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How to Find a Good Magento Developer?


How to Find a Good Magento Developer?

From 2011, when Magento has become an influential player on the stage of the key platforms for the advancement  of the websites all over the world, the demand for those people able to deal with the key developmental and programming issue started to grow. For now the question of finding good Magento developers for maintaining your site, founded upon that platform, is becoming more and more prioritised. By the way, it is worth mentioning, that Magento is rapidly growing in popularity, what we can argue, basing on the graph 1.1, manufactured on the rate of platforms used for building of the internet shops.

Good Magento Developer

Moreover, it is not the easiest web-site advancing foundation, what automatically identifies the need of a web-building guru. From the highlighted arguments we can make a conclusion,that for now in order to hire a Magento developer you have to be accommodating, precise and constituent enough while making a decision. That’s why the key aim of that article is helping you to make the proper choice, basing on your core preferences, opportunities and arrangements.

What to note, when choosing the best magento developer

While discussing the key things, which are needed in order to get a fitting programmer, we can generalise the whole list of them just with one phrase “It depends”. That is the only thing you have to keep in mind, while making a choice. It matters due to the fact, that frequently the seek for an engineer appears as a mixture of nuances we have to sort out before coming up with a decision. Now, let us pour light on a part of the aspects, which are vital in your search. 

Bedrock decision

What is actually that fundamental choice,that has to be made even before the very first moments of  your research? First of allб you must identify, what is the size of your project. Its size will later act as the most prominent flashpoint from which you will repel in the future. Secondly, you have to know, who do you need to approach the issues of your web-site. Is it going to be an engineer, who will be ready to sort out only single issues or even minor problems or it should be someone, who may be able to work on your project constantly? In case if you have a minor web-site and have no need in a specialist, who always will be on hand, the best solution may be to appoint a freelance magento developer, where to look for them we will discuss downstream.  However, if your are handling something much more massive and important, you, of course, may be looking for a man, who will not also be a top-notch specialist, but also a permanent employee within your team.

There is also another mark, that has to be announced in the end of the paragraph. Testing your newcomer is a key antecedence to avoid any misunderstandings or mistakes in the future. Even in occasion if you are hiring a top specialist, giving him several simple tasks will not be useless before signing a contract.

Balance of prices and quality

The keyword here is actually the “balance” itself, due to the fact, that oftenly you may create problems by yourself by hiring some cheap builders, who may be not fully qualified. Equally, sometimes not fully experienced businessmen employ a numerous bunch of freelancers with pretty low salary demands. Such a decision may lead to several problems. First one is the complex process on their management, because of a great number of such workers you may not be able to control all the issues they are dealing with and as a consequence get the outcomes on time. Second problem is the possibility of the low quality of work they are doing, what actually means nothing more than just a useless expenditure. Remember, that miser always pays twice.

That is why the best solution would be to find a competent agency, that will meet your financial capacities. In case if your capital is not bottomless there may be an opportunity of making a bet on the location of your potential agency and choose the best places to find Magento developer. For example, in such regions as the USA, Australia, Canada or EU the cost of such work may fluctuate between $65 and $100 per an hour. But, in India, Malaysia or Eastern Europe the prices may range from $15 per an hour to $45 per an hour of work. It may be useful to know, that while looking for a specialist it would be much better to make a balanced list of those skills, that you foresee from your potential labourer. However, there is also a really essential issue, that is pretty important for the beginning programmers. India, as well as Asia, is not the safest place in the world in case of security and coding. That is why, we highly recommend you to better go to Artjoker. That is not only a usual company, but also a team of professional coders and developers, who may be able to make any tusk much easier and possible.

cost magento

cost magento developer

Where to hire a Magento programmer?

When we transfer to the question of the resource from which to get a new employee we again have to remember about the fact, that it always depends on your opportunities and current status of your project. In that paragraph we may firstly describe freelance magento developers for a small site or project, while secondly we will observe the issue of searching of top magento developers for a bigger site.

First of all, let’s examine the earlier question and list all the possible ways of finding a freelance expert. Maybe, one of the most reliable way of doing that is just to ask your colleagues or more experienced businessmen, who already have an experience of the usage of Magento and know, how and where to look for a good engineer. Of course, having good links is always highly suitable and useful, but you may frequently face those situation, where there will be no possibility of asking for an advise. So, for sure, the Internet and the resources located there is the best approach. In such case the very first resource you can refer to is the Upwork website, where the huge number of freelancers is gathered in one place. Already now, according to an approximate counting the number of Magento experts is rising to 15.000, while 700 of them are fully certified experts. Moreover, there are also are other related resources such as: Stack Overflow, GitHub Jobs or Craigs List.

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Another approach to that issue could be made through the so-called Magento Events. That is one of the resources of the Magento official web-site, where the administration posts all the vital events, which are going to take place in the future. While attending them it appears not so complicated to find a proper expert in a field you need and make him a part of your working team.

Finally, we must not forget about such a bottomless diamond mine as the social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes, freelancers create communities there, trying to offer their own services to the interested guests. It is not difficult at all to spend several hours in the Internet and finally find a man you need for fulfilling the existing tasks or dealing with the just emerged problems. These approaches may be the most vital and famous ones, when you would like to hire a freelance magento developer for a part-time activity. 

Find a Magento Developer

On the other hand, when you have to deal with the issue of big and more complicated project there is a great need of an experienced, certified and professional worker. As in the first example you can start your research from the internet as well. One of the most fundamental resource for such research may be Linkedin website, where you can look for an employee you need. However, that method will not guarantee a 100% outcome for you and your team.

One of the most reliable methods, which could be adopted is again the negotiation with your colleagues and friends. Furthermore, you may also use such resources as for example Magento Developers Group or Magento Universe, which are directly linked with the organizations, which have already proved themselves as reliable partners.

However, that is not the end and again not a 100% solution. The most reliable approach, which to be honest is the most expensive, what will help you to deal with an issue on how to find a magento developers is the search through Magento certified directory. It is a sort of an an archive of data about each certified expert or even an organization, which own one of the Magento certificates. Maybe now it seems not clear enough, so let’s examine that issue in a bit closer way.

Entirely there are four key types of certificated of a Magento developer. The first one and the most widespreaded, Solution Specialist Certificate means, that the person, who has it is able to combine the core business tasks with the functionality of Magento and optimise the usage of various functions of a given resource because of the deep understanding of the main commercial aspects and their link with the programming background of the website.

mcss-continentsDeveloper and Developer Plus Certificates are awarded to those engineers, who shown that he or she is able to skillfully manage and control all the business flows in Magento such as:

  • Structure of a catalogue; 
  • Promotions;
  • Price generation logics;
  • Sales/Order processes; 

Furthermore such a person should be able to deal with all the design issues on the code level. The only difference of the Developer Plus Certificate is identified by the fact, that a programmer has to be able to be skilfull in:

  • Magento Enterprise Edition;
  • Background structure of Magento;

The last certificate means, that its owner has to be able to change change the interface according to the best practices. Moreover, it should be noticed, that the owner of the Developer Plus Certificate is obliged to know:

  • Javascript;
  • CSS; 
  • Layouts; 
  • Templates; 

Lastly, it is worth mentioning, that Magento Group also have a classification of their partners according to the level of professionalism. They are respectively:

  • Global Elite;
  • Enterprise;
  • Professional;
  • Business;

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Taking everything into consideration we have to say, that the search of a highly educated and suitable Magento developer is a long and sometimes costly process, which has a quite crucial impact on the future fate of your project and the website you are building. The most important thing here is to evaluate your demand and opportunities in a clear manner and a balance between quality and price. Only in case of a cold-blooded and elaborate decision you will get a proper outcome.

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