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How to Choose a Website Development Platform?


How to Choose a Website Development Platform?

Internet is a global network, which unites people all over the world. Throughout the history of that kind of the 21st century phenomena, which emerged in 1996, it is absorbing more and more users on all the continents. What is actually the Internet made of? The core foundation of a cyber colossus is based on the web-sites, which are actually nothing more, but interactive pages in that system, which allow us to surf in the Internet. However thanks to the rapid development of the cyber space the acquired another new option. Web pages are now the crucial players within a big business. Lots of industries nowadays even do not go further than the Internet, while developing their zone of interests and influence. Due to this, entrepreneurs usually face a pretty utilitarian question on how to actually build a website. In that particular article we will try to give a clear answer on that question and provide you with the basic tips on the most popular web development platforms.  I would like to make a small announcement in the very beginning. There is no best platform for website development, and you should remember that during reading an article an, especially, while making a decision.

What is a website platform?

To make things clear let’s first of all say, that the website platform is the background of your Internet resource, which is located on a hosting server and maintain the most vital movements within a website. But you have to remember, that the operation system of your web resources has nothing in common with the operation system of your actual personal computer. Web platform identifies the key ways in which you construct pages, manage them and which approaches do you use in order to deal with the upcoming issues. Furthermore, we may also claim, that the core characteristics of your site depend on the chosen web platform for your business, later you will understand, what I mean. Now, it may be suitable to take a bit closer look at which approach to web platforms is the most widespreaded. To be honest, approximately 35% of the websites are based on the so-called CMS platforms. In order not to mislead you I will explain what CMS platforms actually are. CMS is decrypted as content management system. It is a software on which the very basic parts of the site are built and thanks to which you can easily manage and control all of them in a way you need. We may argue, that CMS frequently consist of several highly vital sectors, while each of which is necessary for the management of different part of the web resource. To make it more understandable let’s say, that those core elements are: the website itself, administration, content, data, domain, source code, PDF-HTML and the network. Depiction of a small chart may help you to visualize it.

How to Choose a Website Development Platform

Website development platforms vary in different ways. We may argue, that they contrast by popularity, complexity, price, resistance to crashes or errors and many other ways. In order to give a clear picture of the most usable and popular CMS systems I found it useful to provide a reader with a chart, depicted lower.

We could say, that an absolute and outright leader of the CMS is Word Press, which occupies a 39% share of the global market, due to being not only the most reliable, but also the oldest platform ever manufactured. It takes its first days from the year of 2003 at dawn the free Internet industry. On the second place in the rating of popularity stands Joomla with the 25% share of the market, being quite similar to Word Press it is still falling behind an absolute leader and almost a monopolist of the industry. Now, last, but not least with the 17% share stands Drupal. Despite of a lower rate, comparing to Joomla it saves much more potential and usage in the cyber field, than its predecessor. Other CMS platforms such as MODx or Magento with the 9% are also pretty famous, against a pretty lower share. They are going to be presented in the article as well as others. From that point it would be suitable to transfer to a much more closer examination of different website platforms.

What is the difficulty to choose web platform for your business?

As you have just seen from a previous paragraph the list of a highlighted softwares for the web development is just a tiny top of an iceberg of web building. In the article downstream I am willing to present you only a bunch of the most popular and mostly used CMS, which have shown a high level of productivity and reliability. Anyway, it would be highly vital to keep in your head a simple fact, that the usage of a less known or several CMS platforms will not guarantee you a proper outcome. Even more, it may lead to problems, which come out from the low experience and too high expectations from a newborn project. Maybe it may sound too naive, but different website platforms vary not only in terms of their names, year of release and the popularity rate. Somewhere deep in their background structure you may find those features, which may not fit at all or otherwise fit as nothing else to your project, which is now exist only in your head and did not cross the border of its embryonic state. Otherwise, let’s get back to the topic and take a look at the core web development platforms.

1 WordPress

When most popular website development platforms an absolute favorite will be obviously Word Press, which acts today as the most widespeaded CMS in the world, and there are lots of aspects, which allow us to bravely claim that. Word Press, to be honest, became a revolution in the world of web building and administration. If you use that CMS for a pretty long period of time it will definitely give you the answer on the question which bothers lots of beginning developers on “What is a website platform?” Thanks to a multi sided structure and a pretty simple interior architecture you may learn how to operate with similar sofs on the regular basis. Its creators were deeply worried with the high level of complexity of all the web platforms, which were used previously, so, they decided to develop something absolutely new, what will be easy to understand and use even for the newcomers. And that is the main decisive feature of that CMS.However, there is even more. One of the key positive aspects is the popularity of WordPress itself. It is not strange because of the fact, that in case if you have a CMS,which is widely used all around the world it is not a problem at all to find an expert, who would be able to manage and control all the flows within your web page on a professional level. Then, we also have to take into consideration the fact, that WordPress may help you to deal with the HTML coding without a direct interference to the code itself, thanks to the existence of the object-oriented simple interface. Furthermore, the administration of all the web field becomes easier. So, you can change any aspect without any serious obstacles. It is vital to mention, that because of the already highlighted simplicity you do not necessarily have to have a technical experience in order to start working with that CMS. And, last, but not least, Word Press have more, than 14.000 special free plugins, which allow you to add various special features to your web resource. For example:

  • Yoast → Searching optimisation;
  • WooCommerce → Organization of sales;
  • NextGEN → For the management of a gallery;
  • Gravity Forms → Helps to add the leading capture to the website;
  • Jetpack → Increasing such vital aspects as: traffic, website loading speed and the level of protection from the hacks;

What is a website platform

However, of course, we can not say about any CMS, that it is the perfect web development platform, due to the fact, that even in such a popular soft as Word Press you can find several mineses. For instance, Word Press is not the best choice in case if you need to develop a strong and high-quality website. Then, it is not going to be suitable for real experienced experts. But anyway, Word Press software is a good bet if you are willing to create a beginning:

  • Blog;
  • Simple social network;
  • News resource;

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2 Drupal

The second CMS I would like to examine is Drupal, not Joomla. That is because Joomla is quite similar to WordPress and much more simple, than Drupal, while in the beginning I would like to compare the two giants of the web building industry. When we discuss the features of Drupal we have to remember, that it is one of the most powerful and developed web building softwares, thanks to its wide range of functions and the initial potential.

Drupal could be identified by a pretty big list of its highly positive features and aspects. First of all, its interface, despite of a higher level of soft’s complexity, is pretty simple and understandable for the user. Secondly, thanks to the existence of “hooks” we can make backups and avoid the majority of possible problems within the building network. Furthermore, such modules as CCK or VIEWS allow to manufacture the independent types of data within the resource, while “Taxonomy” allows to manage the content, basing on certain levels. A huge number of modules allow to add lots of interesting features for the website. Last, but not least positive feature is that with every new update Drupal becomes easier to use and understand with the growing potential and productivity on the other hand.

However, as in any case there are also several negative aspects, which the potential users of Drupal have to remember before starting their work. Firstly, keep in mind, that Drupal is not for the newcomers and in case if have no experience in the usage of it you will definitely need an expert, who will be able to manage the site and deal with the errors and upcoming issues. Then, to use Drupal you need a good hardware. Remember, such a software is pretty energy-consuming, so, the demand of proper RAM resources is higher. Maybe, if I would be asked on what seems to be the best web development platform, I may respond, that it is definitely Drupal. However, let me again make an emphasis on the fact, that it depends on the personal features of your project.

  WordPress Drupal
Cost Free  Free
Source Code Open  Open
Programming Language PHP PHP
Database MySQL MySQL 
Plugins 14.000+ 7.000+ 
Asset Management Yes Yes 
Workflow 3rd Party Yes 
Personalisation No Yes
Multilingual content 3rd Party Yes
E-Commerce 3rd Party Yes

3 Joomla

That CMS is standing on the second step after Word Press in the rate of popularity among the users, and it seems to be pretty deservedly. Actually that CMS is balancing between the simple and the multitask nature of Word Press and the complex and high-producing structure of Drupal. As well as other CMS platforms, Joomla has a list of key positive and negative features. First of all, it is pretty easy to use, because of its simple interface and administration tools. Furthermore, it is a fool web-development tool oriented on the beginners and the first level developers. Secondly, we have to notice, that Joomla is friendly to all Gmail, OpenID and LDap services, what makes the process of its usage even more easier. By the way, the process of installation is the fastest in its class. Even more, as well as Word Press it is full of Plugins and special functions, while Joomla’s design is a special pleasure for each builder. However, in any case, Joomla is a pretty elementary website development platform, where there is a shortage of functions for a professional programmer, lower level of productivity, comparing to Drupal and a greater list of plugins for which you have to pay.

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4 MODx

MODx is not the most popular software, but still highly promising. While discussing MODx we may say, that it is a bit similar for Joomla, but anyway saves its authentic nature within it. One of the most beneficial features of MODx could be, for example, the simplicity of interface and its extreme fit with the SEO optimisation. Furthermore, it is absolutely free, what gives you almost an unbordered opportunity for development. By the way, not only the variety of shapes and plugins makes MODx so useful. You also obtain an opportunity to develop several websites in the same time, thanks to the absence of limits. Using MODx you also avoid all the complex problems due to the fact, that the manding process on that software is the easiest in class.

Choosing MODx may help you in the development of such web resources as:

  • Blogs;
  • Corporate web sites;
  • E-shops; 
  • Simple Social Networks;

Moreover, in case if you have good PHP skills you can adopt MODx to any your personal preferences tastes and preferences with managing the web pages on actually any level of complexity.

web platform for your business

5 Magento

Magento seems to be a growing in popularity CMS platform. Developed in 2008, now that software is competing almost on the same level with such giants as Word Press or Joomla, and there are actually some reasons for that. First of all, despite of such widely known benefits as simplicity, plugins and higher security, Magento also provides you with other opportunities such as:

  • Advanced search engine; 
  • Real time sales; 
  • Connection with the 3rd party vendors; 
  • High level of anti-hacking security; 
  • Friendliness to mobile devices (e.g: smartphones, tablets, mobile phones. etc)

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In other words, Magento seems to become one of the most reliable and hardstanding foundations for the development of your own e-commerce websites and resources.

All in all, we can say, that the choosing web platform for your startup depends on your own opportunities and tastes, which are directly linked with the budget and your readiness to face difficult tasks and issues. There is no direct answer on a question “how to choose a website development platform?”, because of the fact that each platform is the best in its own field, while later you choose on your own, what do you actually need or not, and we are just helping you to evaluate your efforts in the right way and make a proper choice.

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