iPhone X and the Main Features of iOS 11

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The presentation of a new iPhone became a breakthrough for the developers and the users. However, they still have a lot of question to ask, which we are going to sort out today.

The release of iPhone X became a straightforward confirmation, that the industry of the mobile devices is trying to overtake the industry of computers. In that article we are willing to observe the main innovations, which have been offered by the Apple company, which they tried to introduce in their most recent products, where the main role is played with a new iPhone X. That is not strange at all, that the creation of that new smartphone was an event, which we have been waiting for a pretty long time, and finally became able to see, what Apple has prepared for us. Frankly speaking, while taking a very first glance on the overall image of the new iPhone, it's designing ideas and main technological introductions, it is becoming more and more difficult to give a full description of all of those aspects, which have been altered there. However, everything in that field is not so complicated and difficult. I believe, that these people, who have dedicated their careers to the observing of the technological history of Apple have done it already, but we do not have to forget, that the common users and, of course, those who did not watch the presentation made by the company not so long ago do not still know, what are the main beneficial features of that new device. So, let us take a look of those changes, which might be the brightest ones.

First and foremost let me give a brief observing reference about all of the main distinguishing features of that telephone, if it is even possible to call that thing in such a manner. So, the very first thing is, of course, the design of the smartphone. It is needles to even say, that it is pretty impressive. Besides, we also have to make an emphasis, that those rumors about the design and the image of the new iPhone, which have emerged in the Internet pretty long time ago were true and someone did his job pretty nice. Then, it is obvious, that those designing elements, which have been presented may actually have a strong influence on the technological aspects of a device, what can not be a bad news. Furthermore, it will be a crime to forget about the integration of a new processor, which is actually much more powerful, than those processors,which are implemented on the majority of the laptops today. And, finally, the speech about iPhone X is impossible without mentioning a new OS, which is iOS 11. Besides, I a belief, that the innovations of that software for your device will acts as a harmonious alliance with not only the design but also the core technological functions and opportunities of iPhone. Thus, let us avoid the waste of time and go straight forward to the description of a new iPhone and its platform, iOS.

Technological Reformation

I think, that it is possible to claim, that Apple is like a dominating state in the world community, which social and political innovations are followed by the others. So, the integration of the most recent changes within a new iPhone might be sooner appear upon other devices, developed upon of the OSs and by other brands. Actually, it is not bad at all. Why so? The answer is simple, because progress is life and money and we sometimes do not even understand, how the development of Apple and Android is changing our lives, while making it better in some cases. Thus, meet the best of iPhone X right now!

Absolutely New Screen

What is the brightest change in new iPhone? For sure it is its screen. Thanks to the efforts of the developers the design as well as the screen itself were changed dramatically. First of all, let us take into consideration, that the company decided to make a screen and the body of the phone a solid thing. Why so? It was done in order to improve the physical characteristics of a device. Due to such an innovation the device now is much stronger, what automatically improves its anti-shock characteristics. Besides, do not forget, the the main materials for the creation of a device were glass and aluminum, which, while being united, create a strong alliance, which are able to prevent almost any possible accidents. Thus, from that moment you do not have to worry incase if the phone falls down.

Then, the screen itself is designed in such a manner, that#nbsp; there are no more borders, which have been circling the screen in previous models. Due to that the whole screen is separated on two main parts, safe zone and marginal zone. The last one is located in the top and in the bottom of the device, where previously was the home button. So, various app developers have to design their games and extension, basing on the fact, that now they have much more space. As a result, the size of the screen has increased up to 5,8 inches.

Better Quality

However, there is no need to have such a giant screen in case if you do not want to improve the quality of the pictures. So, now, Apple is using much more points on the screen than previously, 812 ones plus even more 145 points. Furthermore, do not forget, that thanks to the changes, which have been made within a system of colors, the whole atmosphere of the photo and pictures can be now shown in a much batter manner. Besides, let us also not forget about the improvement in the links of frames and the balance of colors.

P3 system of color arrangement can now give you an opportunity to see the deep colors and shapes of the pictures and the elements of them. As a result, the quality of those photos, which you make becomes much more advanced. So, that will be also suitable to mention the innovations, which have been done with camera. First of all, Apple decided to arrange the main elements of cameras in a better manner, while creating much more functions and making the sizer of a camera smaller. Furthermore, you are now able to make the photos with the usage of the HDR technology and Dolby Vision, which makes it possible to film videos and photos in the same manner as in the professional studio. Actually, I believe, that such a revolutionary change will not leave the users indifferent.

New Emoji Keyboard and the Usage of AR

One of the funniest#nbsp; things, which have been made by the company is the creation of a new version of an emoji keyboard. From now, you are able to operate with several hundreds of different smiling icons, which present different emotions. However, that is not the main thing. The main change was done with the involvement of such a technology as Augmented Reality. Thanks to the unification of such an approach, camera and an emoji keyboard, Apple gave you an opportunity to analyse your face, and then, implement your own emotions to an emoji you want. This operation will be impossible without the usage of a new camera, which has been already mentioned. It is all because of an opportunity of a camera to capture the movements of the muscles on your face with the usage of more than 3000 linking spots.

Creating of a Wireless Charger and Face ID

Finally, one of the most interesting things, which have been#nbsp; implemented in the technology of iPhone are wireless charging platform and the usage of Fce ID technology. From now you do not have to keep a cable with you all the time in order to charge your phone, due to the fact, that now you can put only on small charging plate, which will transfer as much power to a device as needed. Moreover, such a thing is now possible with other Apple devices not only iPhone X. Another astounding feature is also an opportunity to use another security strategy. in case if previously you had to use a password or your finger print, after that day, the only thing, which your device needs is your face. Actually that function works upon all the same strategy as the already enlightened emoji AR thing. So, now, you may be able to feel yourself like a real character from the 1980s sci-fi things.

What is New in iOS 11?

As I have highlighted in the very beginning, it is impossible to imagine iPhone X without a new iOS 11. That is all because of the fact, that those functions, which ought to work within iPhone X are just impossible with the usage of the main iOS 11 technologies and libraries. So, let us also observe the main things, which Apple decided to implement into their famous operation system. In order to make all the thin much clear I am willing to arrange it as a list of the main bullet-points, which are important for now. So, let us start.

  • Thanks to the innovations within iOS 11, the user has an opportunity to operate upon absolutely new strategies af audio, video and photo compression. That is not a secret, that lots of the users all over the world are really worried about the space on their devices, which such an approach of media file compression might be able to save that space in a great way. So, take into the consideration, that now, even 64 GB is pretty enough for the greatest fans of Instagram and Vine.
  • You may have already noticed, that the usage of Augmented Reality in iPhone X is one of the most distinguishing features. However, in order to make that thing works better we do not have to forget about special software technologies, which ought to be taken into consideration. Namely iOS 11 gives its users such technological approaches and techniques. One of teh most important one is the usage of AirKit technology, which is a bedrock for any type of AR upon any type of a device.
  • To be honest, lots of stuffs have been changes in the field of the user experience design. That is so because of the fact, that now the operation upon iOS became even more simple and fast. That is so, due to the fact, that the controlling setre or a meny have been rearranged in a pretty radical way. For instance, now, the user have an opportunity to work with different sub-menus and categories, which allow him or her to sort all of the element in a right manner. Finally, the developers also tried to changed the system of the operation of such a thing as a music player. From now, it became much more simple and fancy, what is, for sure, a pretty nice benefit.
  • In case if you make the screenshots pretty frequently, you now also have an opportunity to edit them in way you want with the usage of a completely new editing technology, presented in iOS 11. Besides, after the years of attempts, Apple finally made it possible for the users to film the screen. And, to be honest, it is really useful. For instance, such a thing is a really nice function in case if you need to explain something to your friend, in case if he or she has some problems with the technical part of the usage of that OS.
  • Hello files! That function is also really unusual for apple. As you know, they have never had something similar to Samsung or Xiaomi filing systems. However, the developers finally found out, that such a technology is pretty useful for the customers and gives them an opportunity to work with various important notes, files and documents in a quick and simple manner. So, now, instead of the usage of iCloud all the time, you are able to operate with file, like in Samsung or a common computer.

iPhone X and the Main Features of iOS 11

The creation of an application for iPhone X

In that pre-last passage I am willing to elighted a topic, which has been disturbing the developers since the day of the presentation of a completely new iPhone. This topic is the creation of the application for such a new device. Frankly speaking, until we will not get a full details on all the technological and constructing features of that model it is not really possible to say, that it is possible to tell a lot on that issue. However, we already have something to present you.

First of all. it is really important to mention the usage of the safe zone once more. As you may have already noticed, we decided to enlighten that topic in a pretty detailed manner just in order to be sure, that you remembered the golden rule of iPhone X, which claims, that the development of an application is possible only within a safe zone itself. You may ask, why it is so vital?#nbsp;

The answer is pretty simple. It is so, due to the fact, that when you use the marginal zones, the entire image of an application is going to be radically cropped, when a user turns his or her device into a horizontal position. So, you have to keep in mind, that in order to avoid the problems with the presentation of an application, breaking functionality and collapsing design, it is highly vital to attach the interface of an extension according to the limits of a safe zone.

Another pretty important thing, which has to be taken into consideration is the width of a screen of a new iPhone. Frankly speaking, that aspect is a pretty important positive feature. It is so vital because you can make the whole developmental process much easier because of the fact, that a total redesign is not needed. That is so thanks to the fact, that the width of an application is all the same. However, there is also another side of a coin. While putting a background wallpaper for an application you have to remember, that it has to be attached to the entire size of a device in order to avoid cropping.

The last two point, which are going to be important for the developers are related to the quality of the screen and the usage of the home button indicator. First of all, let me give a word on the the quality of a screen. Thanks to the X3 image assets, the quality of iPhone X is highly great, but you also do not need to hold a complete redesign because of the fact, that the same technology was used upon iPhone 7 and other later models. Lastly, the home button indicator is designed in such a way, which gives a opportunity for the developers to avoid the creation of a separate code for that part of a screen, while making it to change its color. So, the developmental process is going to become a bit more simple. Furthermore, in case if you are still developing within a safe zone, you do not have to make the connection between the indicator and the user problematic. So, a person will not accidently press that button, while using an app.

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Taking everything into consideration, I am willing to say, that the creation and release of iPhone X and iOS 11 is something really surprising and revolutionary in a good sense of that word. I am deeply convinced, that these two technological inventions will act as the catalyst of the development of more and more other interesting and useful devices and OSs. Besides, the changes within hardware and software will definitely lead to the emergence of more and more innovations in the field of app development and extensions designing. So, I can claim, that now we may stay on the edge of a new epoch of technologies and mobile devices.

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