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How to Make a Mobile Travel App?

The summer is about to come and this means that thousands of people have already planned travels or are planning them for this period of time. Some prefer going to the seaside, while some prefer hiking or other types of holiday spending. With such quantity of mobile travel apps for planning or websites, there is absolutely no need to look for travel agencies to organize dream holidays. And frankly speaking, their services are often quite expensive. Besides, there is a great demand for it from the parts of travelers. There they can read feedback and get other useful information.

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You benefits of travel mobile app development

And for you, my dear reader, it means that it's time for you to develop trip mobile app that will meet all the needs of travelers. Usually people first look at the resources of market leaders and analyze it by building something new. I want to draw your attention to the fact that you should implement something brand new and extraordinary so that people will start using your app. Let's take some leading mobile apps travel  in this domain like TripAdvisor, Expedia, KAYAK, etc., to figure out what it takes to perform the mobile travel app development. You also may wonder: “How much does it cost to build a travel app” and the answer depends on so many issues, like will it be the development by yourself, or you are going to hire travel app developers and also the complexity of the functional, the platform used (whether the application is designed for iPhone or Android), that can change the end price a lot.

We can refer to travel applications these ones:

  1. Google maps and Yandex;

  2. Travel planners;

  3. The applications showing the nearest available Wi-Fi points around the world;

  4. Applications for the selection and booking of hotels, flights;

  5. Applications for the purchase of rail and air tickets in the given direction;

  6. Application with the definition of the nearest institutions and places with certain requirements (for example, the availability of Wi-Fi);

  7. Tourist forums and aggregators of tours and etc.

Make a Mobile Travel App

You can choose any that you want to develop or be developed for you.

In this article I will guide you through all of the features of travel application development, be prepared for a lot of helpful information.

How to make a mobile travel app: useful features

To the main functionality of tourist applications we can place:

1. For travel agencies, airlines, hotels:

  • Company card;

  • List of current tours;

  • Work with reviews of tourists;

  • TOPs of institutions;

  • Functional for placing promotional offers;

  • Flight schedule;

  • Synchronization of up-to-date information on flights;

  • Work with maps, location;

  • Advanced Search;

  • Filters and sorting.

2. For tourists:

  • Search for hotels to taste, requirements and opportunities;
  • Information about hotels and places of real tourists;
  • Media content (photos and videos);
  • Ratings of hotels, restaurants and resorts;
  • Possibility to leave feedback and share impressions;
  • Ability to upload photos and videos;
  • Search promotional offers;
  • Filters by category.

Tips and tricks on  how to build a mobile travel app with less money

1Fishing out travel info

There are numerous open content websites where people can share their preferences of one or another place they love or would like to visit. You can use this information for your own travel apps for iPhone or Android, that way you will save a lot of money just on the information and so the cost to develop a travel app can be risen and the quality of the produce as well. Pump out the necessary information, organize it and here it is, your app is running.

trip app developers

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2APIs sources for your app

Google places is the best choice as it features 95 million points of interest and businesses. All of them are frequently updated through user-moderated contributions and owner-verified listings, so you can safely use it for travel app iPhone and Android to your benefit.

Foursquare APIs allow you to access information about places without authentication and for free. Moreover, it includes user push and venue push APIs that let venue developers and managers get real-time notifications about users' check-ins worldwide. With this, we hope, that the answer how to build a mobile travel app is clarified a bit for you.

Use TripAdvisor's API for travel apps for android and iOS, as it makes available rating data and detailed reviews for accommodations, traveler photos, restaurants, attractions, destination content and provides access to a big database of user-generated content.

3Transactions how-to

Global Distribution Systems (GDS) holds the process of Automated transactions between booking agents and third parties so as to provide travel-related services to the end consumers. They are very helpful for iOS and android apps for travel, as this type of company likes a link between distributors and services who promote and sell them.

Big travel websites like Expedia use numerous GDSs to book hotel reservations, airline tickets, cruises, car rentals, attractions, vacation packages and services with the help of its own reservation system for bulk-rate, contracted reservations. Artjoker can also provide you with best trip app developers for hire.

4Monetization how-to

Usually, apps for Europe travel and worldwide travelings are monetized for organizing flights, hotel and tour bookings for travel agencies and airline companies. Some of them frequently rely on the advertising model.

KAYAK provides price comparison for a hotel, flight, etc., thereby simplifying user's search process. It acts as a sales channel for a big quantity of supplier and travel agencies' websites. When, for example, NYC travel app users select a hotel or a flight, KAYAK redirects them to an online travel agency or the travel supplier to complete the purchase without leaving the app.

travel app development

5Offline maps yea or nay?

No doubt, it's a yea!! Online maps within your app is a must-have. But offline maps will be more attractive for users. Everyone at some point faced the need to look at the map and check the current location. For example, the New York travel app can be a helping hand when you are away from Internet and got lost.

6These helpful tricks will make your app unique and, at the same time, popular:

  • Define your target audience, create your user profile and develop the application specifically for a particular niche.

  • Make your application as simple and convenient as possible.

  • Give users the opportunity to express their views.

  • Be in touch with your users by creating a friendly dialogue with them.

  • Integrate into your travel application the accounts of users on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

To sum up

There are a lot of other features that can be implemented in your app, like currency converters, weather, etc. Try to create the best and the most unique one that will make the lives of its visitors easier and more diverse.

Artjoker is travel app development company that will help you to deal with all of these features and turn your ideas into excellent results!

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