How to develop an app like netflix?

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Movies have always been a great joy for people all over the world. That is why, the creation of a great platform for cinema-lovers might be a great idea. That is why, we are willing to observe that strategy here.

Movies and cartoons might be one of the best things ever created by people. They provide us not only with joy of a peaceful evening, which we can spent while watching a movie or a documentary but they also act as one of the greatest institutions, which make it possible to arrange an educational and scientific programmes, interpreting the classic novels of writers and providing people with interesting and useful facts. However, nowadays the television is in pretty natural decline, which might sign the end of the whole industry of TV broadcasting. It is so due the rapid evolvement of the Internet and all those applications and platforms, which allow us to obtain the same information which we have been getting from television but with much more benefits, for instance, the absence of long advertising pauses and a problem of waiting for your favorite movie, you can just turn your device on, look for it in the Internet and watch. One of these key competitors of television is Netflix, one of the most popular movie applications, which is used by people almost all over the world. Namely about Netflix, netflix alternatives and an idea to create an app like Netflix we are going to talk today.

It is not a surprise at all, that lots of businessmen and developers, while looking at the growing and evolving popularity of that pretty popular device are willing to create a Netflix-like service, which might be able to bring its developers the same glory, popularity and, of course, financial support and revenues. However, the main problem here, when people are willing to build the movie streaming services like netflix is the fact, that they do not know at all, how to do it and what is going to become the starting point of the whole process. Moreover, because of the fact, that Netflix itself for some of them may seem to be so complicated in copying, the developers even do not have any idea on the possible spendings on the creation of something related to that popular application.

How to develop an app like netflix?


To be honest, there are several pretty important features, that are able to become a really nice explanation of the popularity of Netflix as one of the most convenient and useful movie watching platforms. First of all, it is really easy and simple to use. Pretty good and user friendly interface makes it possible for a user to find anything he or she needs pretty fast and without any problems. Moreover, you can launch different accounts to the Netflix application, create catalogues, download videos and set an app according to your own tastes and desires. Moreover, an application makes it possible to enjoy absolutely various functions, which are implemented within an app, downloaded from Google Play or App Store. For example, in 2017, in case of the usage of Netflix you are able to:

  • Share the videos within various social networks with those users,who also use Netflix;
  • Monitore different offers, based on the targeting strategy of your searches and preferences;
  • Create your own libraries with the most favorite movies and cartoons;
  • Operate with the usage of an advanced searching tool;

Frankly speaking in that paragraph I gave you brief list of those tools, which ought to be implemented as the very basic features to any TV services like Netflix. Moreover, that is only the beginning and in case if you want to have your own Netflix app, which you are willing to make popular in the future, it will be really good to invent more and more additional opportunities for the users with which they will be able to operate in order to make their experience more entertaining and interesting. But the topic of special features I am willing to enlighted a bit later downstream. While now let me explain a pretty big topic, which is going to be the core of that article on how to start a business like Netflix and the developmental cost of Netflix.

How to develop an app like netflix? - 1


While describing the most important points, which have to be taken into consideration, while talking on the development of an app like netflix, it is really vital to remember, that here we have to create a sort of direct separation of different points according to their key aims. It is important to specify all the priorities for the developmental process and also helps to identify the main topics on which the developer and the members of his or her team have to be focused the most. So, I would like to start with the choice of the OS or a platforms, which will become a foundation of a very project.

Choice of a platform

To be honest, sometimes, especially while creating something like netflix the platforms itself does not play such an important role due to the fact that the key processes within an application are going to be universal for various platforms. However, a huge role is played by MVP and a platform chosen for its creation. Personally, I would like to make an emphasis on the fact, that Android might be better for such goals due to the fact, that usually, while using Android you do not have so many strict regulations like in case of the usage of iOS, the programming process is a bit more easier and takes less time, what is really important, while the creation of an MVP of a Netflix-like app.

Another important thing is the choice of the main approach, which is going to be used for the creation of an application. There are two main developing strategies, which are used by the programmers for the creation of programmes and extensions. They are native and cross-platform approaches. The main difference lies in the key strategy. For instance, in case of the usage of a native approach you have an opportunity to develop a single app for a single platform in a time, while in case of the usage of a cross-platform approach you can create one application for different platforms. As for me, the better choice may be the decision to create the similar apps to Netflix with the usage of a native approach, what will give you an opportunity to make all the details perfect.


The issue of design is also really important. Here, while discussing the main points of it, I would like to make an emphasis on the simplicity of it. It is really vital to make a design of an application in such a way that will not make the user feel too confused. Usually, the beginners in the field of cyber business do not understand that a great variety of colours is not really good. The best choice is the creation of a system, which would be based on three or four main colours, which would be organised in such a way that in the end will present you a pretty harmonised picture of an application. Moreover, another really important thing is the creation of a good user experience atmosphere that will allow the user to orientate within an application. However, I would like to examine that issue in a bit closer manner later, while describing the additional features of an app, which are also have to include in your project.


That point is one more feature that has to be taken into consideration by the programmer, who is willing to create netflix-like application. As you may notice, nowadays, the majority of websites and apps offer an opportunity of the registration through the social networks and email address. It might be one of the best inventions for the optimisation of the usage of an app or website ever made by the programmers. So, it will be pretty logical to conclude, that the same tool ought to be implemented within your movie streaming services like netflix. Moreover, you also have to remember about the payment for the services, so, while the creation of an account you do not have to forget about the implementation of several paying systems. By the way, this topic is the main focus of the next paragraph.


Payment for an application similar to Netflix might play one of the most essential roles. And again, the core idea here is the creation of a simple and useful mechanism, which will allow you to make fast and suitable payment for the services of an app. These days we have several popular ways of payment. Among them are:

  • PayPal;
  • Google Play mechanism;
  • App Store mechanism.

User profile and content search

These two features are going to occupy the last place in the list of the most important and useful tips to create a streaming service like netflix, but it does not mean, that they are not so important. While talking on the creation and the setting of the profile you have to keep in mind a golden rule of modern app building to make everything simple enough in order to make a user feel, that all the needed settings, buttons and features are located close enough and the user can get everything he need quickly. However, it does not mean, that the shape of a user profile has to be oversimplified, so, remember to keep all the elements in balance.

And now, searching engines. The main idea here is to make it advanced enough but again not too complicated for a user. It is so due to the fact, that it has to be easy to find everything you need but all the setting has to be arranged in a simple and clear manner. For instance, it will be good to forget about the long lists of features from which the user is needed to choose several keywords related to the movie. Such strategy is not the best one and may lead not to the increasing traffic but to a decreasing popularity even in the very beginning of its growth.

How to develop an app like netflix? - 2


As I mentioned earlier during the description of the key elements of the background system of an application it is important to implement your own special additions, which will make the whole process of the usage of an app more interesting, simple and faster. So, let me start with the creation of a proper community within an app. Communication, as you may know plats a highly important role within a society and acts as the most important tool of the transition of information and feedbacks among people. Even more important it is in case if you are focused on Netflix-like app development, where one of the most important roles is played with the quality of the content and the level of professionalism on which the whole site is created. So, the implementation of chats and commenting areas is pretty important if you want to get the feedbacks quickly and create a good foundation for the creation of good CRM platform. Secondly, it will be also suitable to implement such things as:

  • Multiple language support;
  • Screenshot block;
  • Push notifications;

Thanks to the usage of these additional functions it becomes possible to first of all, create a multicultural community within an app, then, prevent cyber piracy within an application and create a good and informative environment for the users with the usage of push notifications, which will inform them about the new episodes of their favourite series or new movie which is going to come soon. It is important to highlight, that a good product consists of lots of good details and it will be a terrible mistake to hesitate with the usage of those features, which I has just highlighted. But now, in the last passage I am willing to give you a piece of information on the app like netflix cost, what is one of the most important things for a programmer.


Frankly speaking, the creation of other apps like Netflix is a pretty costly project. For example, while creating such an application, you are combining lots of different elements, which you are later going to unite in the final version of an app. So, that is pretty easy to assume, that the creation and the design of each of these elements is needed to be arranged in a way, which will make it possible to keep the control under any needed important features. Due to this, those, who are really interested in a good results try to seek for the development companies. But, sometimes, beginners, which do not have enough financial support are willing to explore those techniques, which may radically reduce the final price of the entire project. One of these techniques are freelancers. However, in case if you are looking for freelancers you have to remember, that these people are definitely not for those projects, which are the same size as the Netflix-like extensions. Moreover, for such a project you may need definately more, than 5 or 7 programmers, while in case if you are working with the freelancers, that is an optimal size of your team. Otherwise, you may face lots of problems with the management and control over all of your stuff. Thus, the best choice here may be to go to the professional developers, who are working in a company. But, price also matters. That is why, while looking for the programmers, you have to pay the attention to the region. It is so, because of the fact, that in the West the prices are much higher. For instance in the USA you may pay up to $250 per an hour of work. But in India or Indonesia this price may equal $50. But reliability may also be important. That is why, we strongly advise you to start your projects with Artjoker. That is not only a company with proper prices, that is also a team of people, who care of what they do and who know, what are the main principles of working with people and making their projects better.

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Content of the article


Taking everything into consideration it seems to be good to say, that the development of the movie broadcasting applications is a pretty good field for the development of your own ideas. Moreover, because of the presence of powerful but lonely Netflix it is not so compatible as others, and I believe, that a beginning user may be able to find a place for himself next to Netflix till that application has not became a monopolistic titan as various products related to it. Anyway, now, you have enough opportunity for the creation of your own really good and app and launching of it upon App Store or Google Play. Finally, I hope that I was able to give proper exhaustive answers on those questions, which were important for you.

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