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Kate Sipkina
Kate Sipkina
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Best free mobile app development tools and open source software for making mobile apps

Todays topic is what free mobile app development software to chose to mould your app layout into full-scale application.

It seems to me that today everyone has their own idea of a successful app, and it is not surprising. Nowadays, being a key part of computing life, using apps in study, business and even our daily routine has already become essential. It won't be a lie, if I say that many people have extraordinary designs on their minds that definitely will wow net-users. So, what do they need to implement it? Except special development software skills you might need app making tools to bring out your brainchild with a bang.

I've got something for you. There are the best mobile app development tools that make it possible, easy and, not to mention, free app creation. Bear in mind, that weekly 15 000 new apps are released onto different app stores. Try them on, and, who knows, maybe your app is the next Angry Birds.

1. MIT App Inventor

App Inventor can be used by anyone that wants to create an application even if they don't know any computer programming languages. How does this free app building software work? App Inventor releases you from writing the scare application code, instead of this you just drag and drop already premade blocks of code. This tool is browser-based, it means you don't need to download and set up any additional softwares ? you can create you app on any Android tablet or IPad but with a high screen resolution. This tool is opened for use by everyone that has a Google ID. An already made application can be placed on the Play Market. App Inventor creators never stop polishing it ? you can find mobile app development software free upgrades once in two weeks. Use App Inventor to get acquainted with the process of app development and to create simply handy apps with great usability.

Free mobile app development software

2. Android Studio

It is an official free app making software for android clients. This IDE (Integrated Deployment Environment) offers you a flexible grandle-based build system to create any application you have an idea of. If you are new to Android Studio, notice, that it gives a lot of opportunities to make your app as you wish. Open source mobile app development software includes:

  • Code templates to help you build app features
  • Rich layout editor with support for dragging and dropping theme components
  • Additional tools to help your app catch its audience with its perfect usability
  • Android Studio has built-in support for Google Cloud Platform to integrate easily with Google Cloud Messaging and App Engine

This free app development software is available for Windows, Linux and OS X. Most current version was released towards the end of last year.

3. Xcode

Xcode is considered to be an increadibly productive software to develop mobile apps for different Apple gadgets. The first version was released in 2003, the latest one is free for OS X Yosemite and OS X El Capitan OS X El Capitan users. If you have an Apple Developer account, the current beta version of the version 7.x is available for you. A lot of developers confirm that Xcode is the best free app making software, saying that workflows feel natural. It includes tools to create, test, optimize and even submit your application to the App Store. There are a lot of benefits using Xcode to create an app. It has:

  • Single-window interface (integrates all the development workflows within a single workplace window)
  • Assisted source code editing (checks your source code while you are typing it, and if there is a mistake, offers how you can fix it)
  • Integrated interface builder (a visual design editor)

The process of building an app with the free app creation software Xcode also includes debugging, testing, automatic saves and source control management, integration of documentation, and, finally, app distribution to testers and the App Store.

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It is up to you what free app development tools you use to turn an idea in your mind digital. I have just told you about three most common. Pick App Inventor if you are fresh in mobile app development. Choose Xcode and Android Studio if you are already a professional and need solid platform to realize your own creative plans. Submitting your app is a multistep process, but it is in your power to ease it.

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