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Free keyword research tools for SEO

Doing search engine optimization SEO specialists will confirm that the hardest thing to do in keywords research is to search related to your business keywords. The tools that we are reviewing today help identify more keywords for better audience targeting. Though these tools are not appropriate for detailed keyword research, they identify those keywords which are most important to your competitors. Note, that every SEO keyword generator tool, we discuss today, is free to use. Several of them have paid (or premium) versions, that allow to use more options, but we will cover only the free features.


Have been developed by UK team, this free SEO keyword tool defaults to Google UK, that's why if you are using it for promoting site in the US – change defaults to Google US. A big plus is a multi-language option of the tool that makes possible to return search results in language of a country where user is. This SEO keyword tool free version has a limit in 100 keywords, so, it's good for creating ideas, but not for detailed keyword research. One more nice feature is the ability to order the cloud visualization it returns, by Adwords competition or by search volume. High volume data are shown in larger font to be more convenient for you. Also, this is the best way to show up related keywords that may not contain your web-site in a proper way.


Keyword Spy

This is a great name for free SEO keyword research tool that literally spies on keywords. Free version of this tool includes several features, one of which is the Domain spy option. What should you do? Enter any domain name into the search box, select the right version for the radio button and get accurate data on how much does promoting cost to this site – what are its spendings in paid search, who their competitors are, what keywords do they target and another data statistics. Though free package of this and another free SEO keyword tools allows to get only 10-20 results in each tab, this information is still might be very useful for you. A great plus is an ability to export data list into Excel and CSV file or Google Spreadsheets; note, this function is usually not offered in free trials of tools.

Also, you may take a look on the competitors data tab and see them both organic and paid. When using this SEO keyword research tool, look through The Top Lists page. There is a list of keywords with the largest cost per click change. They might be for a different industry, that gets you a good cross-section. Use this opportunity in detecting trends as they are happening.

Keyword Spy includes another one feature – that are add-ons for web browsers that allow to open the domain report on any website where it is applicable. So, think about information you could learn about your competitors.


This SEO keyword search tool also has free option despite it is paid. The great advantage of SEMRush is providing enough data in its free trial. This tool has a unique element that we haven't discussed yet – it is the metric for the number of results in Google. Knowing of this is useful for understanding how big the competitive field is for an exact keyword. It shows not just a number of competitors or the sum of an average payment, but also how many pages use the keyword in a relevant for Google way. Also, SEMRush, or rather its SEO keyword research tool free trial, provides a “related keywords” option, that searches even related sites that might be you web-partners.



There are the most favorite free keyword research tools for SEO of many SEO specialists. Be sure, they will make your life and job so much easier. It should be mentioned, that if you have an opportunity for paying for great data – these benefits of subscriptions are worth your refunds, so don't hesitate if your budget allows and don't associate the keywords research process only with Google keyword planner for SEO.

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