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IT Outsourcing Financial Services

ARTJOKER provides clients with professional outsource financial services, to ensure a high degree of flexibility and efficient cash flow management within their organizations. The specialists at our professional team are proficient in all financial and accounting operations, and use their skills to ensure the success of your organization. If the scope of your business has expanded, and you need additional financial specialists, then we are ready to assist you. With our outsourced financial services and solutions, the operating costs of your business will be reduced.

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When Required

Cross-Platform Personal Loan Apps

Custom Payment Processing Apps

Multifunctional Investment Management Apps

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Fintech Outsourcing Services by ARTJOKER

We have extensive fintech consulting experience and are accelerating the digital transformation of our clients' organizations to keep them competitive. By taking advantage of our financial services outsourcing, you can reduce your company's costs and increase customer retention. Our financial consulting team is committed to helping financial organizations better understand the challenges in their operations, as well as helping to strategically manage their technology investments. Our consulting experts will explore your data capabilities and provide you with recommendations to enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiency for your organization.

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Our outsourced fintech software outsourcing services help retail banks, insurance companies, investment banks and other enterprises in the financial sector become more agile and competitive. Our financial software developers have deep expertise in a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, and develop various fintech solutions such as digital banking platforms, mobile applications for neobanks, custom lending apps, crypto exchanges and others. One good example of our fintech solutions is the SmartInvest investment application. This fintech application allows clients to conveniently buy securities. SmartInvest provides users with many useful features, including secure verification via bank ID, user-friendly account management interface, simple process of buying and selling securities, easy tracking of statistics and analytics, and advanced security features.

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We provide businesses with quality, user-oriented outsourced web development and web design services. Our web specialists care not only about the look and feel of a financial website, but also about its performance and reliability. The ARTJOKER specialists, with their technical expertise and extensive experience, create easy-to-use, responsive websites to help fintechs outperform competitors in the fast-growing financial market. We've created many beautiful and high-performance websites for various financial institutions, which has helped them improve their business performance and increase customer engagement.

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ARTJOKER creates optimized and attractive fintech marketplace platforms that bring in a high volume of traffic. By taking advantage of our financial outsourcing services and solutions, you will get a successful, scalable, cost-effective and high-quality custom marketplace. We carefully analyze your target audience and their needs, align them with the UI and UX design, and then create profitable and highly engaging marketplaces. We develop marketplaces that support large volumes of traffic, and we understand that to make them work without interruption, it is necessary to ensure a solid, optimized and secure backend. At ARTJOKER we have developers capable of improving the quality of the backend with agile development approaches.

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Since 2006 ARTJOKER has been developing, designing, re-engineering and integrating secure and reliable finTech enterprise solutions to effectively automate complex business processes of financial organizations. The development of complex enterprise fintech solutions requires a professional approach and the use of cutting-edge development tools. Our financial experts provide enterprises with IT outsourcing in the financial services industry, including outsourced business consulting, UI/UX prototyping, workflow visualization, and system specification development services. When developing custom enterprise solutions, we strive to achieve the overall goals of organizations and provide a higher ROI. We have developed such well-known fintechs as Kumo, EwaCash, SmartInvest and MyCredit.

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We provide specialized long-term maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of fintech software. Our experts will help you fix bugs in your software, whether they are coding errors, logical errors, or design errors. Our outsourced fintech software support and maintenance services include troubleshooting, backup, bug fixing, consulting, ongoing guidance, etc. We eliminate any errors that may occur in the algorithms of your fintech software, take measures to improve the performance of your application, and work on its protection against unplanned disruptions.

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Cooperation Models We Support

Staff Augmentation

In this cooperation model, you can expand your current team with additional fintech specialists from our company. The staff augmentation model will suit you if you already have your own development team, but you lack a few specialists to perform certain tasks. Spending money on recruitment, and then firing specialists after the project has been delivered is not rational, it is far more logical to augment the necessary staff. If your senior experts have left the team, and you need to fill the knowledge gap, you can augment senior developers to complete the current project. If you do not require these specialists in the long run, and you need to temporarily supply your in-house team with additional expertise, then this model is perfect for you. Our specialists will temporarily become a part of your in-house team, while you retain full control over project management.

Dedicated Team

In the dedicated team model, you hire our entire development team to do a certain amount of work. We recommend this cooperation model to our clients for the development of complex, long-term projects that are planned to scale in the future. This cooperation model is a great option for early-stage startups to ensure rapid growth. Using the dedicated team model, you can quickly put together a development team and save money on hiring processes. This model will be useful if your in-house team is already engaged in a particular project, and your company does not have enough specialists for the parallel development of a second project. If you don't need an entire development team, but rather certain roles, you need to decide which and how many roles you need based on your project requirements.

Project-Based Model

In the project-based model, you completely outsource the development of the project to our company. You will need to explain the idea and all the requirements for the project, we will be responsible for the development and its results. Most of the work is taken off your hands, and ARTJOKER will be responsible for the qualitative development of your project from start to finish. If you don't have an in-house team, you don't want to handle project management, or you don't have the right technology stack for that particular project, then this cooperation model will suit you. First you provide the requirements for the project, and after signing the service agreement, we start the development of your solution. Periodically, we will contact and discuss the product development process, all of the problems, if there are any, and the finished parts of the solution.

Our Clients Success

NFT Fantasy
About the Project

For fantasy fans, we present a new multi-level, expandable NFT-based game.


The goal was to create a landing page that tells the story. The essence of the game is in the sphere of the NFT meta universe. Generative design was performed - drawing unique keys that can change their appearance depending on the parameters set in the key groove, drawing unique NFT illustrations, as well as layout.


Total development of the project took 321 hours. Of these, 69 hours were spent on the layout. The rest of the time was spent on rendering the unique design at various stages of the project.

  • UI
  • Graphic design
  • CSS
  • HTML
Crypto-literacy project
About the Project

A project in the field of blockchain, which is focused on teaching crypto-literacy to the population.


A people-based structure for creating, financing, and distributing global basic income. The main goal is to provide a basic standard of living and reduce wealth inequality by creating a universal basic income (UBI).

  • New protocols and smart contracts to deliver a “trickle-up” value structure;
  • Reverse of the conventional trickle-down approach to capital, credit, and interest-bearing money;
  • Digital asset that operates within the emerging ecosystem of decentralized and open finance;
  • Liquid and convertible to other cryptocurrencies;
  • Supporters who stake cryptocurrencies in decentralized third-party protocols.
  • React
  • TS
  • Redux Toolkit
  • Apollo
  • Web3
About the Project

Mobile app for securities trading.


he process of drawing up all the necessary documents, signing contracts with banks takes a lot of time, the application helps to facilitate this task, that all the documents you submit online and the partner company broker is already engaged in the necessary procedures.

  • Passing the user verification to be able to invest;
  • Displaying the bond catalog, as well as graphical analysis tools;
  • Possibility to study in the application in the University section.
  • ReactJS
  • Laravel
About the Project

Online lending system for maximum comfort in getting loans outside the bank.


The full website creation, testing and release took about 4,900 hours of work by specialists who developed the logo, corporate identity, prototype, UI, Frontend, Backend, designed the site, tested it and released it. The customer scoring system was also implemented and integration with payment gateways was done.

  • Quick registration;
  • Convenient identity verification;
  • Easy management of a loan;
  • Wide range of payment methods.
  • Node.js
  • React
  • MongoDB
  • React Native

Why choose ARTJOKER Fintech Outsourcing Company?


Advanced Technology

To eliminate the need for non-integrated digital tools and traditional spreadsheets, we use modern software solutions such as advanced analytics, and cloud computing. We create cutting-edge dashboards that generate easy-to-understand real-time business intelligence. Our financial professionals use state-of-the-art digital tools to address weaknesses in your business processes and improve the efficiency of your organization.


Timely Reporting

Our project manager generates a report every week that shows how much money was spent and how many tasks were done. A professional team of financial experts at ARTJOKER handles financial reporting, to ensure the transparency of work processes. Thanks to the timely reporting that we provide, organizations will have a complete picture of their financial flows.


Profound Experience

Using our profound experience in the financial sector, we install advanced systems and optimize the internal processes of your company to ensure its efficient performance and scalability. Our professional finance team reacts quickly to unpredictable financial business conditions, and helps financial organizations stay relevant, competitive and trustworthy.


Full Cycle of Outsourcing Software Development

We have been providing quality fintech development outsourcing for 16 years and have successfully completed over 1000 projects. Our company has implemented many products for clients from 28 countries, including the USA, UAE, Latvia, Norway, Israel, France, Switzerland, and Germany. We offer a full cycle of software creation – from analysis and development to product support and maintenance. ARTJOKER always meets customer requirements accurately and on time to achieve their business goals. We have earned a reputation as a reliable partner in the international IT market due to our long-term cooperation with customers and stable products.


Top Team

Our professional team provides quality outsourced financial application development services for various financial areas. We offer a web, mobile and desktop application development, UI/UX services, product support and maintenance. With a high level of technical expertise provided by our developers, their vast experience and in-depth knowledge contribute to the successful implementation of the project. We have in-house expertise in various financial spheres and our team consists of highly qualified engineers working efficiently to bring success to your business. We can show good results even in difficult working conditions.


Quality Technical Support

The success after the release of a financial application largely depends on the quality of technical support. We provide highly qualified assistance in identifying and solving problems. Our company guarantees technical support at all stages of software development, as well as post-release support. In the process of providing technical assistance, our specialists identify and eliminate weaknesses in the developed product, which significantly increases its quality and reliability. We strive to eliminate operational issues, minimize waste of user time, and improve the overall performance of your financial solution.

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