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How to Find a Good Magento Developer?

First of all, I suggest you begin with what Magento is and why people really choose it for website development. Magento is an open-source CMS and considered one of the most reliable, flexible and feature-rich website development platform. It is really difficult to find a good Magento developer among all these people that call themselves developers since in reality they only pretend to be. That's why in this article we will list the points you should keep in mind when searching for or hiring a developer.

Key points for making the right choice

Understand and realize your requirements

Before looking for a Magento developer, try to list the things you need to be developed or included in the development. Knowing the key points will help you understand your priorities and the problems you may face on the website. It sounds strange, but I even advise you to go through the guide to get the basics about the things you are going to discuss with the developer so as to be on the same wavelength with him. Note that the least important thing is to know your priorities and set a clear task for your future developer. Budget....what can I say about it... And what should every person who wants to hire developers to make his ideas become a reality know about it? Know it, set real boundaries for it , and know the price you are ready to spend. But don't forget to set the real, but not a funny or impossible ones. And follow the process at each step of the development.

Use your connections

It is known as the best and the most reliable way of finding anyone you need, starting from a good laundry and ending with Magento development companies or freelancers. So, ask any people from the industry you work in if they have someone to recommend or help you search from third parties, like hosting or accounting agency. In this case, this idea will be useless as you can start using your LinkedIn connections, and it is a 95% guarantee of success, because there are plenty of Magento communities there.

how to Find Magento Developer

Certified developers

All you need to look for are certified developers as this is the only real confirmation of developers' skills. Magento CMS offers great number of online courses where they can get certified . This guarantees them a space and make them stand out from the crowd.

Developer is not a universal tool

Development presupposes a number of stages, like PHP programming, design, content marketing, etc. One Magento developer can't complete it only by himself so easily, so if someone claims he can do it alone, watch out! He is likely lying or to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. It's better not to entrust your project to such a person.

Portfolio and happy clients

All developers shout that they have experience, but are they the same thing in action? Any qualified and good developer will provide you with the links to the websites he has built or his online portfolio. The main issue when hiring someone is not to be afraid to ask questions you are interested in, like what is so special about his works, and other questions of this type.

Happy clients are the main indicators of a good Magento developer. Besides portfolio works, he has to provide you with client's testimonials that can be easily verified.

Long-term relationship

It is an absolute truth that most of the tasks and things on the website are automated and you have no need to interfere, but there are always chances that you will need to add something to it, or there may be malfunctions. In this case, a long-term relationship is not an odd thing for your cooperation. So it's better to establish good relationship to ask for help when you need such.

Good luck

Hope these points will help you make the right choice and your project will successfully be realized. Don't forget to ask questions and follow the candidate's speech so as not to get into the trap of a liar .

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