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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

15 E-Commerce Trends of 2016

Tendencies of website design keep increasing. Would you like your website to be the most advanced? Then check out these 15 online store trends in 2016.

1Sliders with calls-to-action

So, sliders. There are a great number of them. But in most cases they are used by online stores for ad commercial promotion. One of the latest trends is to place a call-to-action in view of text within one of the slides. This is the same thing an online store like Zulu & Zephyrdoes:

2Information blocks

One more from the latest trends is a block-view information placement. By clicking the necessary block you will have an access to the information. A suchlike decision allows you to save some space on the website and make it more laconic. In all, it only has advantages, is useful, practical and stylish at the same time. A good example can be seen with Woottenonline store of hand-made leather goods:

3 Flat design

Such type of design is very popular nowadays and can be seen on the ecommerce websites. No wonder it is so popular. Small file size means nothing but a fast downloading speed.

4Mix font types

Don't be afraid of experimenting with different styles. With their help, you may carry the atmosphere and the necessary online store stylistics. Combine, match all the possible variants and you will get a unique design.

5An impressive large graphics

Huge graphic elements which include links on the products are the latest trends of this year.

6Responsive design for big screens

Responsive website design has become a necessity for successful online business. Online store should look good and the same either on PC or on any mobile device. Moreover, displaying webpages on the big screens with the Smart TV technology is a very up-to-date option. Some online stores have already received 20% of traffics from the devices with screen size more than 1920px.

7Widescreen images

It's no secret that huge images help selling. Place them on the homepage and product page.

8Product presentation

Zappos Zappos online store shows that adding video on the product page can increase sales from 6 to 10%. Although videos duration is only 10 seconds, but within that time your potential buyer can pretend the way the item fits a person.

9Natural design

Everyone is tired of complex and varicolored designs. If we are aspiring to naturalness and disengagement in our everyday life, why not use it when designing a website? Let your design be extremely natural. Choose only 1-2 colors as a basis and work with them.

10Gift selection module

Usually, in choosing a gift, a user can't make a choice. Create a useful option which will him choose necessary products. To choose the best variant, client will need to select a category and a price limit of a product.


Its ingenuity is simple. One more trend for this year. Calm, neutral background, and eye-pleasant design, minimalism allows your visitor to concentrate on the things they need and to check out in an easy way.

12Convincing argument for signing up

It is a known fact that users don't often like to sign up and leave personal data. But if you offer some bonus in exchange for this data, for example, a discount on the purchase, then a number of people may desire to complete this easy procedure at a faster rate . Example of suchlike signing up can be seen on the website of an online store like Joss&Main:

13Quick view of product card

Often, in search of a product, a person can be in a hurry and don't have the desire to switch from one page to the other so that he can add an item to cart. Why not make a brief detailed product information with an image and a hint in view of receiving a discount? Design it as a pop-up on clicking the product. And here is an example.

14Texts, made with care

On the website of small things that create the homeliness, there is no place for boredom and insensibility. Fill every piece of text that appears in the online store with warmness. Write with your soul so that the person would want to buy the thing he/she has just read about.

15Less words, more images

It's better to show the way the product looks like by placing images from all angles instead of a detailed product description. Do not compliment your product; just show it the way it looks for real.

This is it. We will continue following the trends. Who knows. Maybe in several months everything will considerably change.

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