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Platform For Website Development

Everyone knows that the right platform for website development saves precious time so that one could take on more projects and increase client base. The variety of web development platforms allows both a design guru, who has no clue about coding, and clear programming minds finish their lines faster and don't go far to create fantastic websites. We have a set of website designing platforms that might be useful to you and your time management. Working with a good platform, you'll see its advantages even in the first days of your workflow.

So, what are the trends of website development platforms in 2016?

1 Webydo

Work your magic on the platform with the advanced cloud hosting, standard-compliant code and a Photoshop-like design studio. Webydo allows you to create easily responsive websites, that are code-free. Also, you can use white label solution to build your own brand and have the ability to bill clients from the Webydo dashboard. Perhaps, Webydo is the best framework for website development for true designers because of its advanced features.

2 Visual Composer

With this tool, your project won't depend on a timescale, where you count every minute while designing a website. If some years ago it used to take ages to build a complex layout, today you can get there in minutes. Visual Composer is not an open source development platform, but it makes it possible to work out Front-end or Back-end in a visual studio. Creating a web page seems like fun; you have the ability to choose from 40+ elements that you can easily drag and drop.

3 Qards

Do a great job and get your customers to come back. Every time they return you get a vote of confidence. Give them what they want fast, whether it is redesigning some areas or even enhancing customer's online presence. Do this without delving into the coding part using Qards from Designmodo, that draws on card design. This development platform is plugged into already installed theme. Modify your client's website with an in-line editor. Then, just move your cards where you want them, and that is all!

Platform for website development

4 MotoPress Editor

This visual builder for WordPress makes it possible to watch exactly what is happening to your website when you are working on it. Using such website development platform with live preview is the easiest way to work out sites' Front-end. Besides, large motion backgrounds are a big trend today. MotoPress allows setting up videos or parallax backgrounds that definitely wow your end users.

5 Breezy Nitrogen

If the speed of your work matters the most, then level up your design projects with the website builder, Breezi Nitrogen. The designbot function makes going through hundreds of design interactions easy. This helps you be as closer as possible to the end result.

6 AllYou

Do you have a small handmade jewelry business and think of taking it online? The best way to show yourself in the best light and to catch potential clients' notice is to create professional online portfolio. AllYou is a portfolio builder for creatives to express themselves to the maximum. Finally you will get a responsive and retina-ready website with its own domain, full customization and support forum.

To sum everything up:

There is no lack of options to run successfully web development business if you take an unbiased look at your opportunities. If you know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, there won't be any problem with choosing web development platforms to get your act together. Grow more efficient by completing projects faster and reach your customer base.

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