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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Case: 5Star Service Application

The success of a business is happy clients. That is why it is so important to be on the rails and understand what the service needs to perfect. First, a process of getting clients' feedback should be optimized. And today I'm going to tell you how we did manage this task.

The owner of the famous FreshLine multi-sandwich bars contacted us to launch clients' feedback service in his fast food. Our company, jointly with FreshLine, realized an idea to create an app that rates the service quality. To do this, we analyzed existing problems and made a service/improvement plan.

Goals the application was made to meet:

  • Service quality management – the control of client's servicing, additional staff motivation
  • Controlling clients' bad feedback – its gathering and outworking in a sandwich bar
  • Sandwich bar service improvement — finding the solution to a problem in real time
  • Creating of a loyal clients' base
  • Analytics (statistical data processing)

The result is next:

We've created an application that helps to get clients' feedbacks fast without giving an opportunity to leak negative feedback to the Internet.

The application has the following functionalities:

  • Collecting contact information
  • Ability to leave video reviews
  • Daily/monthly statistics, address selection
  • Sending gathered reviews on email
  • Editing questions in an application form
  • Controlling the working state of a tablet
  • Sending gathered information to a server

5Star Service app is a softcore way to gather reviews after getting through with the client. In addition to answering the questions, a customer can leave his/her phone number to be contacted later.

The app is set up on a fixed tablet that runs on Android 4.4 OS (Kit Kat). The tablet is boxed into a frame, and placed at customer's eye level. He can leave a review with the help of the touch screen – tablet's buttons are hidden.

Case: 5Star Service Application

How does 5Stars Service work?

A tablet is synchronized with a server and user's back office. Data is sent to the server automatically after a visitor leaves a review. Depending on user's settings, information is formed in a report and sent to a specified email for the further analysis.

Also, the application works offline by saving data and sending them on the server.

Implementation process:

1 Installation

The first tablet with the 5Star Service app was installed on December, 2015. Installing and setting of the gadget were done by staff of the sandwich bar. It was plugged into a power cable, the frame was fasten to the wall, and wireless connectivity was also set up.

2 Key work points

Going out of the sandwich bar, a visitor is offered to answer several questions. They are:

  • Rate FreshLine today
  • Rate the clearness
  • Rate the service speed
  • Rate the staff chirpiness
  • Rate the sandwich
  • Rate the drink

A visitor can rate the service by pushing smiles that characterize his opinion: failure, bad, okay, good, awesome. After answering the questions, a visitor is offered to leave his contacts in order to get a feedback after improving the service.

3 Preliminary results

In the first five days the app has collected nearly 100 reviews.

Owing to correctly chosen questions, the FreshLine management got all the data about the process of clients' servicing – from the clearness of bars to their general impression. All the goals are successfully managed with the “5Star Service”.

All the data collected by “5Star Service” are carefully processed by FreshLine. If a review was negative, managers address the issue and thank a client for his review. “5Star Service” helps a visitor to be heard, and the bar to become better by fixing mistakes and making friends with a client.

5Star Service Application

How the “5Stars Service” app works in the FreshLine sandwich bar:

1 A client leaves a negative review about sandwich bar service

2 He also leaves his phone number

3 This information is sent to the FreshLine executive's email

4 The executive calls the client to find out if that staff was working without safety gloves

5 Quality control specialist connects with the video monitoring department and asks to check the information

6 Video monitoring department checks the information, and in an instant notices that the staff was working in safety gloves, and this fact is really visible.

In this case the FreshLine staff really was working in safety gloves, and, frankly speaking, the cause of the visitor's review was weird. Anyway, “5Star Service” would give the staff reasons to work better, faster and more proper. The personnel knows that all the operations are monitored with the camera, and if there is any complaint the management will double-check it.

For the 57 days of “5Stars Service” operation, nearly 1700 reviews have been collected, and nearly 80 visitors have left their real phone numbers. Most of them were highly impressed with our call and expressed their appreciation.

The reaction of FreshLine managers on negative reviews was next:

“The 5Star Service app really helps to mollify unhappy visitor's anger. The application doesn't let the conflict extend to the Internet - we work over every complaint we get.”

Another “5Star Service” goal was to create a loyal clients base. But because of fear of spam mails and haunting calls, clients hold off leaving their contacts. But now, almost in a year after testing the app, we notice an increase in percentage in the number of people that leave their numbers. Also, “5Star Service” actively works on implementing the interface, gadget's color scheme, and screen and buttons sizes to heighten clients' loyalty. In the long term, every visitor, after such kind of co-working with the FreshLine Customer Support, will become a loyal client who had helped FreshLine become better.

At this stage of developing “5Stars Service” app, the analytic center is still in progress. Still having minimal incoming data, FreshLine tries to take as much useful information as possible.


“5Star Service” is a modern approach to information processing industry that helps to check every review, control the staff and work with the client's complaint until the customer becomes regular. The application performs the best – the personnel watches their expressions and works towards making their clients happy. Also, the application doesn't allow the conflict extend to the Internet — clients' complaints are always rated and improved.

So, there is no magic in the “5Star Service”, but just a customer care!

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