Hire Mobile App Developers: Everything You Need to Know

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It is significant to know how to thoroughly search for and hire mobile app developers in the USA, as the success of your product depends on it. Hiring mobile app developers is hard enough, especially if you don't have software development knowledge and experience in hiring programmers. As a business owner, you should understand that poorly performed outsourcing projects lead to poor results. In this article, we'll instruct you on how to successfully find a mobile application developer for your project.

What is a Mobile Application Developer?

A mobile app developer is a software development professional who creates apps for smartphones and tablets. Mobile developers specialize in writing code for specific operating systems, such as iOS or Android, as well as developing hybrid mobile apps. Mobile app developers not only create software solutions, they also install them and make updates to ensure that they run smoothly. You need to hire a mobile app developer who is familiar with the latest technologies in the mobile world and actively use them to create quality products.

Hire Mobile App Developers: Everything You Need to Know

What Do Mobile App Developers Do?

Responsibilities of mobile developers, including design, development, and deployment of mobile applications. Mobile app engineers are responsible for the technical feasibility of ideas and compliance with customer requirements. When building apps, developers consult UX/UI designers, data analysts, the project manager, and other team specialists. Professional mobile app developer for hire must understand coding languages and how to use them. Moreover, mobile app engineers ensure that the functional and technical sides of the app are working properly.

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What Skills Does a Mobile App Developer Need?

In this section, we've outlined the must-have app developer skills that every startup and enterprise should consider when hiring employees for successful mobile app development. Regardless of your industry, you should look for app engineers who are highly experienced and well versed in all stages of mobile app development. Here are the most desirable skills of custom mobile app developers for hire, without which successful mobile software development is impossible.

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Programming Languages

One of the key skills for successful mobile app development is the ability to code. Mobile app developers should have knowledge of modern programming languages for mobile development, such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, C++, C#, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, and Java. Of course, a developer, or a team of application developers, does not have to know and use all of these languages, but they should be at least proficient in one or more of them.

Cross-Platform Development

Whether you want to initially launch your app only on Android, iOS, or Windows, eventually, if your app becomes successful, you'll want to port it to the other two platforms. The disadvantage of building native applications is that porting to other platforms is an expensive and complicated process. That's why it's important to hire a mobile developer with cross-platform development skills. Competent mobile app developers know how to create cross-platform mobile apps that function properly on both iOS and Android devices.


Mobile app developers must be able to keep mobile apps secure, keep customer data private, protect systems from compromise, and keep all logs. Mobile software engineers need to be familiar with security protocols and the latest cybersecurity practices. Cybersecurity skills help protect valuable information and make mobile apps safe to use. Moreover, developers should know how to prevent and deal with malware attacks, understand what threats may arise, and how to deal with any app security issues.

UI/UX Design

One of the most significant parts of creating an app is the user experience. A quality mobile app must be user-friendly for end users. The application's visual appearance, navigation, and functionality should be designed with users' needs in mind. Good user interface skills are necessary for developers to create application interfaces that are simple, attractive, and functional. An attractive visual appearance makes a positive first impression on users and provides a better user experience.

Backend Computing

Having knowledge of backend computing allows developers to identify and troubleshoot system problems efficiently. Mobile app engineers must be able to work with frameworks, manage databases, protect information, understand how software and hardware interact with each other, as well as have an understanding of the principles of application security.

Internet of Things

The number of IoT devices is constantly growing. Mobile app developers must have IoT skills because they are essential when developing complex enterprise applications and their enterprise systems. IoT skills are important for enterprise mobile apps because they open up more opportunities to encourage consumer loyalty.

Where to Find Mobile App Developers?

Before looking for mobile app developers, you need to assess the complexity of your idea, the approximate budget, the features you need, and whether you will need maintenance after the app release. With the rise of mobile technology, experienced mobile app engineers have become in demand all over the world. To make it easier for you to find the right mobile app developers, we have prepared many places where you can easily find them.

Job Boards

Job boards help organizations efficiently hire mobile phone app developers and fill vacancies. Creating a business profile on a job board is a good way to attract experienced mobile developers to your team. Job Boards have their pros and cons, which we have described below.


  • You can reach a significant number of specialists.
  • Lots of advertising tools to attract the best developers.
  • An affordable method of attracting new employees.


  • Many of the applicants, unfortunately, are not eligible to work in your country.
  • On many job boards, it's hard to find a mobile app developer without buying paid features.
  • You will have to spend a lot of time reviewing and verifying applications, most of which you will reject for certain reasons.

Recruiting Agencies

Quality recruitment agencies do their job efficiently and help companies close vacancies quickly and according to their requirements. To understand if a recruitment agency is a good choice for you to find and hire mobile application developers, you should carefully examine the pros and cons of this option. We've listed the pros and cons of recruiting agencies below.


  • You'll save time because you won't have to go through many resumes from candidates and talk to them.
  • Recruitment agencies know how to carefully check the qualifications of employees, examine their references, and conduct other background checks.
  • The process of finding the right developers will speed up considerably.


  • Not all recruiting agencies train temporary workers.
  • Poor recruiting agencies don't get into the details of your company and vacancies.
  • Occasionally, the recruitment agency's services are pricier than other hiring options.

Outsourcing Firms

Outsourcing is a practical and effective solution when you need a mobile phone application developer or a team of application developers. There are few experienced mobile app engineers with deep technical knowledge, so it is difficult to find a qualified specialist these days. Top IT outsourced companies have many competent programmers with all the key skills and knowledge of mobile development.


  • Outsourced mobile app developers have the key knowledge and competencies to create successful products. They don't need to be trained.
  • Using the services of an outsourcing company, you get a whole team at once: programmers, designers, a project manager, business analysts, and so on.
  • An organized and staged development process, overseen by a project manager, who will provide regular updates on development progress.


  • Possible problems with intellectual property.
  • The expertise is outside your company.
  • A more expensive option compared to freelance developers.


You can find professional mobile app developers on freelancing sites. Freelancers specialize in mobile app development, no worse than other specialists. Experienced freelance developers are flexible, work remotely, and have a wide range of knowledge. Before hiring freelancers, pay attention to their competence, response time and the quality of completed projects.

Pros of hiring a Mobile App freelancer

  • Freelancers are flexible, and if you have a task with an urgent deadline, a freelancer will complete it faster than developers working only during business hours.
  • Freelancers are constantly available for communication because they work from home.
  • Saving money because you do not need to provide an office for freelancers.

Cons of hiring a Mobile App freelancer

  • A freelancer can suddenly disappear and stop responding to requests.
  • Difficulties with time management if the freelancer is outside your time zone.
  • You have to be technically proficient to check the skills of freelancers and make sure they are suitable for your project.

When to hire a freelance Mobile App developer?

  • If you want to launch a startup, and you have a small budget, hiring a junior mobile app developer on a freelance site is a good idea.
  • If you have a small task, but your team members do not have the necessary competence to complete it.
  • To educate in-house engineers on how to solve certain problems for which they do not have enough knowledge.

Talent Platforms

There are many professional and pre-vetted mobile app developers on the talent platforms who are looking for jobs. Specialists on talent platforms are vetted for technical knowledge and mobile software development skills. If you have been unable to find a senior mobile application developer for a long time, the talent platform is the place where you are guaranteed to find one. By leveraging the full power of talent platforms for recruiting and hiring, you'll increase your chances of hiring a competent developer.

Employ In-house Mobile App Developers

Hiring in-house mobile app developers is advisable if you plan an ongoing collaboration and your product will be large. Your recruiters should find local engineers and then vet them for expertise, choose the best suitable ones, and assemble a team to work in your office. Before starting to assemble an in-house team of mobile software developers, you need to understand the pros and cons of this option.


  • High control over the product development process because the entire work process takes place within your company.
  • In-house programmers pay more attention to a company's specific needs than outsourced developers, or freelancers.
  • In-house engineers strengthen their skills daily, the quality of their work within your company improves, and the development process accelerates


  • Significant investment and time costs are required.
  • Developers can go to competitors, and you will be forced to look for new specialists and invest even more money in the hiring process.
  • It's hard to find developers for your project if you live in a small town.

Hire a Dedicated Mobile App Development Team

Your company may not have enough mobile app engineers, or you may have enough of them, but they do not have sufficient knowledge and skills for a specific project. This is where a dedicated mobile app development team comes in. If you are interested in long-term development of a large-scale mobile application, you should hire dedicated mobile app developers in the US.


  • The salaries of dedicated mobile app developers are lower than those of full-time employees.
  • You will get a professional development team much faster than if you were to assemble it yourself.
  • You manage the developers directly, and you always know what your team is doing.


  • Communication problems if the dedicated team is in a different time zone.
  • You must be involved in the process of selecting programmers for your project, otherwise the results can be terrible.
  • This model is not suitable for short-term projects.

How to Choose a Mobile App Developer?

Many people are interested in how to choose a mobile app development company. Choosing competent mobile app developers means matching the skills, tools, and expertise your project needs with those available on the market. If you select the wrong mobile developers, you'll face communication issues, high prices, missed project deadlines, and as a result, a poor quality application. You should know the responsibilities of mobile app engineers and be able to test their skills. Now we will give you tips on selecting mobile app developers, as well as a list of questions to ask them at the interview.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobile App Development Company

Below we have provided a list of tips to help you in choosing the right app developer, or mobile software development team:

1. Evaluate their portfolio.

Examine the developers' previous work, especially cases similar to your project, and evaluate how effectively they were implemented.

2. Prioritize a partner with end-to-end application development services.

Select a development team that can provide a full range of mobile app development services, including planning, design, development, testing, release and maintenance.

3. Make sure the outsourced development firm has a great experience.

It is important to learn about the experience and qualifications of your outsourcing partner. You must make sure that the developer you select has the necessary skills to successfully develop mobile software.

4. Check references and reviews.

Reviews and ratings play a critical role when choosing an outsourced software development company. Reliable mobile app engineers will give you all the information you need to be confident in their skills.

5. Select a development team that is passionate about its work.

The outsourced software development team must be passionate about their work, share ideas, and actively collaborate with you to build your mobile app. The dedication of the team will increase the chances of success of your application.

Interview Questions to Ask a Mobile App Developer before Hiring

  • What development platform would you suggest for our mobile app?
  • What are the components of the Android app?
  • How will you communicate with me during project development?
  • What are your fees?
  • Describe the most challenging and large-scale mobile app development project you've done before. How did you manage to cope with the project difficulties?
  • What are PWAs?
  • How do you test your code?
  • What are the most common security issues mobile app developers face, and how do you mitigate those risks?
  • How can my mobile app generate revenue?
  • What is a defect tracking mechanism?
  • Will you submit my mobile app to the app stores?
  • What is ANR and how to avoid it?
  • What are the pros of native apps over hybrid apps?
  • How can you test CPU usage?
  • What is port testing?

How Much Do Mobile App Developers Make?

Before searching for mobile app developers, it is important to know their rates. Mobile app engineers in the U.S. earn $99,840 per year on average, or $48.0 hourly rate. Developers' salaries are affected by where they live. Developers' salaries are influenced by where they live, their experience, skills, and other factors. Hiring developers in Ukraine, you can save money because their average salary is $36,000 per year. The level of experience has the biggest impact on salary, so engineers need to stay in the industry long enough to make a lot of money.

Why to Hire Mobile App Developers at ARTJOKER?

  • Profound Experience

Using our extensive experience and skills in using development tools, we develop customized, dynamic, and engaging mobile applications to enhance the user experience. When developing mobile apps, our development team focuses on creating compelling designs and ensuring high-quality code.

  • Professional Team

ARTJOKER has a full team of mobile app developers and web app developers, each of whom has the necessary skills and competencies to create successful apps. Our UX/UI designers, frontend engineers, and backend developers, as well as testers, work daily to ensure high performance and security of mobile applications.

  • Modern Technologies

We use the latest and most advanced programming languages, frameworks and other technologies to make the process of mobile app development efficient and fast. Using React Native we manage to create scalable, attractive and feature-rich mobile applications of different complexity.

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  • Faster Time-to-Market

Mobile technologies are developing every day and users' desires are changing, so the process of mobile app development should be fast. ARTJOKER will develop a mobile app for you in the shortest possible time and at an affordable price. Each backend developer in our team uses time-tested development algorithms, which makes the mobile software development process faster.

  • Project Privacy

We sign a non-disclosure agreement with clients that covers the entire application development process. Our mobile software developers strictly follow a non-disclosure policy, so there's no data leakage.

  • Prompt Technical Support

We provide clients with ongoing technical support and answer any questions from the analysis stage to the release of the application. Furthermore, after launching the application, we maintain it and make regular updates to keep it up-to-date and ahead of the competition.


The quality of a mobile app has a direct impact on the success of your company. The process of finding and hiring mobile app developers requires careful attention from you. It is ideal to hire a full outsourced mobile app development team that includes a project manager, UI/UX designers, programmers, and testers, who can then design, develop, test and release the app. Hiring a complete team will save costs and accelerate the hiring process. ARTJOKER has an experienced team of mobile app engineers who can develop a scalable, secure and performant solution for you that outperforms the competition. Contact us to discuss your idea and the details of your project.

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