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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

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MVP – successful startup launch from the ground up with minimal expense

Do you have an idea for a project that can change the Internet? You are sure of its originality but have issues starting its implementation. This shows that you are aware of the potential pitfalls along the way. You have many plans to realize when you work on a project. Some of them appear to be visionary and the challenge is that you are not sure which ideas are the most impractical.

For example, working on a voice mail service. You define downloading voice messages, sending them by email, SMS,,and MMS as the main functionalities. After the startup launch, you find out that downloading and listening to the voice messages are essential for the service. Sending email and SMS are the most appropriate ways of uploading messages, while the MMS function stays forgotten despite efforts made to implement the feature.

The results of our work

The Artjoker Method works great for startup clients. In 2016, we developed several startups from the ground up and provided them with the marketing mix.

Star Bar

Dating mobile app for the iOS platform. We also worked on the marketing strategy after the project launch.


Mobile delivery app for a startup in Switzerland.

My Credit

Fintech startup for online lending in Ukraine. We developed a website from scratch and provided complex promotion. The second month after launch brought the business 800 loan grantings.


Mobile app for commercial social media. Developed for both iOS and Android platforms and the marketing strategy for the app's promotion was also created.

The only way to see if the idea is worth developing is to give a client a solution within the shortest possible time.

MVP Development – a Minimum Viable Product — hastens project launch and its testing with the target audience, saving code quality and a marketing campaign. The process does not set creating an ideal product as a goal. We determine hypotheses of project development, create prototypes to check if they are practical enough, and get the final results. And if need be, change our strategy. The most important thing is to figure out the weaknesses of your idea by gathering real user feedback.

The main goal of such a development method is the consistency of implementing product functionalities. A “Develop-Get a Feedback-Upgrade” cycle customizes your idea and saves money.

Minimum Viable Product is considered the optimal way of launching the service and, if necessary, continue the search for investors assuming it is a startup with a low budget. This will be a high quality project despite its development speed and moderate price. Developing MVP at Artjoker includes a:

Running project kickoff meeting
Backlog analysis
Prototypes analysis
Proposal finalization
Working on the project using the Artjoker Method

“Find mistakes, fix them, and become a winner,’ – that is not only Eric Ries' “Lean” methodology, but also our Artjoker Method.

With ten years of experience and having successfully launched over five hundred projects, we have created a unique approach to MVP development and growth, called the Artjoker Method. It encapsulates four key points: methodology, technology stack, tools, and service. This is what defines successful development results. So, how do these four key points and the Artjoker service work?

The method's vision is about running three components simultaneously: product quality, how the process is going, and staff skill level. We use the Agile Approach with its Scrum Methodology specifically for project management. The advantages of Scrum Methodology are MVP improvement by stage and a shortage of work stoppages to accelerate project growth.

We use Scrum methodology to manage an MVP project because of its:

Flexibility to
produce functionality changes
Business transparency
Efficiency provided by
smart resource and volume
of work management

Your MVP will be provided to the team of developers that will work specifically on your project and you can communicate with the experts directly.

Success of the project depends on with which tools it is designed. Due to tools compatibility, our programming code is efficiently developed, high-quality, and secure.

We use:

  • 1Atlassian JIRA - an issue tracking and agile project management system
  • 2GIT - a version control system for tracking changes in code
  • 3Atlassian Confluence, Worksection - a collaboration software used in corporate environments
  • 4TeamCity, Travis CI - a system of constant integration, testing, and data reporting
  • 5phpStorm, WebStorm - an integrated software development environment
  • 6Selenium DIE, jMetr - a quality assurance service

We use three technology stacks for online services depending on the project type, web applications, and mobile apps. Each of them include a platform, markup language, front-end framework, and database. Due to the project specification, we offer the most efficient technological solution for business goals.

Stack #1:

  • Laravel
  • HTML5/Responsive
  • Angular2/React.js
  • Mysql

Stack #2:

  • Node.js
  • HTML5/Responsive
  • Angular2/React.js
  • MongoDB

Stack #3:

  • Swift/Objective C
  • Java/ Rx Java

What can Artjoker do for you?

  • The Artjoker team supports you from the first consultation call until the final project launch. Artjoker’s service makes it possible for you and your colleagues to efficiently benefit from the product. While working on a project, our managers share their knowledge of technologies, methodology, and ways to manage the website or mobile app life cycle.

After the MVP launch we offer:

    • 1An investment package
    • 2A marketing campaign development
    • 3A Landing Page creation
    • 4A Demo Video Preparation

Please note: developing a MVP is not our final goal. Upon completion of the project scope of work, you will get our tech support for your product launch and promotion consulting.

Want to take your business to a new level?

Natalya Brinza

Project Manager