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How to Develop a Website

Building own website may sound to you challenging especially if you are a fresher in web designing and know a minimum of how to develop the website. However, it is true if your website might be large and complex – you need experienced web professionals to implement your digital dreams to life. But what if you need a small promo site or a simple landing page, you'll have all sort of chances to design it yourself. There are seven steps that summarize all key processes of web development. Use them to guide yourself in web building.

So, how to develop websites?

Step 1. Host your site

Web hosting is like rent for your site – you need a piece of virtual space to display pages, images and other documents placed on the website. Web hosting doesn't work without a web server, where website resources are put to be available for users through the Web. Take into account that your already fully functional website will be visible only on your personal computer – to make it noticeable for another user you are concerned about web host.

To know how to develop websites, learn the types of web hosting options that allow developing website for free, as well. Watch out, there might be some corner cases, that will complicate website usability. For example:

  • There may be less server space to store your pages. Make sure that host space you are going to use is sufficient for your site resources (video, audio, images).
  • Advertisement that is required to run on your website cannot be off.
  • Keep mind on your website content. Hosting providers may put limitations on the kind of it.
  • Bandwidth limits can be troubling for your website. You can't get a lot of traffic – if you hit your monthly limit, your site can be even turned off.
  • Some free hosting providers ask for renewal fees to continue maintenance of your account, that already doesn't seem to be an answer on how to develop a website for free.

However, free hosting providers may be good for testing web pages or simple personal websites, but more professional sites need a strong background to work without deadlocks.

develop a website

Step 2: Register a domain name

To make easier for people learn what the name of your website is – create friendly URL users can quickly type into their browser. The average cost of domain names is between $8 and $35. Usually, you can get a domain name registration and web hosting services from one and the same provider. Domain name is one of branding key elements, so don't mess it up.

Step 3. Plan your website

Here you are to make a decision of what type of website is yours, what its sitemap looks like, and is content engaging enough.

Whether your website is informational or e-commerce shop it may have a different platform for website development and even another focus that also influences design. Information architecture affects the overall usability of the website. Carefully plan out each page to make users' movements around the site comfortable. Content also has no small share in website success. Make sure, all, that your web pages contain, should have a clear strategy of target customer's engagement.

Step 4: Design and build website

This is the most complex part of the building of a website – you should be aware not only about how to develop a website using HTML and CSS.

build website

What should you master?

  • Finding out design tools for creating good and fitting design.
  • Learning programming languages for better understanding and ability to control data coded by different platforms. Though, it wouldn't go amiss if you know the basics of how to develop a website using java.
  • Learning platforms to understand what causes the certain look of a web page. These knowledge help you change the visual appearance of the website to match special design needs if they are.
  • Using web page editors to accomplish different operations on the website.

About how to develop a website using WordPress and other development tools learn from our next articles.

Step 5: Publish website

It's high time to summarize knowledge of how to develop a mobile website, get web pages created in step 4 to hosting provider you set up in step 1. Do this with tools come with your hosting service or standard File Transfer Protocol Software, that might be supported by most providers.

Step 6: Promote website

One of the most appropriate ways of promoting a website is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. It makes your site noticeable for people who are looking for the information, product or service your site provides. It happens because of building a web content in a certain way – by adding key words that appeal to search engines. Also, you can bring your website to its target audience by word of mouth, using email marketing, social media and other forms of advertising which seem to be more traditional.

Step 7: Maintain website

You already know how to develop a website using PHP or another programming language, now you are to maintain it regularly in order to keep your site advanced. If it is already in production, it doesn't mean that you are done with development. Test site once again and, who knows, maybe you will find bugs that are disturbing users. Besides, repeated testings will show what changes does your website need to be responsive to new devices and updated browsers. In addition don't forget about regular producing new SEO content. Do not consider it as “the more, the better”. Being unique, timely and relevant to the audience, such content for the win.

What's next? You will learn about web development software and, essentially, about how to develop a website using asp.net. Keep staying with us!

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