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How Do you Make Money From an App

Everyone knows that application development is always a great idea, but is it profitable? How to make money from creating an app, precisely a free one? In this article we will outline several methods of app monetization. Don't worry there is a way out, even more than one. What is the first thing that comes to mind? To do a paid application at once. But you should know that it is not that great and profitable as it seems. Is there a guarantee that a user that is looking for a particular app will choose exactly your paid version from all others? It's natural that you want to make money from phone apps here and now, but don't you think it will be better to set this idea aside and build a free app with additional paid functions? Not bad, I think! So to speak, open the door to your user and to close it when all the interesting begins. Tease him and make him buy all the additional options of your app voluntary, on his own.

It is absolutely your choice

No one can influence you choice. You are the owner and can do what you want - make money from an app or make it absolutely free. But every wise entrepreneur will say that risks are not better to be taken. Do it free and make some parts paid. Give your users choice, gain trust and earn your money.

4 ways to make your app profitable

1 In-app ads

It is now the most widespread way of monetization that frequently appears in all applications. In-app ads are a smart choice as they don't distract the user experience. The only thing you need to make money from mobile apps is to create a stable and large user base, gather relevant information about application.

It is for you, if

    • ads will not take up too much screen space or take away from your application UXs
    • Measures user engagement over the time
    • you dream about being a part of growing and lucrative ad industry
    • you collect preference data about users

Money From an App

2 Freemium

How do developers make money from free apps? It is exactly what we are talking about now. No method can run out of our attention. This model is also offered for free as well as in-app ad, although it means that users can download it for free, but pay for premium or advanced features and options. In other words, only small part of all the functions is available to users. And then if there is desire , the user can buy everything he needs.

It is for you, if

  • you still wonder how people make money from free apps
  • you have a gaming application
  • your users are highly-engaged and sessions are long-lengthed
  • you provide a great free application experience

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3 In-app purchases

The main objective of this model is to turn your app into additional sales channel whether these are physical products used in the real world or a mobile storefront. This is one of the main advantages of other ways to make money from apps because with it you can take the lowest risk along with good profit. There is only one way to implement this model : to sell virtual products such as in-game currency or extra lives. No matter what your application is selling you should make sure the in-app purchases have an easy checkout process and look like a natural part of the app experience. Mind it if you really want to make money from Android and iPhone apps

It is for you, if

  • you sell products with clearly-defined value
  • you have services or retail app
  • you are fine with App store taking a cut of the revenue for virtual products inside your app

Make Money From a Free App

4 Sponsorships

This is the greenest monetization model. It presupposes that you're partnering with advertisers who provide your users with rewards for completing certain actions inside your app. I can't say how much money can you make from apps for sure, but it depends on your will, creativity, luck and thoroughly worked out steps. Owing to this model you earn money by taking a share of the profit from redeemed rewards and it enhances your application ability to engage users.

It is for you, if

    • your app makes it easy to reward in-app activity
    • you want to try something absolutely different and brand new
    • you prefer a rewards-driven and behind-the-scenes monetization plan

Summing up

Now you know how you can and how to make money from a free app. Choose the best that fits you , begin your monetization campaign and begin improving your business outcome.

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