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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Magento Enterprise Exclusive Features: What Will Make Your eCommerce Site Really Handy


Magento Enterprise Exclusive Features: What Will Make Your eCommerce Site Really Handy

In the year of the Magento foundation noone was able to think that this CMS is going to become one of the most popular ones, which will be able to offer to the users those functions and additions about which they were not even able to think previously. So, today the whole Magento community is one of the biggest and one of the most influential groups of fans and supporters in the whole world of web design. Moreover, you ought to remember, that you have an opportunity to join it anytime and enjoy all of the benefits in the building process of your web page.

Due to this, we advise you to check that particular list, that may be able to help you in that pretty complicated process of sorting out that whole bunch of additions and extensions trying to find the best one.

What is Magento and why to use it?

Magneto is one of the most popular CMSs in the whole world. In the very beginning of the development of a company and its products they were not really popular. However, the Magneto team made a decision to arrange lots of special functions for their software, which would be able to make it possible to evolve and improve the websites in a way, which previously was not available for the designers. For instance, there are the backup functions, special catalogs, targeting  functions and that is only the beginning.

Because of it I am willing  to present you all of the special additions, extensions and plugins, which make Magneto so special and without which the usage of such a CMS IN a way it is meant to be operated becomes impossible.

Customer Segmentation, Targeted Promotions & Merchandising

One of the most popular and the most useful feature of Magento could become the fragmentation of the visitors on various groups thanks to the usage of certain segments and features. For example, special offers or promotions could be one of the most essential things, which play crucial role in the process of the e-commerce development. However without knowing all of the tastes of your users the promotion of offers becomes not really effective. That is why it becomes really important to offer special sales for special people. For instance, you may target them for age, sex, searching data and other features.

Dynamic Rule-Based Product Relations

If you are willing to to target all your customers in a much more successful way one of the best decisions may be to present them upsells, cross-sells, or related products based on their selections. Rules management is provided through a condition-based tool, which allows marketers to create specific product suggestions, shopping cart price rules and banners to any customer segment. This trick is old as the whole world, however despite its popularity it is not useless and could be one of the most useful arrangements for the improvement of an atmosphere of your ecommerce  website.  Such feature is a great pro for encouraging additional purchases.

Persistent Shopping

One of the most important issues for the users is a need for logging in all the times while making purchases from different devices. However, thanks to the existence of a long-term cookie, which saves all the needed materials about the user it becomes able to border all the actions for logging in from five to only one while using a device different from yours. So, purchasing, monitoring and checking out is much easier and faster with the help of such a useful thing as the highlighted extension.

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Magento Enterprise Exclusive

Automated Email Marketing Reminder

Are there any customers that have abandoned their shopping carts or wish lists? Automated email reminders will help you increase customer retention. Your email reminders may be customizable for a variety of parameters including frequency, cart value, quantity and more.

Private Sales

The usage of special offers is pretty nice for any of the owner of an ecommerce shop aimed on any possible products. Despite  of the fact, that nowadays there are various discounts and sales, the whole community of the cyber businessmen is developing, making it more and more important to operate upon different  offers. One of them is the creation of private catalogs for those users, which have special status. For instance, you may be able to include there  such products  which are not available for others. Furthermore, the path towards a special status of a user depends only on your fantasy and needs.

Gift Registry

Creation of an idea of special offers and gifts is really nice. However, sometimes there are also different ways in that particular technology, which may help you to target various customers. For instance, with the usage of the data of the registered users, which operate with gifts you might be able to offer them various products basing on their searches and personal information.

Gifting Options

This feature makes customers available to buy physical and virtual gift certificates from your store. Do you know that gift wrapping and gift messaging options to individual products or complete orders before check out increase the average order value? Taxes for gift wrapping options are easily configured by administrators.

Rewards Points

Now you can implement programs that provide incentives to frequent shoppers to increase customer loyalty. Reasons of awarded points can be different. As a merchant, you can control redemption rules, which can be based on a variety of parameters (balances, expiration, customer history, conversion rate, more).

Store Credits

Creation of special store credits could be one of the best and one of the most efficient solution for the attraction of the customers. That means, that people may be able to collect and store their sales and discounts for various products, arrange virtual credit cards and then, operate with them.

Multiple Wish Lists

Want to save products to multiple wish lists? Magento Enterprise also has this option! Customers can manage their wish lists by creating additional folders, or copying and moving items from list to list. They can also make their wish lists public so that anyone can see what their dreams are. The pro for merchants is that they can review them to learn about their customers' wants and needs.

Adding to Cart by SKU

For now, B2B customers can make large and recurring orders even if they are based on offline catalogs, which are much easier, by entering a list of SKUs without having to go to the product pages. Sounds easy, right?

Content Management System

Magento's CMS uses a WYSIWYG editor with support for rich content. A content manager is able to build complex content pages, create multiple versions of a page, and even create menus. CMS pages are easily added to the navigation menu - a merchant can copy or delete different CMS hierarchy trees for his website.

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Scheduled Import/Export Functionality

This is a great solution for merchants to handle errors, report statuses and backup. Just import or export product catalog data either locally or from remote FTP servers.

So, the next portion of Magento Enterprise extensions is already waiting for you in the second part of the article. Click on the next post to find out what other solutions the software have for yo

Backup and Rollback

Now you are able to manage and schedule different backup operations and rollback the changes to reverse any modifications. You may need this feature for testing new modules or customizations, or when upgrading to a new version of Magento. You can also review specific customizations and their impact on the new code. But we don't recommend using this feature in your production environment. There are three types of backup that are supported:

  • System Backup

  • Database Backup

  • Database and Media Backup

Magento Enterprise

Staging, Merging and Rollback of Content

This function allows you to create a staging site to test new categories, product information, promotions and other content. It can be merged to the live site on-demand or per schedule after your approval.

Customer Attribute Management

Use this extension to improve sales and marketing efforts. Advanced attribute management is provided by the Magento Administrator interface that creates and manages customized marketing campaigns and customer profiles.

Price and Promotion Permission

This enterprise extension enables you to create and control a variety of admin roles for managing prices and promotions.

Logging of Administrative Actions

You are able to track and review all actions taken by administrator users, including the ability to see, view, edit and delete information. Only they are able to view when the action was made, taken, and more.

Order Archiving

This order archiving module enables you to increase store performance effectively and, more importantly, provide efficiencies in store management. By archiving orders after a configurable time, they are still available to both users and customers when they provide increased performance by storing historical orders in an archive.

Full Page Caching

Everyone knows that caching of pages generally improves server response times and reduces load. The Full Page Caching function enhances performance with caching of primary pages, including category, product and CMS pages for all users, even session ones (but excluding personal information).

Optimized Indexing

For easier adding and updating of products you can use optimized indexing – this enables significantly faster indexing with limited to no impact on the customer's shopping experience. Besides, ensuring that URLs, promotions, navigational menus and product search tools are always up-to-date nevers slow down site performance. Most indexing operations are automated because incremental indexing reduces the need to perform a full reindex.

Configurable Order Tracking Widget

Customers can track the status of existing orders and returns without the need to login to their accounts. Support for Alternate Media Storage – CDN and Database Media files can be stored within the database or CDNs.

PA-DSS Certification/Payment Bridge

Magento Secure Payment Bridge is a PA-DSS certified payment application that enables merchants to attain PCI compliance with minimum cost and effort. Customers can also securely save their credit card information for future transactions.

Strong Data Encryption, Hashing and Key Management

Strong data encryption based on AES-256 and strong hashing based on SHA-256. Database keys are easily managed and updated.

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Bottom line

Taking everything into consideration, I would.like to say, that Magneto is moving towards the first place in the list of all the world CMSs absolutely fairly. Due to this I am willing to say, that the choice of magneto  for your project is a pretty wise decision and all of those numerous functions is a direct evidence of that vital point. Thus, I hope that this very article became a rather nice description of all of the points essential for a primary understanding of such a topic as the implementation and the usage of all of the available functions of such a platform as Magento.


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