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How to Build a Successful MVP for Startup?

9 min read

Nowadays more and more developers and beginning businessmen are curious on how to build an mvp.

For instance, approximately seven years ago that technology was not really widespreaded and the majority of programmers were making no effort on the development of MVP due to the fact, that previously not only the apps and web services were made in a much more simple way, but also because of the fact that the whole testing process was quite more easier. However, today mvp development is playing more and more important role in the whole field of web design and programming. Moreover, a huge number of primary businessmen make a lot of mistakes, while trying to launch a minimum viable product mobile app. So, in that article I would like to give you a full explanation of what is actually MVP, why is it so important and what are the most popular and useful approaches of the creation and usage of it.

First of all, let me give a word on what is MVP in general. As I have already highlighted earlier MVP stands for minimum viable product. It means, that you are just having the most simple version of your app or web resource as even possible. To be honest, the main purpose of that is pretty simple. MVPs are used for simple testing and as a tool to avoid even more mistakes and errors, which are, for sure, possible during the development of the full version of an extension or application. In order to build mvp app it is pretty important to keep in mind, that the whole notion of MVP could be separated on two main parts. The first one is referred to business and marketing. Because of your MVP you are now able to launch a sort of investigation and discover those best marketing approaches and the advertisement platforms, which could be used for the promotion of your product. Another part is strongly linked with a technical side of an issue. Because of the usage of MVP you are able to implement more and more important programming and designing features, which would help you to make your application more colorful and unusual. Furthermore, let me give you some tips on what is a good mvp mobile app.

Things to remember to develop a minimum viable product for Startup

The main problem in the field of the MVP development is that people frequently just can not understand what is the difference between an already done product and its skeleton, which is used for tests. So. I would like to help in sorting out such a question.

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First of all, while thinking on how to build an MVP for startup you must remember, that it is going to be done not for profit, but for personal development. Actually, that point is one of the most important in the whole topic. It is so because of the fact, that lots of newbies are rushing for profit and money, what is a huge mistake. So, while creating an MVP you should remember, that it is done not for profit but for the improvement of that idea, which you already have.

Secondly, in order to make an mvp for startup it is absolutely not necessary to make it full of all the features you want. Moreover, I would even say, that sometimes people try to implement all the in-app purchases to their MVP. Of course, you do not have do that, because after that your MVP stops being itself even in several features. Furthermore, do not think too much on the design and the whole set of special elements, that ought to be included in your game or web site or even a pretty simple application. The main task for you in that level is to allow yourself and the whole developmental team to cope with all the already done mistakes steadily and avoid that highly widespreaded problem of facing a huge bunch of errors and mistakes in a time.

How to Build a Successful MVP for Startup?

Furthermore, you have to remember, that the development of MVP is going to be developed not as a final product bit for the feedbacks from the potential users. So, in case if you are creating an MVP it is important to take into consideration another vital fact, that the whole process of the link between you and the user should be done on the highest possible level. Besides, you have to make it as simple as only possible and give all the users an opportunity to present their own offers and claims on the quality and the level of development of your product.

A bit lower I am willing to present you the most widespreaded and useful types of all the existing MVPs, which could be used for the evolvement of your project.

What are the key types of MVPs?

To be honest, today, not not all the developers know, that there are several special variations of MVPs, which could be used by the programmers to advance their projects. Usually we can identify five main types of them:

1. Wireframe;

2. Mockup;

3. Explainer Video;

4. Landing Page;

5. Software prototype;

So, downstream I will give a brief explanation of all of them.

1. Wireframes

Wireframe,frankly speaking is a very beginning skeleton of your application or web resource. It is one of the most simple approaches, which could be used for the development of minimum viable product. Usually all wireframes are aimed on several things. They are:

  • Presentation of the project idea;
  • Screen layouts;
  • Arrangement of all the elements;
  • Navigation system.

Creation of a wireframe is actually one of the most important steps in the development of any cyber project without which you will not be able not only to find investors, but also to explain the most important moments of the whole process of development to your team of programmers and developers.

Moreover. during the development of wireframes you have to keep in mind all the points about a good MVP, which were listed earlier and remember to follow all of them. For instance, you do not have to have any design, special features or functions of the product, all of them are useless on than stage of building and there is no sense to arrange any of these operations within a skeleton, because they could lead even to more misunderstandings.

2. Careful planning

That is another approach, which is more full, than wireframes but still represents the very basic and the most useful elements of your product. While using mockups you are able and even have to implement a pretty simple but still useful design for the interface in order to show the very primary colors, which have to be used within an application or an extension. So, you would be better to organize a better presentation of your idea.

3. Explainer Video

That particular approach could be one of the most useful ones in the field of app development. To be honest, it has a various spectrum of different advantages. For instance, it could be used as the most simple and the fastest way of explanation of all the essential elements of your idea to people. For sure, common users will definitely choose to watch something rather than read, that is why, such a tool could be pretty good, while trying to contact your potential audience. Moreover, it also gives you#nbsp; an opportunity to give a brief but exhaustive explanation of all the features in several minutes.

How to Build a Successful MVP for Startup? - 1

4. Landing Page

Landing page is a pretty good decision in case if you do not really want to spend a mount of money for a developmental team, which will spend time on the creation of an advanced version of MVP for your potential audience. For sure, the usage of a landing page is a good decision for a brief explanation of all the important elements of a project, but it has several pretty important negative features. As I have already mentioned earlier the main aim for the development of an MVP is to test your product and detect the main problems and troubles, while later basing on the acquired data, you will be able to deal with all of them. However, in case of the usage of a landing page it becomes impossible. For sure, you are still able to present the main concept and to arrange a contact between your audience and your team, but anyway, you are loosing one of the main functions of all MVPs. So, I would recommend to use that approach only in case if there is a great necessity of it.#nbsp;

5. Software prototype

The last but not least possible approach is an approach of the creation of a software prototype. Of course, that tool is the most expensive among all of the others, but, actually, it is the most successful. First thing, which you have to remember, while creating a software prototype is that it is a sort of mix of wireframes and mockups, but which is much more functionable. Furthermore, you as well ought to take into consideration another fact, that it is still a huge mistake to include too many details even into the software prototype because of the fact, that even in case if you have a highly experienced developmental team, there will be mistakes and lots of them, so in order to avoid new ones, try not to implement all the details to your project.

So, that are all the most widespeaded tools, which are used by developers to create their own MVPs. But there is still another pretty important issue. The first one is how much does it cost to build an mvp? And the second one is who can actually develop an MVP for me?

How to Build a Successful MVP for Startup? - 2

Who to hire to create a minimum viable product for mobile app?

While talking on the different tools, which could be used for building of an MVP, we have two key ways of dealing with that issue. The first one is to go to the mvp development company, which would be able to make a high-quality product for you pretty quickly and including all of your desire. Another way, which is also possible is to hire freelancers. There are several pretty important positive aspects of such a decision. They can do what you need quickly, while demanding much less salaries. However, there are several nuances, which you ought to take into consideration.

The right choice here depends first of all on two important points. The first one is your financial opportunities and the second one is the size of your project. As for me, it would be appropriate to go to the freelancers only in case if your capital is relatively small and the project is also not really big. It is so due to the fact, that in case of the existence of a pretty big project the problem of management of that great number of freelancers becomes highly important. So, to my mind, the best choice for me in case of thinking on the mvp development services would be to go directly to a company and pay them for an outcome in which you could be deeply convinced in. However, that is not all, it is also important to talk a bit more on the mvp development cost and those, who would be able to make it for pretty low costs.

Firstly, usually app developing companies may spend for 40 hours per a week on your mvp design and development, while you may use from 2 to 4 for engineers (or maybe even more), for sure, depending on the size of your project. However here I am taking only the average numbers. So, that means, that you will need from 2 up to 4 man-months for the development of your MVP. In case if we gave 2 man-months it equals 8 man-weeks, while for 4 man-months, we will get 16 man-weeks. In order to get the total number of man hours we have to do some simple math and multiply the number of man-weeks on the number of men-hours. Due to this, we have more numbers. For 2 months we need approximately 320 man-hours, while for 4 months we need 640 man-hours.

In case if we are talking about the direct prices, we have to keep in mind the place of the development of your MVPs. Personally, I strongly advise you to outsource the whole developmental process somewhere, where the cost of labour is lower, than in the West. For instance, if we talk about such states as the USA, Canada, UK or Australia the average price for an hour of work there is approximately $120. While in such countries as India, Malaysia or China these price are much lower, with $25 average price of one working hour. So, to conclude, we can say, that in case if you are willing to develop your MVP in the West, the average cost to develop a minimum viable ?product would be $50.000, while if you are willing to do it in Asia, it will be no higher, than $14.000. The difference here is huge, while the final choice depends only on you and is identified by your opportunities, goals and desires for that particular moment.


To conclude, building an MVP for your startup is a highly important, but pretty complicated process, which involves lots of different essential nuances, from the type of the skeleton to the MVP cost. So, it seems, that during that process it is pretty important to be precise and exact, because sometimes here from one of your choices, which were made quickly can depend the whole future fate of your project, as well as its future success. Thus, I hope, that all the advices I gave you here will be able to help you in the future during the creation of your own MVP.

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