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Best Programming Languages for Blockchain Development

Alexander Prokopiev
Alexander Prokopiev CEO of ARTJOKER
5 min read

The popularity of blockchain development languages in the IT field continues to grow, but the implementation of innovative solutions with their help still requires extensive knowledge and skill. Underqualified employees simply hinder the overall progress in the niche. That is why many companies today eagerly invest in in-house education.

Below, you can learn about the best languages to develop blockchain and major requirements to work with them just to get your facts straight in case you would want to up your product quality.

Necessary skills

In order to become a blockchain developer, one's grasp of the theory must match one's practical skills. Blockchain is still technologically novel and complex enough to work only in the hands of a bunch of passionate professionals. Project scopes and requirements are affected accordingly, posing pretty high-level demands for blockchain specialists.

Best Programming Languages for Blockchain Development

Such specialists require a unique technological stack. On top of cryptography, blockchain architectures, data structures, and smart contracts, they must also have at least one blockchain developer's main programming language. Coming from our experience and expert opinion, the following names are to make up the top 5 such languages in 2023:

  1. Solidity
  2. C++
  3. Python
  4. Java
  5. GoLang

If you do not like to waste a second of your time - here are the best blockchain developer courses to help you start mastering these languages.

But let's discuss each language in a bit more detail.


Designed by the creators of Ethereum, Solidity is a high-level language that enables users to deploy smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). It is readily accessible to specialists familiar with the JavaScript syntax and is cross-platform in nature. It is also quite versatile, allowing to break complex machine code down into simple instructions and to write high-level code for Ethereum solutions.

Best Programming Languages for Blockchain Development - 1

Although Solidity is quite young (designed in 2014), over 200 specialists are working with it today. But the major drawback is a weak educational base, with the best blockchain developer books covering the language being relatively scarce.


This object-oriented extension of C combines magnificently with blockchain structures as it is based on the same standards. All in all, this fact makes C++ arguably the best programming language for blockchain developers. It is pretty flexible, efficiently handling extensive computing resources, helping reinforce the security of squares, and fitting the execution of both parallel and non-parallel assignments.

Best Programming Languages for Blockchain Development - 2

C++ used to be commonly employed for bitcoin coding, but today it is mostly preferred for the creation of EOS smart contracts and decentralized cryptographic XRP Ledger books.


This is a well-known object-oriented, open-source language, which makes it a common blockchain technology development language of choice. Python has lots of compatible frameworks and libraries that make coding simpler. Its overall simplicity enables fast creation and testing of concepts, while a huge number of add-ons make it a great fit for handling the widest range of tasks.

Best Programming Languages for Blockchain Development - 3


An extremely renowned and still highly relevant language that enables the simultaneous processing of several asynchronous operations, which is commonly used for the creation of smart contracts.

Best Programming Languages for Blockchain Development - 4

It is also widely employed because it offers high coding mobility, enabling the code to run on different platforms with the ability to easily move it if need be. Java was originally used for the creation of Truffle and ARK. Besides, it serves as a programming environment for launching Ethereum EVM scripts.


An open-source compiled multi-threaded language based on C. GoLang stands out in that it facilitates parallel programming, allowing to simultaneously launch a bunch of different processes. Fast, simple, and efficient, this is one of the best programming languages used for blockchain development as it possesses all the powers to handle distributed systems.

Best Programming Languages for Blockchain Development - 5

A reliable specialist must have at least one of the above languages mastered. If your in-house employee or a potential candidate lacks qualification and experience, your best bet is to turn to seasoned professionals so as not to undermine the whole project. You can go to a specialized blockchain development company that packs all the necessary competencies.

Content of the article


Among many programming languages used in blockchain development, there is no fit-for-all solution. Every tool is optimized to achieve specific goals. The final choice is shaped by the type of project, scope of work, and blockchain ecosystem.

In other words, project complexity calls for matching professionalism, which is why it is always better to turn to a specialized provider. ARTJOKER is an in-depth experienced team that delivers exactly the level of skills your project needs.

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