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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Magento or Magento 2? What is the difference?


Magento or Magento 2? What is the difference?

Today Magento is one of the most popular platforms for the development of an e-commerce business in the Internet. From the year of its release in 2007 Magento acted as a revolutionary and innovative CMS, which was able to compete with such giants as Word Press, Drupal or Joomla. However, time passes and now, because of the emergence of new PHP versions, modern approaches to the development of the web resources and its popularisation, the Magento team released a new generation of their CMS, which will perfectly fit to all the recent reforms committed in a field of cyber business. In that article it would be highly useful to clearly draw the difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2 and give a proper advice to those, who are now making an afort on the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and evaluating the outcomes of their choice.

What is Magento 2 from the inside?

From my perspective it would be really appropriate to start the discussion over the issue of the pros and cons of Magento 2 from enlightening the key positive and negative aspects of a newborn version of Magento 2.0 and making an emphasis on the key priorities, which may identify your future choice. In case if there is an intention to begin with the core advantages of a new version of a highlighted popular CMS, it fits perfectly to separate that impressive list at two parts and clearly identify the main programming and administrating (interface) improvements made by a team of developers from the office of Magento.

Programming improvements

Starting the discussion of the key programming improvements should be started, from my opinion, with the identification of main PHP updates, which were introduced from 2007 till the emergence of Magento 2. It is important to note that the Magento 1 comparison with Magento 2 may be impossible without mentioning a fact, that the very early version was operating within the old type of PHP language, which made impossible several of those features, which are available today in Magento 2. Thanks to the highlighted improvements, the new generation is now based on PHP 5.5, what automatically gives you an advantage, due to the fact, that the nowadays Magento 2 is able to be linked to such PHP versions as 5.6 and 7. Furthermore, you are now also able to build the links with HHVM, what could not be forgotten in case of the development of a potentially successful business.

pros and cons of Magento 2

Second vital issue is that thanks to those advantages of Magento 2 that a recent update gives, you have an opportunity to work with modules in a much more efficient way. It means, that in case of usage of an updated version of CMS you will not face any problems, while trying to introduce a new module and install it on your e-shop. For instance, you are now able to steadily upgrade it with the implementation of more modules and additions without being afraid of your website collapse. It is now possible thanks to an updated system of the website security provided by the Magento team. Moreover, a new generation allows you to avoid the problems with classes. For example, in Magento 1 you could frequently see such a problem as “System classes overlap the conflicting classes”. It became possible after the enlargement of the plugin usage within the system. I have to notice, that that technology is absolutely innovative and has never been introduced in any previous CMS.

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Then, we have to notice, that the number of root directories was reduced from nine to five, what allows now to manage the system in an easier way. So, from that moment the file structure has been steadily improved, what made the whole process of programme managing easier and faster. For example, now the only directories are:

  • pub;

  • media;

  • error;

  • skin;

  • js;

It seems suitable to list the most prominent background softs, which are now matchable with Magento 2 and also create its actual core on which the whole CMS is built. Thanks to that changes Magento 2 is now well primed for any other platform.

  • HTML 5;

  • CSS 3;

  • MySQL 5.6;

  • CSS pre-processor;

  • Apache 2.2

  • PSR compliance;

Magento 1 vs. Magento 2

Administration and interface improvements

While listing the key administration improvements it seem useful to firstly give a word about the administration panel itself. With the release of a new version of Magento the panel became more user friendly and much less complicated. For now it is separated only on 7 key categories, where the majority of actions could be based on your own intuition. The key changes were made in such sectors as:

  • Dashboard;

  • Product creation;

  • Marketing;

  • Content creation;

Let’s now take a closer look at all the changes. First of all, dashboard is now separated on several sections, which allow you to monitor the key web flows on your site as fast and simple as it is possible.

Key Differences

Furthermore, because of that innovation you are now able to control the revenue taxes, shipping and quantity of products in one place in a time.

Another vital point is now an opportunity of fast and simple step by step product creation, what allows you to spend as less time as possible on such changes. However, despite of an increasing speed the quality of the product making system did not fall, but only skyrocketed.

Marketing section as well, came through a line of changes. From now seo-promotion, communication, user content and search are united in a bunch of functions, based on simply designed object-oriented main menus and editors. We have to mention another vital improvement. From now you are able to accept 10 million catalogues users per an hour, while previously the numbers were much lower. Keep in mind, that thanks to a faster checkout process gives you an opportunity to save up to 40% of customers.

Key drawbacks

While depicting the key drawbacks of Magento 2 software we can limit that particular description with only several points. First of all, due to the fact, that the second generation is not still fully improved, it will not be possible entirely to transfer the whole system based on Magento 1 to an upgraded version of the CMS. Furthermore, we can make an automatic conclusion, that not all extensions of Magento 1 are available within Magento 2. Moreover the enterprise editions costs for the second version are higher. For instance, such useful additions as:

  • Enhanced site management;

  • Enhanced catalogue management;

  • Dynamic marceting;

  • 24/7 support;

Will be rated upon much higher costs.

new magento2 platform capabilities

Difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2

When talking about the key pros and cons of Magento 1 we have to remember, that such section does not really matters after the release of an updated version of the software in 2015. We also have to take into consideration, that the old version is going to be supported by the company only for 3 years in the future. So if you really want to keep up with your web building and especially with your customers, eventually you will have no choice, but transiting your web resource to an updated version of the CMS.

Of course, now we can argue, that Magento 1 was cheaper to maintain, while the set of plugins, modules and features was bigger. That is definitely true. However, it would be suitable to keep in mind, that all the drawbacks of Magento 1 were improved in Magento 2, what put a sort of dilemma in front of a businessman. On the one hand he may have a fully developed website on Magento 1, which also suffers from some problems, what are impossible to overcome because of the background structure of his older CMS, while another generation offers him an approach to dissolve all the issues, while to do so he has to sacrifice with an already established order on his older version. In my opinion, the choice is pretty difficult, but if you really want to move forward and develop your resource you need to lose something. Even more such a loss will not be painful in case if you would be able to rebuild and expand your site in the nearest future, while in case if you stay on Magento 1 CMS, those problems from which you were suffering will not eliminate even in case of your direct interference.

On the other hand we can give a counter argument to those, who insist on the maintenance and wide usage of the older version of the CMS on the issue of Magento 1 vs Magento 2 rivalry. First of all, as it was argued several times higher, Magento 2 dealt with the old problems of an early version. Moreover, the company made it possible to create a high level of interdependence between Magento 2 and other softwares. Among them:

  • Apache 2.2 or 2.4

  • Nginx 1.7+

  • MySQL5.6x;

  • Solr 4.x;

  • CSS3;

  • JQuery;

  • Symfony; etc.

And it is only a small part of the list of all other capabilities of Magento updated version. Another point, that has to be announced is that Magento 2 may allow you to support stronger links with portable devices like smartphones or tablets. For instance, now adaptation of the website for these technologies became easier and much safer, you may not face any crashes or errors during that process. Last, but not least, Magento’s 2 security level is much higher.

Taking everything into consideration, while talking about the choice between Magento or Magento 2 I would recommend to make a decision to a full transition to a just released version of the platform. It may help you not only to overcome the previous issues, but also to open a new dimension, which were not available for you previously due to some notable defect in an older system of the CMS you are using.

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