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Objective-C or Swift? What to Choose and Why?


Objective-C or Swift? What to Choose and Why?

Creation of various applications and web resources becomes more and more famous these days. While one of the most popular and widely used devices and softwares, which are adopted by the users is Apple, the development of the company itself is moving forward with giant laps. One of the most popular and frequently discussed things, which have ever emerged in the field of programming is the rivalry between the usage of Objective-C or Swift.

You may know, that Objective-C is on of the most widely used programming platforms for the creation of your own applications and web resources, which will be available for the users in the Internet. However, Swift is something much more recent and new for the programmers all over the world. It is not a surprise at all, that the emergence of a new technology of programmes dvelopemnt became an object for the arguments and discussions all over the world, Furthermore, it led to the misunderstanding between the beginners, what made it pretty complicated for the newbies to orientate within the field of the programming approaches, which are available for them. Case of such a complicated situation I am willing to present you a comparison between Swift vs Objective-С, what may make it easier for the beginning developers to make a right choice.

How to choose between Swift or Objective-с

Frankly speaking the choice between any possible programming or cyber technologies is a really complicated thing. It is so not only because of the fact, that there are numerous nuances, which may influence your choice, while being situated in the technological background of the language, but also due to the existence of different priorities of a project, which is going to be arranged. So, it will be a great mistake to say, that Swift is much better than Objective-C or visa versa.

For instance if you are thinking about the usage of Swift instead of Objective-C in 2017, you have to pay attention at different special things, which tend to play really crucial roles in that dilemma. First of all, as for a beginner, you have to take into consideration the size of your developing project. For example, in case if your project is pretty small you may be able to make a choice in favour of the usage of something new, while in case if it is pretty big, you have to keep in mind the fact, that you may spend lots of time and money on the transition of the majority of the materials from one platform to another. So, here, we may say, that the size of the project is one of those factors, which influence on an issue why choose Swift. Another pretty important thing is the size of your team and the specialization of the majority of those developers, which are presented there. That particular point also plays a pretty important role in the competition between Objective-c vs Swift. Due to the fact, that we have already highlighted the major part of pros and cons of Objective-C, while the overwhelming part of the programmers already know, what it actually is, it might be better to be focused on the key difference between Objective-C and swift.

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Disadvantages and Advantages of Swift programming language

While providing a reader with Swift and Objective-C comparison it is highly vital to mention all of the possible positive and negative aspects of each of the observed platforms. However, as i have already highlighted earlier, due to the fact, that the topic of Objective-C has been really popular for the several previous years it might be much better to be focused on the description of Swift in a much more precise and strict manner. So, in that passage I would like you to see the majority of those features, which make Swift so outstanding.

Swift and Objective-C

First of all, it is important to mention, that one of the most vital aspects of the usage of Swift is the presence of a pretty simple coding process. It does not mean, that there are radical differences from a pretty popular platform Objective C, but there are still several points, which make that aspect worth mentioning. First of all, thanks to an improved structure of a new language from Apple there is no need to use semicolons, what automatically makes the whole coding process much easier for the beginnrs. For example, one of the main complications of the usage of the Objective-C language was the presence of these semicolons, what led not only to the increasing consumption of time resources but also to the growing level of an experience of a coder, which was required for a successful fulfilment of a project upon that language. Moreover, Swift, unlike Objective-C is now a 100% open-source platform.It means, that you are able to take anu part of the code of that project building environment and change it in a way you need and want, what definitely makes the coding process much easier. Besides, the programmer is able to alter the platform in a way he or she needs, what allows him or her to set it in any possible and the most comfortable way.

Secondly, another pretty good aspect is the decreasing amount of code itself. You may agree, that sometimes, especially in case of the usage of Objective C, one of the most terrible problems is a great need of copying and rewriting a huge pieces of code within a system. However, when you are using a new version of Swift, that problem is eliminated automatically. It is so due to the fact, that now you are able to use a built-in inline support, which now is able to offer you various further functions, which are ought to be implemented in a system. Furthermore, in case of the usage of Swift you will not face other problems linked with coding because of the fact, that an innovative approach of the unification of interface and implementation leads to the reduction of the number of files, which are needed for a successful operation of a system.

One of the most distinguishing things, which helped to make programming with Swift so different from programming with Objective-С is safety and security, which was playing one of the most crucial roles in the whole process of the creation of that new and innovative language. Safety of data and any of the information, which is used by the developers is more and more important issue with which the programmers try to deal with. So, because of it Swift was improved after the integration of stronger error sensors, which are able to detects all of the bugs and show them to the developer and strong typing system, which may help you to prevent your code from the minor mistakes. However, that beneficial extension may act not only like a positive but also like a negative aspect. It is so because of the fact, that because of the usage of such error detecting systems the whole speed of writing of the code is falling rapidly. So, in case if you are using Swift, you have to be ready for a slow process of coding due to the fact, that the system will not allow you to go further unless you solve the emerged problem.

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choose between swift or Objective с

Finally, the most useful and the most revolutionary innovation, which was implemented by the developers were, for sure, the dynamic libraries, which act as one of the most distinguishing features of the whole programming language called Swift. While describing the usage of the dynamic libraries we have to remember, that the main technology, which is used here is the direct connection between a library and an application. That allows the application to use the newest version of Swift, what actually means, that the programming language is updating faster, than iOS itself. Furthermore, the usage of dynamic libraries may reduce the size of an application, because of the fact, that the external code is going to be ran only in case if it is really needed, while the internal one is safe within a memory.

Key differences between Swift and Objective-C

Swift Objective-C
Types are inferred; Semicolons are used;
Functions are first class objects; Types have to be declared;
Collections are typed with the usage of generics; Usage of lots of header files;
Simpler string manipulations; Usage of the pointers;
Memory is managed automatically; Usage of KVO & custom settings;

Bottom Line

In that very article we tried to show the majority of the differences and special features, which exist within the systems of these two really different programming languages, while trying to show you those important factors, which influence on the decision why Objective-C or Swift is going to become the core of your project. I really hope, that such an article made it possible for you to find all the needed answers on the basic questions and gave you an opportunity for you to open more new dimension of cyber world, which later may inspire you on the creation of something really innovative and revolutionary.

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