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Top 10 Travel Apps To Setup On Your Phone When Going On Vacation


Top 10 Travel Apps To Setup On Your Phone When Going On Vacation

Before landing in new countries you sure want to be aware of all the practical information you might need for your trip. Even if you have visited this country or a city once, you might not have the chance to see all the places of interest that are a must-visit. That is why you can't go traveling without travel apps.

So, before packing bags and seeing the beauty of the world, check our list of top ten travel apps that should be in every traveler's smartphone to ease your adventures.

Travel mobile apps to be setup on your smartphone:

1 Travel List

Set up the Travel App list so that you don't forget anything and pack all the things properly. The application will help you easily organize your clothing, footwear, gadgets and the documents you'll put in your suitcase. If there is something you need to pack at the last minute, just add a reminder, and the Travel List will draw your attention to these items. Also, with the app you can plan every stop not to miss anything you have planned. Just add events to application calendar or set alerts.

Travel List is for iPhone and costs $1.99.

2 FlightTrack Pro

Tired of longhaul? The FlightTrack Pro manages your international flights through real-time updates of zoomable maps. Information about updates on flight delays and cancellations are on your smartphone now! The application also includes terminal maps and weather delays.

FlightTrack Pro is for iPhone, Android and Blackberry and costs $9.99.

Travel Apps On Vacation

3 Trip It

One of the top travel apps for iPhone, this mobile trip planner is for thinking out all the trip details – flights, hotels, maps and directions. So that you do not forget anything you should do on your vacation, it's better you sync the plans with your online or mobile calendar so that Trip It will also be aware of your must-dos. The application easily integrates with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Trip It is free for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.

4 Google Maps

The classic variant of finding direction stays among the top travel app for exploring new places. Keep in your smartphone traffic updates, public transit, city tours with street views and voice-guided GPS navigation.

Google Maps are free for iPhone, Android.

5 CityMaps2Go

Pre-plan your route with this application by pinning key locations. Before visiting a top city (New York, Paris, Rome, Berlin, London etc.), download offline city and subway maps, have a look on city guides, tips from locals and millions of places of interest.

CityMaps2Go is for iPhone and Android and costs $2.99.

Aren't tired? Read about next top travel apps for iPhone and Android gadgets!

6 Seat Alerts

Hate the middle seats in a plane? How often do you realize that the only available seats in the plane to your destination are the middle ones? The Android app development masters have created the application for monitoring the available seats until the flight's departure. If a seat you would like to reserve, but couldn't do it earlier, becomes available, the app will alert you. To change it just get in touch with the airline you've booked the ticket with.

Seat Alerts is for iOS and Android and free for a single alert, but from $4.99 for up to 30 alerts.

top travel apps for iPhone

7 Google Translate

Feel free to contact locals with Google Translate. Type the phrase you want to say but don't know how to into a word box. Also, you can use the speaking option if you don't know how to pronounce the words. The application will help you to translate phrases into 58 languages in text and listen in 23 languages.

Google Translate is free for iOS and Android.

8 Foodspotting

Find restaurants to taste the dishes you love the most in Foodspotting. Real photos will give you a twist for sure!

Foodspotting is free for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

9 Chefs Feed

Thanks to iOS app development genius men, another food application offers you to read true chefs' recommendations on different restaurants in United States, Canada and UK. Be ready to find mouth-watering photos and competent advice there.

Chefs Feed is free for iOS.

10 Mint

If you are a spendaholic and afraid of wasting all the finances you have for your vacation trip, Mint, the best travel app for iPhone, will keep an eye on your travel budget and track all your expenses during the voyage. The application is absolutely safe and secure – you can't move information about your funds between other accounts.

Mint is free for iOS and Android.

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