uber?

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Do you remember the last time you used a traditional cab? Probably not. Neither do I. Today, with my smartphone in hand, I opened the app, read reviews about the cab driver and the service in general, determined how much the trip will cost and looked at my travel history. Over the past few years, the development of mobile apps has changed our perception of the cab service. So if you are a driver of traditional cab businesses, I have bad news for you - the world has changed forever.

That said, if you're a businessman who hasn't yet decided which niche to choose, this situation is good for you. So it's time to think about the cab business and find out how much it costs to create an app like Uber. Launching a cab booking service with automatic and manual dispatch and even providing business rides opens up great opportunities. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Let's talk about how much it costs to develop a cab app, what types of services are the most popular, and then find out the features of Uber apps and discuss the features you need to include in a highly rated cab app.

How much does it cost to create an Uber-like app? Solutions and features that will fit your business exactly

The general timeline for developing the simplest version of an application, such as Uber in Artjoker, is as follows:

  1. iOS version - approximately 142-168 hours
  2. Android version - approximately 142-168 hours
  3. Web development (server side) - about 84-108 hours

We can conclude that the total time is 368-444 hours, including the planning, development, MVP development and testing processes.

The infographic tells you how much it costs to build a cab app like Uber and how to get the most out of your investment in automating and transforming your business.

How much does it cost to create a taxi app like Uber?

Cab booking app as part of the business

This type of app is ideal for existing cab businesses. Creating a mobile service is a useful extension of any business, large or small.

With an app, it's much more convenient to book rides for customers and expand the base for the taxi company. In addition, such a corporate app makes life easier for drivers - they are no longer annoyed by calls from service managers, they just see notifications and pop-up messages.

Of course, such an app needs server software that will handle requests for rides and outgoings so that cabs arrive at the customer as soon as possible.

The good thing about such a business is that you don't need any additional hardware. All you need to run your cab business is a smartphone and a computer with Internet access.

How do you create an app like Uber?

Another way to run a cab business is to give drivers the solution that Uber uses - you may not have any cars at all, but you can enter the market.

A simple solution for cab booking business

You need a service that provides its users with a list of existing cab companies, as well as the current cost per trip and the ability to hail a cab through the app. The solution requires no server software, but you have to track the app's information with the cab services to update any price changes.

Another solution is similar to Uber. You need to hire developers, which is much more complicated than the previous option, but the additional features will expand your target audience.

How to come to success: the algorithm

  1. Find a team of application specialists for backend and frontend development, since an Uber-like application will need a server.
  2. The next step is to partner with existing cab companies or individual drivers.
  3. Develop an app with two interfaces - one for users and one for drivers.

How would such an application work?

The service uses GPS data, the server uses it to check where the user who ordered the cab is, and then notifies the nearest driver of the order.

As we can see, in order to implement the second option, mobile developers are needed. But if you want to get the same great results as Uber, the game is worth the candle.

What to consider when developing an Uber-like app?

Before you start building a mobile cab booking app, you have to think about more than just the technology you need to implement. The first thing to consider is the benefits that the app's customers and drivers can get. Uber is customer-centric - an Uber driver will pick up the user from any location and take them to any location, respectively. Do you want the same? For that make your app convenient, reliable and professional.

Once you have decided on the concept of the app, think about the features that can attract your target users.

What makes the Uber-like app so convenient, reliable and professional?

You may need the help of an experienced cab app development company to turn all your ideas into a great result. Once you've chosen a company/contractor, discuss developing the following features:

1 — Registration

Registration of cab drivers should be easy and transparent: download the application - enter data, wait for the administrator's approval.

2 — Location tracking and built-in maps

Even if you're not currently using the app, the GPS still works. This way, Uber tracks your location to find the nearest driver as quickly as possible once you order a cab. When integrating this feature into your app, be sure to ask users for permission to share their location data.

If your cab app is only a local product, you don't need global location services. The best solution for you is Google Maps.

How does an online map work?

The program includes a smoothed visualization of the place where the user is. He/she determines the coordinates he/she wants to reach by cab, then these coordinates are converted into a readable address by Google's GSMGeocoder service.

3 — Payment system integration

This option allows the user to choose between "pay cash" and "pay by credit card". If you want to integrate the automatic payment feature, this will help make users more loyal to your app. Card registration can be done directly from the app. Most apps use Stripe to process the payment. This API deducts the cab fee after the trip is complete - the customer receives a bill later by phone or email. To make a payment, the user can add multiple cards.

4 — Driver's car information and rating system

Why implement a review system in an app? Both the customer and the driver need to be able to get to know each other better. The rating system ensures their safety and helps to pair drivers and passengers more rationally to avoid negative situations.

Did you enjoy your cab ride? Please rate the friendliness of the driver, the condition of the car, and the overall service to help your next passengers.

5 — Calculation of the tariff

The final cost of a cab ride through the Uber app depends on four components:

  • base fare (a fixed fee for the app, similar to the Uber app, which may depend on the area)
  • cost per minute
  • cost per mile
  • the booking fee, a formality that covers operating costs.

Although the cost is made up of several factors, it is in fact the same as if the user had taken a traditional cab. Keep in mind that you must provide the user with information about the price of the trip before the cab arrives to avoid misunderstandings between the customer and the driver.


Before you bring your cab app idea to life, do a competitor analysis that has already gained thousands of fans.

We are open to developing your app idea that best fits your needs. We will help you make your product exclusive on the app market and it will easily win the hearts of users.

Your success is just a matter of time, so keep dreaming and inventing and Artjoker will help you turn your expectations into results that work!

If you still have questions about how to create a mobile cab app, contact us for a full review of cab app development costs.

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