10 advantages of Tilda for your business

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For 14 years of work, we have created hundreds of websites for our partners. People came to us with different requests and ideas, and we always brought and continue to bring these ideas to life

For 14 years of work, we have created hundreds of websites for our partners. People came to us with different requests and ideas, and we always brought and continue to bring these ideas to life. Over the years, we have developed expertise with different technologies and developed the skills of creating products of different complexity and purpose. And at the time when the business needs fast and cheap solutions, we have focused on the direction that deserves your attention - creating websites on Tilda.

What is Tilda?

Tilda is a website builder designed to create landings and simple websites, including even simple online stores. Initially, the guys positioned themselves as a platform for journalists, writers, bloggers. However, the market considered this solution in other planes, and now using this resource you can create a product for your business.

Pluses and minuses of Tilda

Speaking about the pros and cons of any solution, the first thing to highlight is its advantages over similar products. Tilda shares the market with such well-known website builders as WIX, LPGenerator and a number of other services. These solutions also have rich functionality and have a lot of features. What is so special about Tilda?

In order to learn the possibilities of Tilda, we will take a look at its pluses. Let's say right away - Tilda's advantages clearly prevail over her minuses.

For the 14 years that we have been working in the field of website development, we can definitely say that it was Tilda - the best website builder that we met. In the article, we highlighted 10 advantages of Tilda, which you should pay attention to if you are looking for a solution for your business:

1. The ability to develop a cheap solution

Due to the simplicity of the website builder, the price of the product will pleasantly surprise you. It all depends on your design wishes.

2. Development speed

Tilda developer is a programmer, layout designer and designer in one person. Your project will not be gradually transferred from the hands of one specialist to the hands of another, one person will do everything, it saves time. And to make the design as ?tasty? as possible, we at Artjoker also connect the designer to Tilda developer to create a one hundred per cent ?wow-website?. These factors allow you to develop a website on Tilda in a week.

3. The ability to create a unique design

If you believe the stereotype that the project on the website builder is easy to expose and it can`t be customized, then we will tell you about Zero block in Tilda, with which you can realize the most sophisticated design ideas.

You can also connect your own fonts to Tilda. If the corporate identity of your company provides a unique font, you can use it in the website builder. Tilda?s design capabilities help bring in a lot of cool features.

Example os website with a unique design on Tilda:

10 advantages of Tilda for your business

4. Own CRM system

See analytics with the built-in Tilda CRM system. You can see all the leads from the website.

If desired, you can connect your tool. Tilda integrates with AMOCRM, HubSpot, Bitrix24, and that's not all. A full list of integrations is on the company's website.

10 advantages of Tilda for your business - 1

5. The ability to independently manage content

You can add new products or articles to your blog yourself. You can learn this in a couple of hours by creating your first 2-3 pages - you will already understand the principle of working with the Tilda editor.

6. Adaptive design

The product perfectly adapts to the resolutions of all devices and looks attractive both on the desktop and on the smartphone. As for the Zero blocks - they are adapted by a specialist, and in the end, you get a convenient and selling product.

7. Technical support

Any questions, difficulties and failures are resolved by technical support, which really answers quickly.

8. Connect services for communication with customers

Choose how convenient it is for you to communicate, and integrate the site with the necessary services. If you want to chat - connect online chat, it?s more convenient to solve issues by voice - use callbacks.

Also, you can connect services for e-mail newsletters in Tilda.

9. Instant messenger order notifications

Each time, go to the admin panel to check orders - an activity that absorbs time. Messengers allow us to keep our finger on the pulse always. Monitor new orders instantly.

10. Receive online payments from any convenient service

The product is friends with all popular online payment services.

And what are Tilda's flaws, or is everything perfect?

At the beginning of the article, we focused on the fact that the designer?s capabilities are still limited. Landing on Tilda or a simple website is what this product was built for, but the development of a more complex solution is not an easy task. But you can try to solve it. Still, the creators of the product do not stop continuing to develop it and supplement it with new features.

1. You need to pay for a subscription to a service

About 120$ per year for 1 site. It does not seem to be a very pleasant moment, especially if you do not plan to make changes to your site and it will simply be your business card. For 5 resources will have to pay 240$ per year.

2. Relatively little hosting space

You are provided with only 1 GB per resource, so be prepared if at some point a new article can?t load on the page.

3. The restriction for online stores (but we believe that we can deal with!)

The third point we want to discuss is rather a big minus which in fact can be called not entirely true. Why? Prove it!

All articles in the spirit of ?Advantages and disadvantages of Tilda? loudly declare the impossibility of making a full-fledged online store on Tilda: supposedly the lack of filtering of goods, and the functionality of the basket is limited to the most necessary blocks, make this unrealistic. We agree with one thing - you really cannot create a personal account for clients (for now!).

But the issue of filters, payment acceptance baskets - is solved, in the hands of an experienced specialist. The designer skillfully turns into a full-fledged online store. You just need a little patience and development magic.

The page of payment method looks like:

10 advantages of Tilda for your business - 2

4. The complexity of SEO optimization

On the Internet, there is an opinion that the promotion of sites written on the designer, including the promotion of a site on Tilda, is almost fantastic since such products are primarily convenient for creating landing pages. And this is another false flaw. The designer has a full set of functions for SEO, and sites developed on it are perfectly indexed in search engines.

Content of the article


We have described the most significant pros and cons of Tilda for your business. Of course, a difficult solution cannot be built on it, but if you need to quickly start with the idea- Tilda is exactly what you need!

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