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Dating App Development

What can be better and more magical in our lives than LOVE? My answer is nothing, as this feeling connects not only men and women but parents and children, human and pets. Although today, we are going to speak about the love between boys and girls and dating apps for android and iOS. Everyone hopes for that special moment when he/she meets the special someone to spend the rest of their life with. I want to cheer you up and say that in the era of advanced mobile technologies, the process of searching for boyfriend or girlfriend has become more simplified. There are a lot of dating apps that work. With their help, numerous people have fallen in love , got married or are even bearing children. We can't but thank them for the improved democratic situation in the World.

Dating apps – chance to find true love

I bet everyone knows dating applications for mobile dating that have become a part of everyday life of those who are in active search and use every opportunity to date someone. Owing to these factors, the dating industry is constantly growing in revenue. Here is the list of popular worldwide dating apps:

    • Tinder (mainstream-oriented app)
    • OkCupid (with multiple-choice questions-based algorithms and quizzes)
    • HowAboutWe (with multiple-choice questions-based algorithms and quizzes)
    • Zoosk mobile app android (26 million users worldwide)

    Dating App Development


    Common features of dating apps

    Listed interests in user profiles, chats, friends lists, messages, videos and images. All these are the features of mobile dating app that are not much different from social networking apps development. Real-time discovery of new friends based on the geolocation is pinpointed in the user's device , matchmaking algorithms, gifts, events, etc. Let's look at the features of social media dating apps one by one.

    1 Login

    Do you agree that integration with social networks is the best thing people have invented for the Internet? Why do I think so? Because you don't need to store all the information such as the passwords and logins you have used in one or another website. You just log in to your mobile app for dating with Facebook or Google and that's it. Besides, integration with social networks helps your app get access to user data and suggest it to other users (common interests and friends, pictures, orientation, etc.). However, it is important to assure social media dating app users that you are not going to post any information on their FB timeline.

    2 Profiles

    The most recent trend of presenting interests and favorite things on users' profiles is image boards like those on Pinterest. Online dating in dating applications for android or iOS is usually considered something unnatural or faked. In order to bring mobile and online dating to a new level, video chat is introduced to bring a sense of reality to it. Also, videos or virtual phone calls, like it was done for Instamour (iOS and android dating app), were introduced. But mind you, the development of such an app takes significantly more resources and time.


    3 Messaging

    Messaging is a very important part of dating apps and there shouldn't be a special subscription for it. Grindr and Tinder are absolutely free. From the beginning, Tinder was one of the best iOS dating apps. And when reached an amazing level of success, they delivered its android version. Push notifications and real-time messaging implementation are a must-have for every dating app.

    4 Matching algorithms

    Tinder is making accent on visual perception. In its android and iOS dating app, people can choose each other by swiping photos they don't like to the left and the ones they like to the right. And if there is a match, you can contact each other via chat and set up a date.

    5 Monetization

    It's up to you to decide whether to develop paid or free app. But first, I'd suggest that you make free one to get real success, and only after that implement some paid features dating app iphone or android version of your dating app. These feature should not stop users from the normal use of the app. Essentially, what I mean is to make some additional functions monetized.

    To cut it short

    If you want to bring positive feelings and love to the lives of sole hearts, to be like a cupid or just combine all these and make money, then develop dating apps for android or iOS and widen the boundaries of this domain.

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