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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Google Play or Amazon Appstore, Which Platform to Adapt for Your App?


Google Play or Amazon Appstore, Which Platform to Adapt for Your App?

The development of the huge field of app and web building possess a huge foundation for the development of various platforms upon which you may operate with main distributional flows of your application among the potential users. However, there are various discussions over that issue. For instance, a certain group of developers is interested only in the usage of App Store, while others may be focused predominantly on Google Play. However, others could be specialised in the usage of more exotic platforms such as Amazon Appstore. Due to such a great variety lots of beginning developers and businessmen are willing to transit their applications to other bases, what may increase the revenues and the growing level of popularity of their products among the smartphone and tablet users. Moreover, there is a pretty important problem, that these primary developers do not clearly know all the benefits of different distributing tools, while usually underestimating those ones, like Amazon Appstore. Thus, in that article I am going to compare Google Play and Amazon Appstore and make an emphasis on the main features of them. Besides, I will give you a moderate list of benefits and drawbacks of Google Play vs Amazon Appstore.

However, before the beginning of our discussion I am willing to show you a pretty simple statistics, which may give some simple answers on your first questions. That particular statistics is going to be dedicated to the number of apps, which are presented on a platform:

Amazon App Store vs Google Play

What is the main reason to use alternatives like amazon app store?

Sometimes, as I highlighted earlier different beginners do not actually understand, what are the main benefits of the usage of such alternative platforms, like Amazon Appstore. Due to this, in that first paragraph, which is going to become the flashpoint of the whole article I would like to tell you what are the main positive features of the usage of Amazon Appstore as well as other alternative technologies, while separating that list on two parts with the description of the main positive features for the users in one part and for the developers in another.

For the users

While talking on the competition of Amazon App Store vs Google Play we do not have to forget, that the first one is presenting lots of positive features for the users, which may become one of the most essential reasons to choose that particular platform. First of all, the majority of the alternative distribution technologies usually have much more discounts and special offers for the users, than other platforms, which are now playing the roles of the most popular and big ones. It is done for a pretty simple reason, to increase traffic, number of downloads and the number of the users ready to operate upon that platform. That is, to my mind, one of the most beneficial and one of the most positive points, which speaks in favour of the choice of Amazon Appstore or any other not so popular resource.

Secondly, because of the fact, that those platforms, which are less popular, than those titans, which are playing the main role in the market, they suffer from less mass. For instance, within App Store and Google Play we can find lots of useless and really bad applications, which could be called nothing but rubbish. While in such resources as Amazon Appstore there is much less of that kind of things, what makes it definately much better.

Then, we have to remember, that upon those platforms, which are less popular we face much less restrictions and checking, what makes that very market much more independent and democratic for the developers and users, who may be able to find there lots of interesting and pretty outstanding things.

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Main technological pros

While talking on the key positive features for the developers in case of the usage of such unpopular platforms like Amazon Appstore we have to notice several pretty important points. Firstly, there is more technological freedom. So, you may get an opportunity to implement almost any possible product to the system and allow people to download it. For example, Amazon allows the developers to integrate the applications, which have been built based on HTML5, which is still not supported by the leading technological tools, such as App Store or Google Play. So, Amazon Appstore for Android developers and iOS developers could become a pretty nice platforms for innovations.

Then, while comparing google play vs amazon we ought to remember about two more benefits, such as less competition and an opportunity to attract additional customers. It is quite obvious, that these leading approaches, like App Store and Google Play have a huge audience of developers, who are uploading their projects to the system. Because of it, it gets clear, that the level of competition is growing and it is really difficult for a newcomer to go to the top positions of the rate. Furthermore, while using Amazon store or other similar less popular sources you can attract more additional users, who may be not involved in the usage of App Store and others, what is also a really good deal.

Amazon Appstore

Closer look at Amazon Appstore vs Google Play

While speaking on how to sell apps on Amazon Appstore or Google Play it will be highly suitable to talk on the details of Amazon App Store. Not only because of the potential of that platforms but also because of the fact, that it is not so widely known as others. It was actually created on May 2011 as the main source of the product for the users of the Amazon Kindle tablets, so people may be able to buy books from that system directly for their portable electronic libraries. However, the resource started to develope pretty fast and became really strong comparing to its the earliest versions. Because of it different developers started to upload there their own applications, games and extensions for the usage of those, who are the customers of Amazon online shop.

One of the main things, why Amazon Appstore is not so popular is the fact, that people know about it only after the purchase of the Kindle tablet from Amazon. It is so due to the fact, that it is already pre-installed as App Store or Google Play on the devices like Android and iOS smartphones. So, that particular feature may be one of the weakest sides of that product. Moreover, it is focused on the usage predominantly upon tablets. So, in case if you are curious on how to install the Amazon Appstore on your smartphone you have to upload a special thing called Amazon Underground with the usage of which you will be 100% eligible to use it upon your smartphone.

However, the fact, that it is oriented predominantly on the usage upon tablets it could become a pretty nice positive feature for the optimisation and promotion. For instance, in case of the usage of tablets you are able to implement more keywords, videos and photos, which will, for sure, become a pretty nice tool to tell you potential users more about the application and its main features.

Finally, another features of Amazon Appstore is a cashback, which can equals 25% from the beginning sume and a strong content guidelines, which regulate all of the upcoming content, what allows to prevent the emergence of a huge amount of rubbish within a platform and make the level of its usability much higher. So, I hope, that this brief description may give a proper answer of the question “Should You Publish an App on Amazon Appstore or not?”.

Direct and brief comparison

In that last passage I would like to give you a direct comparison of the platforms about which we have been talking today, Amazon Appstore and Google Play. In order to make the description faster and more simple I am willing to present all the positive and negative point in a table downstream.

Google Play

Plus Minus
Simple Publication • Complicated ASO
• Biggest amount of customers • High level of competition
• Biggest Revenues • Device fragmentation
• Highest Downloads • Lots of bad low quality apps

Amazon Appstore

Plus Minus
• Discounts and Special Offers • Restrictions
• HTML5 Support • Limited audience
• Simple ASO • Focused more on tablets
• Higher level of monetization • Low downloads
• Better content • Limited presence outside USA and Europe

Final Word

All in all, I would like to say, that Amazon Appstore could be called one of the fastest developing platforms for the implementation and downloads of applications and extensions for your mobile devices. Moreover, we can not forget about the great potential, which that particular resource has and the opportunity, which it is able to posses to anyone who would like to use it as the basic foundation for the creation of and distribution of their products. Finally, I hope, that this article became a useful explanatory tool for any reader, who was interested in the further perspectives of such a great invention as Amazon Appstore.

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