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Magento Enterprise Exclusive Features: What Will Make Your eCommerce Site Really Handy. Part 1.

Merchants who have already heard about magic Magento Community features definitely think nothing could surprise them. Anyway, after figuring out the opportunities they may have from Magento Enterprise all of them are ready to pay more in order to have these extensions included on their sites. Today's article is about solutions that could be released by Magento Enterprise.

Check this list in order to add new eCommerce solutions to your site


Customer Segmentation, Targeted Promotions & Merchandising

Optimization of your marketing initiatives would be possible with segmenting customers into groups and identifying them using specific characteristics (sex, address, location) or value (in-site browsing, purchase history, etc.). These advanced segmentation capabilities also include the ability to identify unknown site visitors. It doesn't matter if they are new visitors or just returning customers who haven't logged in. Finally, you are able to identify and target them with special promotions to convert into buyers.

Dynamic Rule-Based Product Relations

Targeting customers would be more successful if you present them upsells, cross-sells, or related products based on their selections. Rules management is provided through a condition-based tool, which allows marketers to create specific product suggestions, shopping cart price rules and banners to any customer segment. Such feature is a great pro for encouraging additional purchases.

Persistent Shopping

No more constant logging in! Customers are able to add items in their shopping cart or wish list, and even recently compared items between browsing sessions and from device to device. Once a customer logs in to a site, a long-term cookie is established for the browser (or device) combination. So, the contents of their shopping cart is available without logging in again.

Automated Email Marketing Reminder

Are there any customers that have abandoned their shopping carts or wish lists? Automated email reminders will help you increase customer retention. Your email reminders may be customizable for a variety of parameters including frequency, cart value, quantity and more.

Private Sales

You may create a catalog for specific customers. Just create invitations or events for limited time sales and select customers.

Gift Registry

Gift Registry feature can help you increase revenue and capture valuable customer data. Those purchasing gifts can search for the registry by owner’s name, email or gift registry ID. Privacy settings are included.

Gifting Options

This feature makes customers available to buy physical and virtual gift certificates from your store. Do you know that gift wrapping and gift messaging options to individual products or complete orders before check out increase the average order value? Taxes for gift wrapping options are easily configured by administrators.

gifting option

Rewards Points

Now you can implement programs that provide incentives to frequent shoppers to increase customer loyalty. Reasons of awarded points can be different. As a merchant, you can control redemption rules, which can be based on a variety of parameters (balances, expiration, customer history, conversion rate, more).

Store Credits

A customer can create a store credit and tie it to his account. Customer's orders can also be refunded with store credit or virtual gift cards which can be redeemed to make future purchases.

Multiple Wish Lists

Want to save products to multiple wish lists? Magento Enterprise also has this option! Customers can manage their wish lists by creating additional folders, or copying and moving items from list to list. They can also make their wish lists public so that anyone can see what their dreams are. The pro for merchants is that they can review them to learn about their customers' wants and needs.

Adding to Cart by SKU

For now, B2B customers can make large and recurring orders even if they are based on offline catalogs, which are much easier, by entering a list of SKUs without having to go to the product pages. Sounds easy, right?

Content Management System

Magento's CMS uses a WYSIWYG editor with support for rich content. A content manager is able to build complex content pages, create multiple versions of a page, and even create menus. CMS pages are easily added to the navigation menu - a merchant can copy or delete different CMS hierarchy trees for his website.

Scheduled Import/Export Functionality

This is a great solution for merchants to handle errors, report statuses and backup. Just import or export product catalog data either locally or from remote FTP servers.

So, the next portion of Magento Enterprise extensions is already waiting for you in the second part of the article. Click on the next post to find out what other solutions the software have for you.

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