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Best Mobile Analytics Tools

When you start the business in mobile applications sphere, you should know, then after you came up with the idea, hired the team or developed by yourself - it is not the end of your journey and money will come independently. Probably, you don't know whether your application is popular or not, how many people have downloaded it or other questions connected with it. All these can be possible with mobile app analytics tools. Now, after you have your finished app it’s time for you to be retrained as a marketer of the product, so your business become popular and bring the money. We know, that to become a specialist in any field it is a long process, so in this article we’ve done mobile app analytics comparison. Follow the instructions for excellent results!

WHAT IS THE BEST TOOL FOR app analytics?

It is the tool that tracks all the data for you to make sure you app is worth downloading (there exist either paid or free app analytics tools). It is of high quality also it is developed according to UX best practices and so on and so forth. The first two things you should take into consideration are the quantity of downloads and your revenue, but your further analyzing user acquisition, retention, referral or existing drawbacks can't be done without these best mobile app analytics tools.

The list of the best app analytics tools:

1 Apsalar

Apsalar works both on iOS and Android, and is mainly focused on advertising attribution. It helps you find out which campaigns you need to drop or which are working. Advantages of this mobile app analytics tool:

  • Segment users based on cohorts, funnels, events
  • Measures user engagement over the time
  • Gives analytics across a lot of apps
  • Creates funnels and events
  • Provides you with the data you need first and now

Like every other app analytics tools, it also has disadvantages, like absence of custom dashboards that doesn’t allow you to specify this app as much, as you could want to and there is no messaging service - which is a good tool for contacting your project team and discussing the analytics.

Best Mobile Analytics Tools

2 Mixpanel

This one of the best mobile app analytics has its own messaging system. Besides, with its help, non-technical people who don't have any knowledge of SQL can create custom queries with no difficulties.

Advantages of Mixpanel:

  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • It can link web to mobile
  • It is really good in web analytics
  • Interface allows you to see which segments are working the best and to segment the users.
  • You can hold a mobile app analytics comparison both for Android and iOS all in one place.

Disadvantages of Mixpanel:

    • Limited data points (in the free version)
    • No custom dashboards
    • No acquisition options

3 Google Analytics Mobile

Like all Google products, it is very qualitative and thoroughly worked out, as numerous developers were working on it to create something advanced and unique. This is the best mobile analytics platform, as this is the only tool that can show what people search for exactly in Google Play to find your app.

Its main advantage is that it is a great option for people who are at the beginning in app analytics and who need to know usage trends. Besides, it has a lot of features, like collection of data, management, data visualization, funnel analysis ant etc. The mobile app analytics by Google is pretty easy to learn.

One of the disadvantages of this mobile application analytics tool is that it is still in the beta version for now and there is no iTunes integration for conversation. That's a pity.

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4 Flurry

It is considered the oldest and the most respected analytics platform on the market that is developed by Yahoo. It has solutions for all types of mobile devices, not just for Android and iOS.

In our list of mobile analytics comparison Flurry also considered as one of the best free analytics tools in our list so advantages are quite significant:

  • It is detailed and extensive
  • Creates up to 10 custom dashboards or you can use the classic one
  • Has user funnels and paths

As for downsides, there are several of them: it is really difficult to identify errors, and this platform is a bit confusing. You need to click a lot to find the information you need. So to say, this mobile analytics metrics is clear as a mud-spattered windscreen.

5 Localytics

Localytics is considered to have the best dashboard, and it is customizable. The platform provides real-time analytics, attribution, remarketing data and a lot more. The messaging features help them stand out from the crowd. Localytics provides the best analytics for mobile apps  for Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and iOS OS, it has helped newcomers, it is easy-to-use, and you also can compare your apps using different criteria (users, sessions, new/returning etc.).

Disadvantages of Localytics:

  • There are no session length, filters and funnels in the free version. But everything is available in the paid one.

Mobile Analytics Tools

6 Countly

It has both free and paid solutions, and is made for all types of mobile devices, like iOS, Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry, etc. Countly is an open-source mobile analytics tool. You can see in-app purchase data on the top of standard analytics. They claim to have SDKs for more platforms than any other analytics tools.


  • Great user-friendly interface
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Use segmentation and track events
  • Real-time
  • Unique positioning
  • Track sets of funnels (events) that you define from the application.
  • It provides the best free mobile analytics.


  • Better think about segmenting (platform, app version, country) in your app code.
  • Segment from within the app.

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7 Apple app analytics

A few years ago Apple released its own analytics tool. It gives to a user the metrics of iPhone, iPad and Mac users. Among them we can highlight these:

  • App Store Views - you have the number of visits to the application description, so you can draw conclusions about the quality of ASO (App Store Optimization);
  • Apple App Analytics shows the actual volume of the audience for the selected period ("Active devices" metric). This is the total number of devices on which at least one user session is fixed for the selected period;
  • Volume of paying audience - you can see both the number of purchases, and the number of unique users who paid the application or built-in purchase. The "Paid users" metric is available in the slice by country.
  • Hold and Return of Users - Apple App Analytics graphically show the percentage and period of retention of users. These data can also be used to identify the most productive source of traffic.
  • Data on traffic sources. When conducting a marketing campaign and generating a reference link through Apple, you can see the sales figures and the retention of users.
  • Failures - Apple identified a number of technical problems. So you can quickly react to bugs and not lose the audience.

But app analytics tool has its cons:

  • the data is only for iOS devices;
  • the data is given only by 20% of users, so it is not so reliable, as those tools, that have a list of OS from which data is given.

In conclusion

It's up to you which to choose after reading, but we must say that they are all more or less great. And no wonder, with today's technological progress, there are a great variety of solutions for all the fields of business. Hope this app analytics comparison of best analytics tools for mobile apps will help you with your choice.

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