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Resourceful Ways to Find Skillful Blockchain Developers


Resourceful Ways to Find Skillful Blockchain Developers

Blockchain technology gains the popularity really quickly. As a result, the demand for blockchain developers is an all-time high. Numerous companies are looking for experts in this field. That is why we found it necessary to reveal how to find blockchain developers at the modern IT-market.

But first, let us discuss some things about blockchain, its development and blockchain developers. Also, we are going to give some useful tips on how to find a blockchain developer.

Blockchain Technology and Good Blockchain Developer

The blockchain is a technology of reliable data storage, which guarantees a high data security. It means that the information cannot be stolen, changed or deleted without proper authorization. It started developing in 2009. In 2014, it turned out that this technology could turn over our ideas about money, property, business and the state.

It should be said that, at the very beginning, the blockchain was associated mainly with crypto-currencies. Nowadays the situation changed greatly as investors and entrepreneurs pay much attention to the development of smart contracts. These are digital contracts, which are controlled by algorithms and not by people.

How is the blockchain organized? The essence of the system is actually pretty simple providing transparency and security of all conducted transactions.

how a blockchain works

Source: Weforum

Areas of the Blockchain Application

The main aim of the technology is to protect data from falsification. It is not important whether it is about election results, lottery winners, real estate ownership rights or an insurance claim. In addition, the blockchain is creating the foundations for usage of robots and modern technology in the economy.

According to expert forecasts, the blockchain will enter the mass usage after 2020. Due to the saving on logistics, document circulation, and other business processes, most products and services will become cheaper for end users. Various intermediaries will become obsolete. Classic banks, insurance companies, state institutions and legal offices should lose their popularity and importance or at least dwindle in numbers.

What Made the Blockchain Popular?

The blockchain is a really useful technology opening new possibilities in every sphere it is applied to. But still, what are the actual benefits of blockchain? Using blockchain, it is possible to lower the prices on:

  • financial operations;
  • registration and authentication of documents;
  • identification of users;
  • protection of intellectual property;
  • data storage;
  • maintenance of various registries;
  • management of enterprises;
  • supply chain;
  • conclusion and execution of contracts.

a look at blockchain technology


Who Needs to Hire Qualified Blockchain Developers?

The blockchain is an effective technology, which is used in those systems where the authorship and reliable synchronization of any transaction are important.

Speaking of financial organizations, the blockchain technology makes it cheaper to keep data about transactions. Small and medium-sized businesses can use it to control wages in the conditions of a branched network of employees. Particularly promising is the introduction of blockchain into the supply chain systems. And if you own a large group of companies, blockchain will let you keep control over the document movement.

Some Ways to Find Skillful Blockchain Developer

Recently the LinkedIn claimed that financial, technological and insurance companies are experiencing an acute shortage of specialists in the field of distributed registry technology.

As the demand for services in the field of blockchain technology rises steadily, there is a growing shortage of bitcoin and blockchain developers. At the same time over the past year, the number of ads about work related to the technology of blockchain posted on the LinkedIn social network tripled.

Where to Find and Hire a Blockchain Developer?

If you want to hire highly qualified blockchain developers, the best choice will be to start your search with social networks, messengers and topical forums. To find great blockchain developers, you may use some specialized services and websites.

The community of developers in the field of blockchain is rather closed, so the traditional hiring methods can be ineffective. The main opportunity to find the best blockchain developers is with outsourcing companies. It should be noted though that there are not so many blockchain development outsourcing companies yet. The majority are located in the United States while, in Europe and Asia, there are few companies in the field.

figure 5. Top 10 cities for blockchain development

SourceDeloitte Insights

Take into consideration that addressing an outsourcing company you will be able to hire not only a single developer but the whole custom developer teams for blockchain projects.

The social network post about finding developers in blockchain field can help only if among your friends there is somebody who has connections to IT. This method is good for searching for blockchain developers in such areas as PR, marketing, content.

Tips on Hiring a Blockchain Developer

As we have already mentioned, the sphere of blockchain is rather novel. It is clear that each company wants to hire senior blockchain developers but currently, there are much more middles available on the market.

Searching for developers you need to remember that qualified specialists in this sphere can choose from the mass of proposals. If you want to attract blockchain experts, your project should be interesting and unique or directed at resolving some significant issue.

Nobody wants to waste their time and effort creating an uninteresting product. It means that if you cannot offer something intriguing to the developer you may lose your potential employee.

The price of the blockchain project can be high. Of course, a developer can make concessions and agree to a salary reduction in case if instead, you may offer:

  • some non-monetary privileges;
  • significant career prospects;
  • share in profits.

A large number of qualified specialists do not use this technology yet but it interests them greatly. For blockchain projects, experts with an extensive experience in popular programming languages are suitable.

The main aspect of the search for experts in this field is that they are quite demanding. They pay much attention to the employment benefits, all sorts of incentives, non-monetary benefits and, of course, creative tasks. And, of course, a good salary is an important aspect as most developers understand that their specialization is quite unique.

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As you can see, there are lots of ways to find a blockchain developer but they should be used intelligently. Moreover, you should keep in mind the discussed features in order to increase your chances of hiring a good developer.

You may spend endless hours searching for a blockchain developer or you may address an expert outsourcing company. This will allow you hiring experienced specialists without any difficulties. Contact our salespersons today to get a qualified aid to your project.

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