How to Create a Dating App Like Tinder?

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To examine such a big question of “how to make an app like tinder?“ we transfered to wrapping up of the discussion and to shed light on the key elements of the topic summing up all the nuances.

Dating app development has become quite a popular thing in the last several years. One of the most outstanding and bright examples of a dating app, which is now one of the most popular all over the world, could be Tinder. Because of the skyrocketted success of the highlighted app, a huge number of young minds became obsessed with the idea of developing something almost the same as Tinder, but created the way they want. Due to such ambitious ideas, beginners are frequently faced with the toughest question concerning how to make a dating app.

First, the basic thing to be taken into consideration is the fact that a dating app like tinder could make you lose a lot of money. In order to save your capital and successfully achieve your ideas, you have to plan the whole process of an app development in a precise manner.

How to create a dating app?

When you set a task for yourself to create a dating app or any other app, to be honest, you need to keep several fundamental things in your head, while committing to such an important decision to start your own building campaign. Firstly, it is vital to know what an app consists of. To clarify that issue, let?s refer to a chart:

How to Create a Dating App Like Tinder?

Each of the highlighted element is full of intrinsic nuances and features, which you must take into consideration while creating your dating app development cost plan. To me, it is not superfluous to examine each of those points presented in the chart.

How much does it cost to develop a dating app?

As was said earlier, the creation of a dating app is a pretty costly idea, so prices automatically become the most vital part of the whole app-building process. In order to deal with the question, it is better to explain such an uneven moment by listing the average price of the whole process, including several trivias.

First of all, we have to know for which platform you are going to create the app. Is it going to be iOS or Android, or you are willing to adapt it for both OS. Depending on your decision, the pricing question will also fluctuate. On average, in case you are planning to choose iOS as your key priority, the prices are going to be pretty lower than if you manage Android as a core platform. For example, such primary programming issues like Backend, development, and design may cost $8,000, $30,000 and $6,000 respectively, while QA/PM development prices may waver between $4,000 and $6,000. However, all the prices depend on the quality of the app you are planning to build. It is clear that prices increase in proportion to the quality of the product. On average, the total expenses for an iOS-based dating app may range from $50,000 to $80,000.

If we are talking about an Android-based dating app, it is important to note that the prices will be a bit higher. But again, this depends on your own expectations and demands. Backend and design for the app may be in the region of $6,000-$8,000. The most costly element is again the developmental section, which frequently equals $45,000. QA/PM development, on the other hand, seems to be the cheapest with the numbers no less than $5,000.

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While talking about the timeline of a project, it is important to remember that time really matters and such a concept as a dating app takes a lot of it. Even if the plan is based on an idea of a simple project, it may take approximately 1000 hours to make the project a reality. In order to clarify that statement a bit more, it would be suitable to separate the core parts of the process and match it with an approximate number of hours. So, to create a proper backend you may need no less than 200 hours. Creating an app design takes, on average, 100 hours, while PM/QA engineering takes more than 100 hours depending on the task.

For instance, we may take such examples as Uber or Whatsapp, whose design and overall structure is similar to Tinder mobile dating app. The whole process of creating such apps takes at least 2000 ? 2500 hours. However, it should be made clear that these projects are pretty upscale. Anyway, in case you want a high-quality project, you must be ready for a more or less long process of building and developing the project, which frequently takes 6 months or more.

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App Team

Another important aspect is the creation of a team that would work on building your dating app. The size of your team and the different kinds of specialists on the team depend on your own choices and decision. That decision should be made before the project can be started. You can create the app by relying on the freelance approach or by going to a professional dating app development company. This would make it possible to arrange a high-quality team that would act as real experts in the field of your interest. It is not really easy to give advise on the issue due to the fact that you have to first decide the basis for your ambitions and capital. However, we should emphasize on the second approach because of its obvious reliability and clear professionality.

Hiring dating app developer team in terms of professional organization, you must keep in mind the opportunity of makin your own choices. We may say that it is possible to create two types of teams. The first one is a basic one with the lowest number of people there. So, as a consequence, you will have less expenses, while the second type is a fully loaded team of people responsible for their own section within your project.

The basic team has to consist of the core minds who would be able to create and manage your project. They include the project manager who controls the whole team, developer, who writes programmes and constructs the skeleton of an app. Then, there is the PM/QA engineer and finally a designer who fills an app with fonts, colors, pictures, and completely adds a soul to the project . That team will be able to build a simple and basic app. But in case you need to deal with any possible issues that definitely will emerge during the process, you should have several other specialists on your team. You will need a good administrator in order to transfer some minor problems to him and reduce the pressure on the Project manager. Having a good backend developer will allow you to build a solid inside structure of an app. Furthermore, it is highly suitable to increase the number of programme developers in order to make the building process easy. Moreover, having a panel designer is also important in order to have all the issues sorted out. Lastly, having good professional testers will help you detect all the errors and defects committed previously.

Core must-have elements of any app like tinder

Probably, the main parts of any app are its elements, especially if we're talking about a dating app similar to Tinder, which, despite its simplicity, looks like a cocktail of various highly useful and creative features without which Tinder will not be what it actually is. For the first time, we may adopt those mandatory elements of Tinder, which already exist in the current app and serve as integral parts of it. For instance, the app already operates with such important features such as:

  • Geoloction, which helps you find people not only on the other side of planet Earth but in your state, city or district and even in a hundred-meter range around you. That feature is one of the most outstanding parts of Tinder, which helped it to develop and become popular the way it did.
  • Private chats. Obviously, this feature is not new but should not be taken for granted as an element of any dating app or social network.
  • Discovery setting. Such an element helps you sort out people according to your basic preferences, interests, and demands. This is what makes the whole process of your search easier and faster. A bit later, we will develop this topic.
  • Registration. This Tinder feature might be one of the most vital. Many readers may agree that the most boring part of any dating, social or taxi app is the registration. In order to reduce such problem, Tinder made a good decision to provide registration through your facebook account in a few seconds. Maybe that?s why the app is growing in popularity in such a rapid manner.

Despite the fact that the list of elements is pretty small, we have to remember that in any case it takes money and time to develop an app Furthermore, while building such vital sections of any dating app, it is necessary to keep in mind the fact that even the core structure, which includes user management, chatting, and notifications demands a strict administration and has to be created using certain tools. (e.g. In case you need to manage a database framework, you have to make it through Mongo DB, while for chatting and geolocation, you have to use Twilio and MapBox respectively). Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that each of the section demands professional approach from a real expert. And as you may know, each expert costs money. Here, it is important to remind the reader about the need for the financial aspect while making an app like tinder.

Continuing the topic on core elements, it would be better to say that in case you have the desire to make something on your own, you have to add your own ideas and elements to the app. Focus not only on the diversification of an app but also on the improvement of the security of your users and not only sort out how to build an app like tinder, but even create something better.

For instance, you may include such elements as:

  • In app purchases, which will increase not only your revenues but also make the process of using your app much more interesting. This will attract the attention of potential users;
  • Increasing complexity of the matching algorithms will help people to arrange their search in a more specific way;
  • Social media integration. If your app is integrated with other resources and social networks, it will be easier to spread information about the existence of your app;
  • Matching suggestions may also help to make the searching process easier and faster;
  • You may also create an engaging additions. For example, Tinder has created something called Tinder Moments. This helps users share photos and videos on their accounts within the app.

Summing up this section, it is vital to let you know about other costly elements that are vital in terms of how to create a dating app. They are also frequently linked with the language of programming, which you can choose, including other additional programs, you want to implement.

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Content of the article


After examining such a big question of “how to make an app like tinder?“ we have to steadily transfer to wrapping up of the discussion and to shed light on the key elements of the topic summing up all the nuances.

First of all we have to make an emphasize on the fact, that the creation of a dating app is a costly and long-going process which has to be arranged with a team of professional developers, managers and programmers ready to deal with any complicated tasks and issues.

Secondly, we have to remember, that in order to form a good Tinder-like app the plan has to be arranged and examined in a clear and exact manner, what will allow you to know, what do you really need and what are your expectations from the final product. Furthermore, because of the fact, that the whole project may be pretty costly, you must create a balanced budget and clearly know, what are the priorities of your campaign.

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