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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Black Mirror: What Has Already Happened?


Black Mirror: What Has Already Happened?

2016 has great news for us! The sci-fi miniseries will be releasing 12 new episodes which we will able to watch this fall. If you are interested in knowing how technologies work on our lives, you definitely have to watch the series. Being privy to revolutionizing web technologies we couldn't evade the issue of the side effects of modern technologies. Charlie Brooker's thought-provoking series returns again to make us more aware of the power of Internet.

Alas, Black Mirror makes us distressed for humanity. Sure thing, all the worrying predictions can be ignored, but such behavior won't stop the progress anyway. The majority of show-inventions isn't just realistic – they have already been designed by scientists.

If you haven't watched existing episodes already (which are fantastic!), you shouldn't keep reading this article because it contains spoilers.

All is caught up? Great. Let's take a look at some classic Black Mirror moments to assure you of how prescient they were.

black mirror series

Be Right Back

Martha's boyfriend had died unexpectedly. Wearing the willow, she signs up for a service that provides an exact copy of the recently died person. This is possible by using a comprehensive record of social media postings – service replicates the voice of the dead online. Isn't it creepy?

Actually, in our real life there are several services offering beyond-the-grave social platforms. One of them, Eter9 , promises to map a “virtual self” that continues sharing content even post-mortem.

be right back

Another problem here is a dilemma of human-robot relations that also nips at our heels today (remember Spike Jonze's “Her”).

Fifteen Million Merits

This episode is about dystopian future where everyone has to cycle to power their surroundings, and it is a way to earn a living. There are some kind of contests that make people try to pedal their way out of a virtual prison and have a much better life. You are wrong, if you think this could never happen.

One of the Brazilian prisons has witnessed this exact thing happen. Prisoners are offered the chance to reduce their jail term in return for generating electricity by pedaling on exercise bicycles. Anyway, here is another side of virtual reality that shows human's addiction and helplessness on smart technologies. So, it is up to you to decide whether this prediction is worth coming true.

fifteen million merits

The Entire History of You

This episode's reality allows people to replay everything they do, see and hear. Liam is one of those that have become suspicious about his wife's fidelity because of his ability to record everything. Doesn't it remind you of Google Glass. Actually, this is not exactly the spying tool of our nightmares, but every new development in wearable tech lets us track and record our lives in various new ways. There will be no secrets to keep soon.

Let's assume we can consistently record and save huge amount of information. But will we be able to replay our memories? Theodore Berger, a biomedical engineer and neuroscientist at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, is working on an electronic implant to help people with severe memory loss. Scientists are very close to winning over human brain and memory. Maybe in some time we will be able to not only play sweet memories, but delete the bad ones.

the entire history of you

So, there are a lot of things in Black Mirror that seem to be just elements of a cruel dystopia. But in fact it may be our future tomorrow. Will see what will happen to our world when we wake up.

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