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How to Make a Mobile Website?

Mobile audience becomes very wide because, directly speaking, most of us eat, walk and live with smartphones and tablet.  That is why there is no surprise when people start to question more and more “what to choose: build a mobile web site or consider adaptive design?” or “why do we at all need to build a mobile website”, and for last “how much to develop a mobile website”. In this article we’re going to shed a light on the issue.

Firstly, let’s answer the question about which to choose: an adaptive design or develop a mobile website or may be RESS?

There are 3 main ways of building mobile websites:

    1. Adaptive design;
    2. A separate mobile version of the site;
    3. RESS (Responsive Design + Server Side).

Three ways of building website for mobile devices

Adaptive website development

AWD is a capability of web design to accommodate for screen resolution. It is the easiest way of adapting your website to all types of devices, also it is cheaper than a separate mobile version + standard website. For having a user-friendly website you need to choose the right CMS, like Wordpress or Magento, that allows you by using the theme on PC website to easily accommodate it as • website for mobile devices.

Pros of AWD:

    • convenience of development - with adaptive layout, the entire structure of the site automatically adapts to different screen widths.
    • one URL - no unnecessary redirects and no need to remember the address of the mobile version.

Cons of AWD:

  • different tasks - typical tasks of "mobile" users of large sites usually differ from those of PC users.
  • slow loading - the "weight" of sites remains a serious obstacle for mobile phone users.

Separate mobile website.

It is sometimes hosted on a subfolder (for example, www.yourdomain.com/mobile) or on a subdomain (m.yourdomain.com), and it can also have and use the same URL as your desktop website. The options of such type of a website are unlimited. Here you can have a completely different website structure. In this case, mobile URL may be necessarily different.


  • changes easily – to make debugging and problem fixing is quicker, because of separation from main version of site.
  • convenience for the user - the mobile version is usually way more simplified compared to the desktop version, so the user will not need to go far beyond the information he needs.
  • speed - because of the same simplification of the site, the mobile version loads faster.


  • multiple addresses for the desktop and mobile versions.
  • limited - creating a separate mobile site means getting rid of some of the content and functionality.


Server sends different CSS and HTML based on the type of device that is the page requested from, but URL remains the same.


  • minimize traffic - unnecessary JavaScript can be removed from HTML, which frees the CPU, memory and cache on the mobile device.
  • targeting.


  • complexity in development - a similar method will require appropriate configuration of the server and the work of more programmers.
  • the mechanism for determining devices has not yet been perfected.

How to Make a Mobile Website

Why we need to make a mobile website?

Nowadays the number of population that uses a smartphone increases every day. By the Statista data in 2017 the percent of smartphone users in U.S.A. is 68.4% and is forecasted to grow on 10 more percent to the end of the year, meanwhile in Europe the rate of smartphone use hover from 53% (Belgium, Bulgaria) and up to 84% (Switzerland). That means that by implementing a mobile website, that helps your existing website to look more user-friendly you can significantly increase the popularity of your product/company, expand the auditory (share the product more with the youth and adults)  as well as speed the growth of money income, because of enhanced number of customers. You can pay for advertisement or make your site the advertisement for your business.

By the way, Artjoker company specializes on web-development and can help you with high-quality and low cost to develop a mobile website for the business or startup.

We will make a great mobile website  in those CMS: Magento, Symphony, OpenCart, MODx, Drupal, Wordpress etc. Request a quote from our manager if you want to your ideas be turned only to excellent results!

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How much to develop a mobile website?

The average cost to create a mobile website depends on two issues:

  1. Who had built your main site.

On this facts depends the quality and usability of the written code as well as possibility of its further remaking in needed parts.The fact when the site was build also influence the cost of creating a mobile website, because the older development is, the harder it will be for a new programmer to re-do it.

  1. The way your website was built (with or without Flash)

Well, if without - congrads, you can reduce mobile website development cost, but if with - that’s kind of bad, because Adobe Flash is not well supported on phones and Apple devices often do not display those sites properly. So you need to refuse from Flash and move on to more modern techniques.

What is usually included in the cost to develop a mobile website?

1. Audit of visits and behavior of users in the main version;

2. Prototyping and programming new pages of the site;

3. Design creating;

4. Pages layout;

5. Linking the mobile site to the main version;

6. Search engine optimization.

develop a Mobile Website

How to make a mobile version of a website: pieces of advices

1 Make it easy

At first, you need think which content should included in the mobile website. If you have an e-commerce website, reduce the quantity of steps between the homepage and check out page. Place only (!) important and brief content, so that visitors won’t have to spend a lot of  time on reading endless flows of words on your site.

2 Work out the website layout

We advise you to reduce everything more and more. This time, it is a number of pages, because mobile pages load slower and, besides, users have a lack of patience, and they won't click pages deep on your website. That's why keep your website layout more streamlined.

3 Use mobile redirects

So that users are redirected automatically on clicking your website or inserting the URL. It provides better user experience.

4 Add the option to visit the full version of website

Some mobile versions of the websites have not the full of information a visitor hopes to see or discover, so make sure to provide them with an option to return to the full version of site.

Based on the information you've read in this article, you can make a conclusion that everyone is able to transfer their desktop website in the mobile version in a simple and quite affordable price. We hope, we answered the question how to build mobile website, if you have something to add you can do it in the comments below.

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